The dawn soon put an end to the night in Chunfeng Town.
Yun Feng had already opened her eyes at dawn.
With her current strength, she didn’t need much sleep.
All the basic physical needs of humans were already fading for her slowly.
Even if she didn’t eat or sleep for a while, it wouldn’t affect her at all.


Meatball woke up at the same time and jumped on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
“Nana.” Meatball called softly with a gentle tone.
Yun Feng chuckled and pushed the door open.
The old butler had already been waiting outside.
“My Lady.” Yun Feng was a bit shocked to see him.
“You didn’t sleep at all?”

The old butler smiled and quickly nodded his head.
“Yes, of course.
I slept last night.”

Yun Feng nodded and walked to the front hall.
From the corner of her eye, she saw the old butler wiping his tears secretly with the back of his hand.
Yun Feng’s heart suddenly softened.
This family originally had a sullen father, but he stayed in Mu City for a year and she didn’t come back for even longer.
Without these people, this family would probably be empty.

As usual, Yun Feng ate her breakfast with a smile.
The old butler watched happily on the side.
Yun Feng felt that even if she didn’t need it, she could have breakfast if it could make them happy.
After breakfast, Yun Feng entered the ancestral hall of the Yun family again.
The old butler didn’t disturb her anymore.
Time passed minute by minute.
Yun Feng stood up from the ground and walked to the door.
It was time for her meeting with the soldiers of the Yun Army yesterday.

“Nana, nana.” Meatball whispered in Yun Feng’s ear.
Yun Feng curled her lips and smiled.
“I’m fine.
No matter what the result is, I’ll gladly accept it.” Yun Feng said as she pushed the door open with both of her hands.
A beam of dazzling light shone in her eyes.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes slightly.
Under the sunlight, Yun Feng saw one, two, three… Many.

“My Lady!” The soldiers of the Yun Army shouted in unison.
Yun Feng was startled.
She counted carefully.
There were a hundred of them, not a single one was missing!

“You…” Yun Feng couldn’t tell how she felt.
She was delighted and angry at the same time! “Damn it! This isn’t a joke!” Yun Feng finally shouted furiously.
All the soldiers of the Yun Army stood there and didn’t say anything.
They all looked at Yun Feng.

“Didn’t I tell you? If you fail, you’ll die! You only have a 50% chance of success!” Yun Feng shouted furiously again with surging emotions in her heart.
She wanted to vent and shout.
These guys… These guys!

“My Lady, we’ve all thought it through,” said a warrior.
The others all nodded.
“My Lady, we don’t regret it!”

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“For the Yun family, our lives are nothing!”

“We’re the Yun Army! We’re proud of this name!”

“My Lady, my Lady!”

The warriors spoke one after another.
Yun Feng only felt tears in her heart and barely sorted out her emotions.
She raised her head.
“I need half a day to make the Bone Changing Potion.
This half a day is the last time you think about it.
If you don’t change your decision, I’ll see you tonight.”


“My Lady, there’s no need to consider!”

Yun Feng looked over with her black eyes.
The warriors all shut their mouths.
“You must understand that I’m not joking.
Even if you die, I can’t save you!” Yun Feng looked around at the hundred people again, then turned around and walked into the ancestral hall of the Yun family.
The door was closed heavily again.

Yun Feng stood in the ancestral hall of the Yun family and looked up at the many tablets enshrined on the ancestral hall.
Yun Feng smiled.
“The Yun family is honored to have such a group of people who are willing to use their lives to protect and be loyal to it!” She took a deep breath.
Since these warriors had made such a decision, she certainly couldn’t let them down!

A ball of bright fire appeared in front of Yun Feng.
All the materials she took out of the warehouse of the Pharmaceutical Institute were next to her.
Even though everyone only needed a small portion of the Bone Changing Potion, the capacity of the Bone Changing Potion they made couldn’t be very small.
Usually, five people needed one bottle, so Yun Feng needed to make twenty bottles!

Yun Feng slowly closed her black eyes.
Meatball stood on Yun Feng’s shoulder and the magical connection was established again.
Yun Feng looked at the elements floating in her perception world.
Twenty bottles of Bone Changing Potion, she was willing to make them even if she had to use an extremely huge amount of mental strength!

Yun Feng was trying her best to make potions in the ancestral hall.
Outside the ancestral hall, the hundred warriors of the Yun Army stood upright under the dazzling sunlight.
They all looked at the door of the ancestral hall with no regret in their minds!

Time passed slowly.
Finally, when dusk was approaching, the door of the ancestral hall was pushed open again.
Yun Feng walked out from inside with a slightly pale face.

“My Lady! What’s wrong?” The warriors were extremely worried when they saw Yun Feng’s pale face.
Yun Feng waved her hand with a smile.
“Have you really thought it through?”

“Yes! We’ve thought about it! None of us is leaving! None of us is leaving!”

Yun Feng saw the scorching gazes of the hundred people clearly! They didn’t force themselves at all or were unwilling at all.
The hundred warriors of the Yun Army were all sincere.
They were all loyal to the Yun family! They wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives!

“Butler!” Yun Feng gave an order and the old butler quickly walked in.
After a while, he took out a large number of medicine bottles.
Yun Feng poured the Bone Changing Potion into them at once.
A hundred portions.
Yun Feng personally handed the potions to every warrior.
The warriors looked very excited.
Some of them had already blushed.
After the potions were distributed, Yun Feng stood in front of everyone.

“I hope you can all stay.
I hope none of you will be missing!”

When the warriors heard this, they couldn’t help but feel excited in their minds.
They all held the medicine bottles in their hands tightly and someone shouted, “Brothers, are you afraid of death?”


“Brothers, if you die, will you regret it?”

“I won’t regret it!”

“Brothers, cheers!”

Everyone raised the bottles in their hands.
The liquid in the bottles glowed.
Then, everyone moved at the same time and drank the liquid in the bottles in their hands! Yun Feng’s heart suddenly tightened.
The old butler next to her shed tears again.
After the warriors drank the liquid, they all looked at Yun Feng with a smile.
“My Lady, we’ll survive.”

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