“Really?!” Yan Xiaoshi became spirited again.
His dispirited attitude just then was gone and his eyes also became bright.
Yun Feng burst into laughter.
“Of course.
After all, my home is on the East Continent.”

“Hahaha, why didn’t you say so earlier? I thought you wouldn’t come back!” Yan Xiaoshi scratched his head and was in a good mood.
Xia Jingyi shook his head helplessly and Shang Rui couldn’t help but look more relaxed.
Did they all think that she wouldn’t come back? Yun Feng thought weirdly.

“I wonder what the situation on the West Continent will be like.
It’s hard to guarantee that it won’t be dangerous.” Xia Jingyi was a bit worried.
Yan Xiaoshi nodded right away.
“Yes, Magic Beasts are everywhere.”

Yun Feng was speechless.
She had stayed on the West Continent for a long time.
The overall strength there was one level higher than that of the East Continent.
If it weren’t for the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range in the middle, the West Continent would probably have swallowed the East Continent long ago.

“But Yun Feng, you don’t have to worry about that.
You’re a summoner! Right, what level have you reached?” Yan Xiaoshi asked curiously.
Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui were also extremely curious.
Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth and didn’t say anything.

“Commander? The peak of the Commander Level?” Yan Xiaoshi asked as the light in his eyes became brighter and brighter.
“Have you reached the early stage of the Monarch Level? Oh my god!”

Although Yun Feng didn’t say anything, Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui had already looked at Yun Feng with admiration.
Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth dryly and turned around to leave.
The early stage of the Monarch Level? How long had it been? If she told them her current strength level, these three people might overreact.


“Hey! Yun Feng, tell us! We’re very curious!” Yan Xiaoshi followed Yun Feng in a good mood.
Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui also followed her with a smile.
They weren’t as curious as Yan Xiaoshi.
No matter how strong Yun Feng was, she had already become an insurmountable peak in their minds.

Yun Feng chose to leave quietly at an unintentional time.
She took enough of the herbs and materials used to make the Bone Changing Potion.
Of course, this was just a drop in the bucket for the warehouse of the Pharmaceutical Institute.
Qu Lanyi, as a student, also ended his identity as a student.
Although he was relaxed in the Pharmaceutical Institute, it was too boring.

The two of them left silently.
Naturally, nobody would notice them.
However, when they left, there were three people standing in the square in the middle of the Pharmaceutical Institute.
They looked up at the sky together and there was no telling what they were looking at.
The students of the Pharmaceutical Institute were all very curious when they saw this scene.
They also looked up, but there was nothing.

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The three of them stood there and watched for a while before they finally retracted their necks.
Yan Xiaoshi rubbed his neck.
“When do you think she’ll come back?”

Xia Jingyi was silent for a while.
“Five years?”

Yan Xiaoshi smiled.
“Five years? I think it’ll take at least fifty years!”


Shang Rui smiled.
Yan Xiaoshi glared at Shang Rui and walked back with his arms behind his head.
“Do you think we should improve our strength too? We might not be able to see her again if we don’t live long enough.”

Xia Jingyi’s temples throbbed a few times and Shang Rui burst into laughter.
Yan Xiaoshi immediately roared, “Stupid girl, what are you laughing at?”

Shang Rui chuckled again and looked up at the sky.
“Even if we can’t meet again… it’s enough.”

After Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi left the Pharmaceutical Institute, they rushed all the way to Mu City.
Meatball sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder and yawned again, as if it was very bored.
Without Little Fire, Meatball had one less target to bully.
It looked ahead with its big eyes, as if it was in a daze.

Qu Lanyi approached Yun Feng and gently put a hand on her waist, pulling her into his arms.
Yun Feng turned her head and glanced at him.
She only smiled mischievously and suddenly became serious.
“You brought so many herbs for making the Bone Changing Potion.
It seems that you’re going to do something big.”

Speaking of this, Yun Feng also nodded very solemnly and said what was on her mind.
“The Yun family of the West Continent needs guards.
This is also one of the reasons why I came back to the East Continent.”

“However, with the strength level of the Yun Army, it’ll be useless and a burden on the West Continent.” Qu Lanyi’s straightforwardness made Yun Feng’s face darken.
“I asked my father about the strength of the Yun Army last time.
The highest level is level 9 and their overall strength is above level 7, but on the West Continent…”

“That’s too low,” said Qu Lanyi.
Yun Feng nodded.
“That’s right.
The situation on the West Continent is more complicated and dangerous than that on the East Continent, especially when the Yun family of the West Continent is in the Ancestral Forest Hall, which has the most trouble.
If the Yun Army is so weak, we might as well not bring it there.”

“Compared to that, the East Continent is a very comfortable cradle.” Qu Lanyi chuckled, but Yun Feng shook her head.
“This comfortable situation is just an illusion.
I don’t know how it feels.
The East Continent won’t be comfortable for long.”

“The appearance of the Fantastical Beast, the rise of the Helian family on the East Continent, that weird man in a black robe… and the dark mage who’s interested in the Yun family.
Their targets are all on the East Continent.”

Qu Lanyi frowned and couldn’t help but hold Yun Feng tighter.
Yun Feng smiled casually.
“Let’s not consider that for now.
The answer will be in front of me one day.”

Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng deeply and lowered his handsome face to kiss her smooth forehead.
Meatball glanced at Qu Lanyi with its big eyes in dissatisfaction.
Yun Feng blushed slightly.
“What are you doing?”

Qu Lanyi raised the corners of his mouth slightly and put on a charming smile.
However, Yun Feng was the only one who could see this smile.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit dumbfounded.
Qu Lanyi’s handsome face approached her again, and this time, he kissed Yun Feng’s cheek.
Her slightly red skin was so charming that he wanted to lower his head again.

“Nana!” Meatball shouted in dissatisfaction, and its little body that suddenly jumped over stood in front of Qu Lanyi.
A dazzling light flashed through its sharp teeth.
Qu Lanyi quickly let go of Yun Feng, avoiding the fate of being bitten by Meatball.

“I wanted to kiss you, so I did.” What Qu Lanyi said made Yun Feng blush completely.
This shameless man! Meatball shouted again, “Nana!” She didn’t understand what it was saying, but Meatball’s expression had already shown everything.

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