Tears welled up in Yun Feng’s eyes.
“Yes, you’ll survive!”

This was a cruel transformation.
Like the eggs of thousands of insects, only a few of them could break out of the cocoon and become butterflies.
The effect of the Bone Changing Potion was extremely strong.
After a while, these warriors had already had a strong reaction.
Their physiques were different.
It was impossible that everyone could survive this transformation.

Yun Feng opened her black eyes and imprinted everyone in her mind.
They were all heroes! The heroes for the Yun family!

The transformation took a long time.
There was always a kind of pressure in the Yun family’s house.
Some people died, but nobody could save them.
The old butler had already cried, but he knew there was nothing else he could do.
Just like that, a long day and night passed.
The transformation of the Bone Changing Potion finally ended.


Half of the hundred soldiers of the Yun Army were left after the transformation of the Bone Changing Potion.
Even though this result was already very cruel, it was already the best result.
Yun Feng thought she would lose more, but there were fifty people left.
She felt a bit comforted in her mind.

The strength of the fifty successfully transformed warriors had already risen to the Commander Level.
Their cultivation potentials had also been improved.
In the future, their strength would rise much faster than that of ordinary people.
Even though they survived, their expressions were all gloomy.
One of the warriors raised his head and said with a hoarse voice, “We… survived.” After saying that, the eyes of the warrior couldn’t help but turn red, because the bodies of his brothers next to him were already dead.

The fifty warriors stood there silently.
Each of them was quite depressed and tense.
This transformation was much crueler than they thought.
In a blink, only half of the hundred brothers were left.

“Why are you all pulling a long face?” A warrior shouted.
Yun Feng recognized that it was one of the ten warriors who followed Yun Jing, by the name of Wei Yan.
“Are you still men? What’s the use of pulling a long face? What we need to do is to cheer up! Work hard to improve ourselves and work hard together with our dead brothers!”

There was finally some light on the gloomy faces of the other forty-nine warriors, as if they were alive at this moment.
“Pull yourself together! The dead brothers are glorious! They didn’t regret! Right now, we all carry the wish of these dead brothers on our shoulders.
Protect the Yun family well!” Wei Yan shouted desperately with red eyes and a hoarse voice.
The remaining warriors were all shocked.
“That’s right! Protect the Yun family! For our dead brothers as well!”

A terrifying brilliance emitted from the bodies of these warriors.
Yun Feng’s eyes became watery.
“Butler, take these warriors to the grave and put their names in the ancestral hall of the Yun family!”

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“My Lady! Those who are put in the ancestral hall of the Yun family are all members of the Yun family…” Wei Yan couldn’t help but feel anxious after hearing this.
They were only the guards of the Yun family at best.
Even though they had always been proud of themselves, they had never thought about going that far.
The people in the ancestral hall of the Yun family were all members of the Yun family.
They… weren’t qualified to be inside!


“No! They’re qualified! They’re the heroes that the Yun family is proud of!” Yun Feng said firmly with a powerful tone as she looked at everyone in front of her with her clear black eyes.
“Each of you is a hero in my heart.”

“My Lady…” The hearts of the remaining fifty warriors shook fiercely.
What she said made them feel gratified.
Everything they did was worth it even if they had to sacrifice their lives for the Yun family! Which large family would have such an attitude towards the family guards? Which family would be so concerned about the family guards and even put the names of the dead in the ancestral hall? Only the Yun family!


The fifty dead warriors were all buried well.
Their names were also engraved in the ancestral hall of the Yun family.
Even though Yun Feng didn’t tell Yun Jing about this, she knew that her sullen father would do the same! The remaining fifty people were elites after this transformation.
They would definitely recruit more guards in the future development of the Yun family, but these fifty people were already the core figures.

Fifty people were divided into two groups.
Twenty-five of them followed Yun Feng to the West Continent to protect the Yun family there, while the other twenty-five stayed on the East Continent.
All fifty of them were at the Commander Level.
It was indeed rare for the guards of a family to reach such a height.
The royal armies of the East Continent weren’t as strong as the Yun Army! What Yun Feng said was indeed true.
As long as she wanted, the entire East Continent could be in her hands!

Fifteen of them stayed in Chunfeng Town, while the rest followed Yun Feng to Mu City.
The ten of them stayed with Yun Jing, while the remaining twenty-five were going to the West Continent.
The old butler was certainly reluctant to part with them.
After all, Yun Feng had only been back for a short time and she would be leaving again after a while.

After returning to Mu City, this group of people naturally caused a commotion.
After the warriors of the Yun Army reached the Commander Level, their temperament also changed.
They became deeper and more stable.
Their expressions were all extremely serious, making people not dare to get close.

Yun Jing, Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin, who were in the Mu family, immediately rushed out after learning that Yun Feng was back.
Yun Feng led the warriors to wait in the front hall.
When the three of them walked to the front hall, they were all shocked.

“Master! Young Master! Young Madam!” The thirty-five warriors shouted in unison, their loud voices echoing around the main hall of the Mu family.

“Well…” Yun Sheng looked at the thirty-five warriors in front of him.
They were all at the Commander Level! Yun Jing’s expression unusually changed in surprise! Mu Xiaojin looked at the thirty-five fierce warriors in shock! The strength of the Yun Army had truly changed drastically!

“Is that all?” asked Yun Jing.
Yun Sheng’s face also darkened.
Both of them knew why Yun Feng returned to Chunfeng Town.
She had brought thirty-five people back, but there were only thirty-five of them left?

“A total of fifty people,” said Yun Feng in a deep voice.
Yun Jing and Yun Sheng both looked gloomy.
Half of them died?

“So… Are the names of those warriors listed in the ancestral hall of the Yun family?” Yun Jing asked.
Yun Feng nodded and Yun Sheng was also slightly relieved.
The warriors of the Yun Army deserved such treatment for the Yun family!

“Father, the ten of them will stay with you.
Twenty-five of them will go to the West Continent with me, and the remaining fifteen will be in Chunfeng Town.” Yun Feng explained briefly.
Yun Jing nodded.
“Feng, you’ve made good arrangements.
We’ll do as you say.”

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