The students below the stage cheered again.
Yan Xiaoshi even shouted happily, “Yun Feng, go for it! You’ll win!”

After the students cheered for a while, a teacher among the pharmacists finally stood up.
The venue immediately fell silent.
Yun Feng and Lan Ling were already standing next to their tables, waiting for the content of the assessment this time.

“The assessment this time is a bit different from the past.
In the past, the director designated the potion formula for the advanced three-star assessment, but this year, it’s designated by the elders of the Pharmacists’ Union!” What he said made everyone exclaim! The elders of the Pharmacists’ Union would designate it! Yun Feng looked at the other side in surprise.
Elder Dan Qing smiled at her kindly.
Yun Feng felt awkward no matter how she looked at him.

Two teachers walked to the platform and gave Lan Ling and Yun Feng a potion formula each, as well as the herbs and materials they needed.
Both of them looked at the formula.
Lan Ling couldn’t help but turn a bit pale after glancing at it.
Yun Feng looked at the formula without any change in her expression.
Her face was a bit pale and Lan Ling couldn’t help but turn her head to look at Yun Feng.
When Lan Ling found that Yun Feng was indifferent, she gritted her teeth fiercely.
How could she possibly lose? Yun Feng must be pretending.
In fact, she was extremely nervous in her mind!

Yun Feng looked at the potion formula and Meatball also looked at it with its big eyes.
Its little claws even reached out and touched the paper.
Yun Feng glanced at the herbs and materials on the table.
It seemed that she had three chances.

Both of them were looking at the formula.
The students craned their necks and were very curious about what potion they were going to make.
They couldn’t tell anything from their expressions.
Dan Qing, who was sitting on the opposite side of the platform, was a bit surprised when he saw Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
“What’s that thing on Yun Feng’s shoulder?”

The director also glanced at it and was also very confused.
“I don’t know.
I didn’t see her bring it with her earlier.
It should be a Magic Beast.
This kid is a summoner.”

Dan Su also glanced over and his serious face couldn’t help but twitch a few times.
Dan Qing nodded thoughtfully.
“I almost forgot about it.
This kid is so talented in potions anyway.
She might as well just become a potion maker.

The two people on the platform finished reading the formula.
The teacher also took the formula and glanced at it.
His hand immediately trembled and his face darkened.
He subconsciously looked up at the director.
Seeing the teacher’s expression, the director couldn’t help but look gloomy.
“Dan Qing, what exactly is the formula you specified?”

Dan Qing chuckled.
The teacher below the stage had already calmed his emotions and announced loudly, “The designated potion this time is: Bone Changing Potion!”

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There was an uproar!

“Bone Changing Potion! Are you kidding me?” Yan Xiaoshi was stunned and couldn’t accept it.
“As expected, the potion designated by the elder of the Pharmacists’ Union is indeed extraordinary… Bone Changing Potion… Oh God… It’s hard to say who’ll win this time!”

Xia Jingyi also looked at Yun Feng worriedly.
“It seems that… both of them will fail this time.”

Sensing the reaction of the students, Yun Feng was a bit confused.
What was wrong with the Bone Changing Potion? Why did these people look like the sky was falling? Lan Ling tried to calm herself down on the other side and became nervous.
The Bone Changing Potion… How could it be the Bone Changing Potion?

“Bone Changing Potion?! Dan Qing! Are you trying to embarrass me?” The director immediately shouted angrily in a deep voice, “The Bone Changing Potion is the most difficult advanced three-star potion that’s comparable to the master level.
You want them to make this?”

Dan Qing still had that friendly smile.
“There’s only a breakthrough when there’s a challenge.
If either of them can make the Bone Changing Potion, it will represent a kind of success no matter what quality it is and they will also become a legend! If they both fail, they won’t lose too much face, don’t you think?”

The director snorted heavily.
“Did you come up with this stupid idea…”

Dan Qing burst into laughter.
“You’re wrong this time.
Dan Su told me about this potion.”

The director suddenly widened his eyes and looked at Elder Dan Su, who had been silent the whole time.
He really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“So, you’re the one who’s full of evil tricks!”

After the announcement of the potion they were going to make, it meant that the assessment had already begun.
Yan Xiaoshi couldn’t sit still anymore.
He stood up and shouted loudly, “Yun Feng! All the best! It’s fine even if you fail! It’s no big deal.
Don’t feel burdened!” Yan Xiaoshi was afraid that Yun Feng would feel pressured, so he didn’t know if his shout would be useful.
Yun Feng glanced at him suspiciously and then looked away.
What exactly was she worried about?

“Aren’t you worried about failure at all?” Yun Feng was stunned.
She turned her head slightly and saw Lan Ling at another table on the side.
She was staring at her firmly, as if she was certain that she would be nervous too.

“Why should I be worried?” Yun Feng asked.
Lan Ling was stunned.
“The Bone Changing Potion is the most difficult among the advanced three-star potions.
Its difficulty is almost comparable to that of a one-star master! The chance of success is also quite low! I’m a bit confident, but you, an advanced one-star, still don’t want to admit defeat?”

Yun Feng finally understood why everyone was so nervous after hearing the name of the Bone Changing Potion and she also understood the meaning behind Yan Xiaoshi’s words.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“You don’t have to worry about me.
You just need to do your own thing.”

Meatball bared its teeth at Lan Ling ferociously.
Lan Ling’s face turned pale and she immediately turned around in embarrassment.
The assessment for the two of them had already begun.
Everyone’s gaze also focused on the two of them.
The teachers and students were looking forward to it.
They had never seen the process of Yun Feng making potions with their own eyes.
The three people on the opposite side of the platform were also looking forward to seeing if Yun Feng could succeed and bring another surprise!

Lan Ling had already started moving.
Her movements were very common.
She picked the herbs and started doing the job of a potion maker step by step.
Her movements were fast and smooth.
She was almost omnipotent, so she was naturally much better than usual.
The students couldn’t help but sigh when they saw Lan Ling’s movements.
She was indeed a high-level three-star potion maker, the director’s personal disciple.
She was indeed something!

Lan Ling moved quickly, but Yun Feng was even more outstanding.
Yun Feng wasn’t in a hurry at all as she looked at the table full of herbs.
She first observed them carefully and weighed them in her hand one by one.
The students couldn’t help but be stunned when they saw Yun Feng’s movement.
What was she doing?

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