The three people on the opposite side of the platform had different expressions.
The director and Elder Dan Qing knew how Yun Feng would do it, but they couldn’t help but feel surprised.
Elder Dan Su, on the other hand, immediately got up and rushed out, rushing to the opposite platform in a hurry.
The director and Elder Dan Qing certainly followed them in a hurry.
Both of them had the same thought in their minds.
Dan Su was about to go crazy from the torture.

The teachers and students at the scene were all silent.
Everyone’s eyes automatically followed the three big shots who were rushing away, as if the entire venue was focused on one point.
Yan Xiaoshi shut his mouth tight and his face was a bit red.
The hearts of the people from the Fengyun Empire were all in their throats.
Dan Su was the first to walk to the platform, followed by Dan Qing and the director.
Everyone knew that it was time to appraise the quality of the potion! Since the two of them had already succeeded, they could only rely on the quality to win!

Elder Dan Su walked towards Yun Feng with a tight face and looked at Yun Feng deeply with his eyes.
Then, he picked up the bottle of medicine on her table and put it on his hand to observe.
Dan Qing, on the other hand, walked in front of Lan Ling helplessly.
He only needed one look to know the quality of the medicine Lan Ling made.

“The Bone Changing Potion made by Lan Ling is of poor quality.
Even though it’s the lowest quality, it’s already not easy to make it.
She’s talented and smart!” Elder Dan Qing said with a smile.
Lan Ling’s confidence immediately swelled.
That’s right.
She wasn’t an ordinary person to be able to make it successfully! How much stronger could Yun Feng be than her? Besides, this was an elder of the Pharmacists’ Union praising her! Lan Ling’s eyes drifted down and saw countless envious eyes.
She smiled proudly, but still said humbly, “Lan Ling still needs to work hard.”

Elder Dan Qing nodded in satisfaction and looked at Dan Su.
“Dan Su, how’s it going on your side?”

Dan Su stood in front of Yun Feng and stared at the Bone Changing Potion Yun Feng made for a long time.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything, but seeing that the person in front of her became more and more tense, Yun Feng was a bit worried that if he continued watching, he wouldn’t be able to get his face back.

“Elder?” Yun Feng asked tentatively.
Elder Dan Su suddenly raised his head and looked at Yun Feng deeply again, which made Yun Feng a bit confused.
The director also looked forward to hearing the result.
Dan Su slowly said, “Perfect quality.”

“Gasp…” Everyone gasped unconsciously.
Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui were both shocked when they heard that.
Yan Lei, on the other hand, coughed awkwardly with his breath stuck in his throat.
“Ahem! Perfect… Ahem! Quality!”

“That’s impossible!” Lan Ling’s scream broke the almost stagnant atmosphere.
Dan Su frowned unhappily.
Lan Ling couldn’t care less anymore.
She rushed over.
“That’s impossible! How is that possible?”

The director said unhappily, “How dare you! Are you questioning the validity of what Elder Dan Su said?”

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Lan Ling was stunned.
“No, no, I didn’t mean that… I just…” Lan Ling stammered, but her eyes were full of doubts.
Even if the director told her himself, she wouldn’t believe him!


“Y-You must’ve cheated!” Lan Ling suddenly realized something, like a drowning person grabbing a piece of driftwood.
Yun Feng listened quietly and couldn’t help but say sarcastically, “Why don’t you say that everyone here is blind? Nobody noticed that I cheated?”

Lan Ling’s face suddenly flushed.
If she hadn’t used some method, how would she have been able to make the perfect-quality Bone Changing Solution? She was an advanced three-star pharmacist and she didn’t succeed in the first try.
That woman succeeded on the first try and it was even of perfect quality!


“It’s a good thing to doubt, but you can’t do that for no reason.” Dan Qing also looked serious.
Lan Ling immediately felt extremely ashamed.
Dan Su was still holding the bottle of Bone Changing Fluid in his hand when he suddenly said, “Yun Feng, do you want to be my student?”

Yun Feng was stunned, and so was Dan Qing.
The director immediately came over.
“Dan Su! That’s my student! Why are you poaching her?”

Dan wasn’t moved at all.
He just looked at Yun Feng.
That serious face suddenly had some kind of heat.
Yun Feng smiled awkwardly.

“You shameless old man! I shouldn’t have asked you to come!” The director said angrily.
Dan Qing, on the other hand, had a headache.
Dan Su had always been a boring person and had never accepted a disciple.
Among the four elders of the Pharmacists’ Union, he was the only one who had no disciples.
There were too few young people that he liked.

Dan Su ignored what the director said and looked at Yun Feng attentively, while Yun Feng was extremely embarrassed.
“I’ve already acknowledged the director as my teacher.

“Did you hear that? Yun Feng has already acknowledged me…”

“I don’t mind being your second teacher in the field of potions.” What Dan Su said made Yun Feng completely speechless.
Dan Qing was stunned again.
The second teacher? The second master? Dan Su was willing to be under someone else? The director was immediately enraged after hearing that.
“What second teacher? One teacher is enough.
Things here are already over.
Go back!”

The director pulled Dan Qing and Dan Su, as if he was chasing them away.
Dan Su looked at Yun Feng and wanted to say something, but the director had already dragged him away together with Elder Dan Qing.
Elder Dan Qing seemed to think that it wasn’t enough trouble and said loudly, “Kid, I don’t mind being your third teacher!”

“You two shameless old guys!” It was the director’s furious voice.
All the students, who witnessed this hilarious scene of snatching, glanced over with envy in their eyes.
How glorious would it be if the two elders could compete over them? Lan Ling’s face was already extremely gloomy on the side.
She, who was originally like a shining star in the Pharmaceutical Institute, fell from the sky fiercely this time! Logically speaking, it was already impressive that she could make the Bone Changing Potion, but compared to Yun Feng, she was obviously the dull one.
It was truly infuriating to compare oneself to others!


Lan Ling immediately turned around and was about to leave in embarrassment.
Seeing that she was about to leave, Yun Feng raised her brows.
“Lan Ling, we’re not done yet.”

The director had already left with the two elders.
Naturally, the teachers also left with the director.
The remaining students of the Pharmaceutical Institute at the scene were excited again after hearing this!

“Lan Ling! You didn’t forget the deal back then, did you?” Yan Xiaoshi could finally shout at the top of his lungs as he stood on the chair and shouted.
All the pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire stood up with excitement on their faces.
After such a huge twist and turn this time, they finally understood that Yun Feng was indeed Yun Feng!

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