Her mental strength slowly penetrated and sorted and connected these chaotic elements.
Yun Feng could only hear the sound of the fire burning in her ears and the slight explosion when the elements collided.
She had no idea that the scene had already exploded because of her.

After the initial shock, the audience immediately burst into an uproar.
The students’ doubts and ridicule rose one after another.
The pharmacists of the Cashya Empire finally came back to themselves and burst into laughter.
A few of them even stood up and pointed at Yun Feng, who had her eyes closed on the platform.
“Although Yun Feng is very famous in the outside world, she’s just a joke in the pharmaceutical world!”

“Hahahahahaha!” The Cashya Empire burst into laughter.
Lan Ling next to Yun Feng also raised the corners of her mouth in disdain.
She put away the surprise in her mind and focused on making potions.
If she had been a bit worried at first, this worry was completely gone now.
She would win this time!

“Bastards of the Cashya Empire! Don’t be ignorant! Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!” Yan Xiaoshi immediately jumped up and shouted back at the top of his lungs when he heard the laughter of the Cashya Empire.
The pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire more or less felt a bit embarrassed.

“Yan Lei! Don’t jump out and be a hero! Just wait to lose! I’ll wait for your apology then!”

“Apologize my ass, you bastard!”

Xia Jingyi patted Yan Xiaoshi’s shoulder to signal him to stop swearing.
It was meaningless for them to scold each other.
Xia Jingyi stood up and said indifferently, “Although the method of making potions is the same, it doesn’t mean that everyone will follow it.
Yun Feng certainly has her own way.
Why should others say anything? Since we’ve never seen it, we’ve certainly learned something today.”

The Cashya Empire’s people were rendered speechless.
Yan Xiaoshi grunted heavily, and Shang Rui stood up.
“Yun Feng has never been a compliant person.
She’s most surprising.
It would be ridiculous if anyone else had such a method, but it’s a different story with her!”

“Fengyun Empire, don’t be so arrogant…”

“Shut up!” The director on the opposite side of the platform suddenly shouted angrily.
The people on both sides finally retreated to their seats and fell silent again.
They all focused on the platform.
After shouting, the director moved his body slightly and stared at Yun Feng with anticipation in his mind.
Elder Dan Qing glanced at Elder Dan Su on the side.
When he found that Dan Su had already frozen into a stone statue, he couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Dan Su, I understand how you’re feeling at this moment.
Believe me, I wasn’t much calmer than you when I saw you back then.”

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Elder Dan Su slowly turned his head around and looked at Elder Dan Qing deeply with his eyes before he turned his head back again.
At this moment, the director said with a smile, “How many times do you think Yun Feng needs to succeed? Isn’t it too mean for us to only give her three chances?”

Dan Qing slowly stroked her chin with her finger.
“These two are your favorite students.
If they don’t meet the requirements within three times, they won’t be qualified to be your disciples.”

The director grunted and Dan Qing chuckled.
“That kid only needs one try.”

Dan Su’s body trembled again and stiffened again.
He only thought that the two guys next to him must be crazy! The director nodded with a smile.
“I think so too.
Once is enough.”

There was a sharp contrast on the platform.
Yun Feng was still standing with her eyes closed, while Lan Ling was in the final stage of configuration.
Everyone was nervous.
The Bone Changing Potion was as difficult as a one-star potion of a master, could Lan Ling succeed? Lan Ling was also very nervous.
When she was making the final concoction, her hands were already trembling slightly and her palms were sweating.
This was the first time she had been so nervous.
After warning herself desperately, Lan Ling began to move.
Everyone held their breath.
When Lan Ling finished the last step, she picked up the bottle and shook it slowly.
There were sounds of explosions from inside the bottle, and then black smoke slowly rose from the bottle.
Immediately, there were sounds of regret in the audience.
Her first attempt failed.

Looking at the liquid in the bottle that was slowly turning black, Lan Ling’s expression froze there.
Then, she adjusted her mentality.
If the Bone Changing Potion could be made successfully in one try, it wouldn’t be the Bone Changing Potion anymore! Lan Ling quickly took out the second set of materials and ground them more carefully this time, summarizing the experience and lesson of the first time.
Even though everyone felt sorry for her, it was expected.

“Luckily, she failed…” Yan Xiaoshi wiped the sweat on his forehead.
Xia Jingyi smiled.
“Do you think it’s so easy to make the Bone Changing Potion? Three chances are too little… Even Lan Ling might not be able to succeed.”

Yan Xiaoshi’s eyes immediately brightened after hearing that.
“That’s great! You better fail three times!”

Xia Jingyi shook his head helplessly and glanced at Yun Feng.
Her eyes were still closed and the fire in front of her was constantly rolling.
He didn’t know what she was doing and couldn’t guess what she was doing at all.

Since Yun Feng had been keeping her eyes closed and didn’t do anything, nobody could tell what she was doing after watching for a long time.
Gradually, everyone focused their attention on Lan Ling.
At this moment, Lan Ling was doing the second deployment.
This time, she was obviously more confident than last time.
With the experience of the first time, she believed that the chances of success this time would be greatly increased!

“Do you think your disciple will succeed?” Dan Qing watched Lan Ling’s movements and asked the director next to her.
The director pondered for a few seconds.
“Lan Ling is quite talented.
Although she has been a bit arrogant in recent years, her serious and hardworking attitude hasn’t changed.
She’s also very hardworking, but…”

Elder Dan Qing smiled.
“However, she might not succeed the second time.”

The director nodded solemnly and looked at Yun Feng, whose eyes were still closed.
“Why is that kid still not opening her eyes? Why did she take so long this time?”

Elder Dan Qing couldn’t help but laugh dryly.
“You’re giving her too much pressure.”

The director chuckled.
“It doesn’t make sense to not give her pressure to make her grow faster.”

Elder Dan Qing shook his head helplessly.
“If that kid didn’t have a specific need, I would have become her teacher a long time ago.”

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