“Don’t try to steal her from me! You were the one who recommended her back then.
Are you going back on your words now?” The director blew his nose and glared, obviously looking like he wouldn’t give her away since she had already entered his mouth.
Dan Qing raised the corners of his mouth.
Such a student was indeed tempting.
He had no choice but to give her to this old guy back then.
He was truly a bit unwilling.

At this moment, Lan Ling had already reached the final step for the second time on the platform.
All the students and teachers were anxious again.
Would she succeed this time? If she did, Yun Feng would face huge pressure!

Yan Xiaoshi swallowed unconsciously.
Xia Jingyi frowned.
Shang Rui also became nervous.
Would Lan Ling really succeed this time?

Lan Ling, who was on the platform, took a deep breath.
She knew that she was the center of attention right now.
If she succeeded this time, her reputation would soar! The mixing work had already been done.
Lan Ling picked up the bottle in her hand and shook it gently a few times.
Everyone’s heart also shook a few times.
There wasn’t any bad reaction in the bottle.
Lan Ling’s eyes couldn’t help but shine.
Then, she shook her hand a few more times, but there was still no reaction!

“S-Success?” Yan Xiaoshi mumbled.
Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui stared at him.
The pharmacists of the Cashya Empire couldn’t help but stand up and were about to shout.
Lan Ling was also delighted.
At this moment…

“Poof!” Thick black smoke floated out of the medicine bottle.
Failure, the second failure!

The audience was in an uproar! Lan Ling looked at the failed potion in her hand for the second time in a daze and her face couldn’t help but tighten.
Yan Xiaoshi, Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui all couldn’t help but heave a huge sigh of relief.
“So, so close…” Yan Xiao Lei wiped his forehead.
He dared to bet that the process of making potions in the next few decades wouldn’t be as thrilling as this time!

That’s right.
Everyone’s heart was lifted and dropped again! The process of making potions had never made them so emotional!

The Cashya Empire was frustrated, but Lan Ling didn’t stop there.
She failed twice.
Looking at the last batch of herbs on the table, Lan Ling’s heart sank.
This was her last chance! She turned her head slightly to the side.
Yun Feng was still standing with her eyes closed.
Lan Ling sneered.
She would definitely succeed this time, and Yun Feng was destined to be a clown!

Lan Ling immediately started the third round of production.
The three people on the other side of the platform all had different expressions.
The scene fell into silence again.
Yun Feng still didn’t do anything, which made some people anxious.
“What exactly is she doing? The potion will be out with her eyes closed?” Yan Lei was already anxious.
He watched Lan Ling make the potion for the third time, but Yun Feng still hadn’t finished the first try yet!

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“Why are you in such a hurry?” Shang Rui also walked over.
Yan Xiaoshi shouted, “How can you not be anxious? Anyone who sees this will be anxious!”

“Xiaoshi, calm down.
Yun Feng should have a countermeasure.” Xia Jingyi was the calmest one.
Even in such a situation, he was still calm.
To be honest, he was a bit nervous in his mind.

“Oh my god… My heart is about to jump out of my chest when I watch her make potions!” Yan Lei said a bit exaggeratedly.
Shang Rui and Xia Jingyi both raised the corners of their mouths.
What he said hit the nail on the head!

The third time Lan Ling made the potion was even more convenient than the previous two times.
If she wanted to succeed, she would have to experience failure first.
She would constantly summarize her experiences and accumulate them.
She would also be one step closer to success.
She would be more familiar with her movements and make more meticulous preparations.
The time she spent making the potion was also shortened.
After a while, the third time she made the potion reached the final step.
Lan Ling was delighted in her mind.
She had a feeling that she would definitely succeed this time!


The third and final batch of materials! Everyone was watching.
Even the three people on the other side of the platform looked over.
The bottle in Lan Ling’s hand shook slightly, and again and again… Even though the color of the solution in the bottle was a bit rough, even though it didn’t look quite satisfactory, there wasn’t any black smoke or any harsh sound anymore.
This meant that… she succeeded!

Lan Ling smiled happily and put the bottle on the table.
The pharmacists of the Cashya Empire were already cheering.
“It worked! Lan Ling, it worked!”

“Fengyun Empire, just wait to apologize!” After a long silence, the scene exploded again! The Fengyun Empire’s side was obviously a bit depressed.
Lan Ling really succeeded!

“She did it.
Even though the quality should be the worst, she still succeeded.” Elder Dan Qing nodded in satisfaction.
The director chuckled and didn’t say anything.
Lan Ling succeeded.
It was time to see Yun Feng’s results!

“She did it.
How can she succeed?” Yan Xiaoshi rubbed his hair randomly like an ant on a hot pan.
She succeeded.
So, unless Yun Feng’s quality was higher than Lan Ling’s, she would lose even if she made it!

“Yan Lei! Keep bragging!”

The Cashya Empire’s provocations came.
The Fengyun Empire’s side completely darkened.
Yan Lei was about to scold back, when Xia Jingyi stopped him.
“Xiaoshi, look!”

Yan Xiaoshi raised his head and Shang Rui also raised her head.
The girl who had been closing her eyes in front of the bright fire on the platform slowly opened her eyes at this moment.
Dazzling light flashed in her black eyes!

“She opened her eyes! Yun Feng opened her eyes!” Yan Xiaoshi shouted at the top of his lungs.
Everyone was stunned.
Lan Ling immediately turned around and looked over.
Under everyone’s gaze, Yun Feng opened her black eyes.
She picked up a bottle on the table and waved her hands gently.
The fire instantly dissipated and a stream of pure liquid fell into the bottle, along with the remaining materials that dropped out!

Yun Feng shook the bottle in her hand.
The color of the liquid in the bottle was quite even and it was emitting this kind of inexplicable luster.
Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder yawned.
Yun Feng gently brushed its body with her finger and put the bottle on the table.
When she raised her head, she found that everyone was looking at her with their eyes wide open, as if they had swallowed an egg.

Yun Feng frowned slightly and turned around to look at Lan Ling.
She looked like she had seen a ghost.
There was another bottle of potions on the table.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up slightly.
She did it too? As expected of the director’s personal disciple.
She was indeed something.

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