“I’ll try to make it in three years, but it depends on luck.”

Yun Feng nodded.
Three years were shorter than five years.
This was the best answer she got!

“Are you planning to leave now?” The director looked like he already knew.
Yun Feng smiled a bit awkwardly.
“You’re right, teacher.
I came to the Pharmaceutical Institute to ask you to make the Fusion Fluid.”

“Kid, aren’t you afraid that I’ll be angry?” The director shook his head helplessly.
“How can the Pharmaceutical Institute keep you here? Even the pharmaceutical world can’t keep you here.
If the fusion fluid works, I’ll send it to the Mu family in Mu City.”


“Thank you, teacher!” Yun Feng said gratefully.
The director waved his hand and signaled that she could go out.
Yun Feng turned around and was about to leave when the director thought of something else.
“Kid, wait.” Yun Feng turned around.
The director had already handed her a bottle of medicine.
Yun Feng looked at it and saw that it was the perfect-level Bone Changing Potion she made.

“I found out that the old guy, Dan Qing, wanted to take it for himself.
This is something you made.
It belongs to you.”

Yun Feng nodded without any change in her expression.
The director looked at her suspiciously for a while.
“Do you know the use of the Bone Changing Potion?”

Yun Feng shook her head frankly.
To be honest, she didn’t even know the function of the lowest-level potions.
In the field of knowledge of potions, she was equivalent to an illiterate person! The director couldn’t help but feel a little shocked.
He held his forehead with his hand.
“How much do you know about the formulas of beginner one-star potions?”

“I don’t know any of them.
If there’s an exam about potions, I’ll definitely hand in a blank paper.”

The director felt a headache.
This person who didn’t even know the most basic information could make a high-level three-star perfect-quality Bone Changing Solution.
Who would believe that? “Kid, you’re really rare.
The difficulty of making the Bone Changing Solution is already comparable to that of a one-star master potion.
Its effect is also extremely unique.”

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Bone Changing Solution… Judging from the name, it should be related to changing one’s physique.
The director continued, “There are a few ways to change a person’s potential.
In the pharmaceutical world alone, one of them is the Body-Tempering Source Fluid.
This completely changes the person’s potential when they are born and there’s no danger at all.
Of course, the Body-Tempering Source Fluid is the most difficult, one of the most difficult formulas at the Master Level.
The chance of success is even slimmer.
As long as it works, it’ll be a big deal in the pharmaceutical world.”


Yun Feng wasn’t unfamiliar with the Body-Tempering Source Fluid.
The gift she prepared for her nephew was the Body-Tempering Source Fluid.
Besides, Yun Qingchen should have undergone earth-shattering changes under the nourishment of the Body-Tempering Source Fluid.
However, where did Yan Ming, as an illegitimate son, get the Body-Tempering Source Fluid back then? Yun Feng thought for a while and couldn’t help but smile.
Yan Ming wasn’t an ordinary person.
He certainly had some means.


“The second is the Bone Changing Potion.
However, the Bone Changing Potion is extremely dangerous and the success rate is very low.
Some people are willing to risk their lives even if they know this just to change their potentials.
However, people in the world don’t believe that the effect of the Bone Changing Potion in changing their potentials is really minimal.”

“Even so, there are still people who don’t care about the consequences,” said Yun Feng solemnly.
The director nodded.
“Although the Bone Changing Potion is extremely dangerous, once you succeed, your strength will take a qualitative leap and you’ll be able to get twice the result with half the effort in the future.
Just based on this, the danger will naturally be ignored.
However, the Bone Changing Potion only targets people below the Commander Level.
Most of the time, those who want to break through to the Commander Level will try their luck.
The Bone Changing Potion is the best choice.”


Yun Feng sized up the bottle of potion she made in her hand.
The director chuckled.
“The success rate of the Bone Changing Potion is constantly increasing according to the quality.
What you made is of perfect quality.
The success rate is the highest, 50%.”

“If they fail…”

“If they fail, they’ll have to pay their life.
After all, it’s a process of rebirth.” The director looked serious and then smiled again.
“This thing might be useful for you, but you have to consider carefully.
A small part of the Bone Changing Solution can change a person.”

Yun Feng was stunned.
She suddenly thought of something.
The director opened the drawer and handed Yun Feng a piece of paper.
Yun Feng took it.
It was the formula of the Bone Changing Potion!


“The warehouse of the Pharmaceutical Institute has everything you need,” said the director vaguely as he winked at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng put away the formula and the medicine bottle.
The director chuckled.
“Alright, go do your thing.”

Yun Feng nodded.
Her heart was full of gratitude and a thought suddenly came to her mind.
What happened next would be her first adventure.
If she succeeded, it would be a completely different world!

As soon as she walked out of the director’s office, she unexpectedly saw Yan Xiaoshi, Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui.
The three of them wanted to say something when they saw Yun Feng.
Yun Feng frowned and led the three of them to a hidden corner.
Yan Xiaoshi immediately said, “Are you leaving?”

Yun Feng was stunned.
Xia Jingyi sighed.
“You can’t stay in the Pharmaceutical Institute.
We all know that.”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Yes, I’ll be leaving soon.”

Shang Rui bit her lips and didn’t say anything.
She just looked at Yun Feng like that.
Yan Xiaoshi scratched his head in frustration.
“Can you not leave? You’re so talented in potions that you can be admitted to the Pharmacists’ Union! Besides, we’ll be reassured with you here.
Can you not leave?”

“Xiaoshi!” Xia Jingyi shouted in a low voice.
Yan Lei finally stopped talking.
Which of the three of them wanted Yun Feng to leave? However, Yun Feng was destined not to stay here…

“I’m sorry.
I still have a lot of things to do.” Yun Feng smiled lightly.
Yan Xiaoshi shrugged a bit dispiritedly.
Xia Jingyi said, “We know that eagles can’t stay in such a small place for too long.”

“Where are you going?” Shang Rui finally asked.
Yun Feng looked at her in surprise and replied, “The West Continent.”

“The West Continent! You’re going to the West Continent!” Yan Xiaoshi widened his eyes and shouted.
“Why do you have to go to the West Continent? Isn’t the East Continent good?”

“Xiao Shi! Yun Feng certainly has her own thoughts.
What she bears isn’t something we can imagine!” Xia Jingyi roared with a serious look.
Yan Lei finally shut up.
Yun Feng smiled in relief.
“I’ll be back.”

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