The students all gazed at the two elders eagerly.
Even the teachers of the Pharmaceutical Institute were delighted.
The elders were the senior members of the pharmaceutical world.
It wasn’t easy to meet them.
When the three of them came, the director raised his brows.

“You two are the center of attention.”

“You’re mistaken.
The students are all looking at you.” A smile appeared on Elder Dan Qing’s friendly face.
Even if he didn’t smile, people would still feel close to him.

“Hm! I’m not so old that my eyes are blurred.” The director grunted unhappily.
Elder Dan Qing smiled a bit helplessly and looked at the man who was not smiling at all.
“Dan Su, what do you think?”

Elder Dan Su, who had been wearing a serious expression, glanced at Dan Qing and didn’t bother to say anything at all.
Seeing Dan Su’s face, the director said, “When have you ever heard him express his opinion?”

The three of them had already walked to the front of the platform.
There were special seats there and they sat down one after another.
Elder Dan Qing looked at the students who had already gathered and asked slowly, “Both of them are your disciples.
I don’t think you’re nervous at all.”

The director chuckled.
“What’s there to be nervous about? It’s good for both of them.
Lan Ling has been the only three-star high-level pharmacist in the Pharmaceutical Institute for so many years.
It’s time for someone to eclipse her.”

“Oh? Are you so sure that the kid has the ability?” Dan Qing asked with a smile at the corners of his mouth.
The director turned his head and looked at Dan Qing with his eyes.
“Dan Qing, stop playing dumb.
Don’t you know Yun Feng better than anyone else?”

Dan Qing burst into laughter happily and nodded.
He looked at Dan Su on the other side of the director.
“Dan Su, you can look more carefully this time.”

Dan Su didn’t say anything.
He sat there expressionlessly.
That face made people nervous.
The director glanced at Dan Qing suspiciously.
“You called Dan Su here together.
Are you here to poach her from me?”

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Dan Qing laughed.
“Don’t worry.
Nobody can take your disciple away.”

Dan Su frowned and finally said, “Not interested.”

Dan Qing couldn’t help but chuckle after hearing this.
Dan Su was famous for being rigorous and serious among the four elders.
He could be said to be the most unreasonable one.
He was meticulous and didn’t know how to be flexible when he did anything.
When he told him about Yun Feng back then, Dan Su certainly didn’t believe him.
Now that there was a chance, he came to find out the truth together.

The director was upset after hearing that.
Even though he didn’t want anyone to steal this disciple from him, he couldn’t be despised like this! The director shook his wrist and the advanced one-star potion Yun Feng made appeared in his hand.
Dan Qing’s eyes immediately brightened when he saw that.
“Did that kid make this?”

The director’s face was full of pride as he put the potion in Dan Su’s hand.
Dan Su’s eyes moved slightly after observing carefully.
The director couldn’t help but feel even more proud when he saw this.
“Of course, that kid made it.
How is it? The probability of a perfect quality potion appearing is quite low.
I saw that kid make it with my own eyes, finishing it in one go.”

“In one go? Reaching the perfect level in one try?!” Dan Qing couldn’t help but exclaim.
Even though he knew that Yun Feng had a promising future, he didn’t expect her to have such a high talent! She succeeded on the first try and it was a potion with such a low chance of reaching the perfect level.
Even they rarely succeeded on the first try.
It was really… astonishing!

Dan Su’s eyebrows also moved slightly.
The director snatched the bottle of medicine and fiddled with it a few times, waiting for Dan Su’s evaluation.
Dan Su was silent for a few seconds.
“It’s nothing.”

Dan Qing chuckled again, while the director’s expression froze.
He put away the bottle and mumbled, “You’re so stubborn.”

At this moment, the scene suddenly became noisy.
The three of them looked over and saw that the two main characters on both sides of the platform had finally appeared! Immediately, the scene was completely stirred.
Yan Xiaoshi immediately stood up and raised his arms, shouting, “Yun Feng, go for it! Long live Fengyun!” The people of the Fengyun Empire certainly raised their arms and shouted, while the people of the Cashya Empire certainly didn’t want to admit defeat.
Both sides shouted in unison.

Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel stunned when she saw this scene.
Even though Yan Xiaoshi told her that all the members would be here today, she didn’t expect that such a conspicuous position was needed to make potions? Also, wasn’t the person sitting on the opposite side of the platform the old man, the director? And next to him… was Elder Dan Qing?!

It was just an assessment for the senior students of the Pharmaceutical Institute.
Did they have to make such a big fuss? Even the elders of the Pharmacists’ Union came in person?

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
She really had a headache.
Meatball on her shoulder yawned and sat there quietly, as if it was used to it.
Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, stood below the platform and smiled at Yun Feng.
“You should’ve gotten used to such a scene earlier.
It’s not the first time.”

Yun Feng smiled speechlessly.
It wasn’t the first time indeed.
She should really get used to it.
Lan Ling on the other side of the platform was also shocked.
It wasn’t that nobody had watched her assessment before, but she really didn’t expect everyone to come this time! And the assessment was on such an eye-catching platform! When Lan Ling glanced at the opposite side of the platform, she was suddenly stunned!

That was her teacher! Lan Ling watched excitedly.
The director had never shown up in any of the previous assessments.
This time, he certainly made Lan Ling excited.
What made her even more excited was the two people sitting next to the director.
Lan Ling’s eyes widened abruptly.
Weren’t those the elders? Why were they here? There were even two of them!

Lan Ling looked at the three people sitting together as her body trembled gently.
Today, it wasn’t just an assessment, but also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Whether or not Yun Feng could admit defeat was already secondary.
Lan Ling immediately decided that she had to try her best to show her best side and perform well! It wasn’t easy to meet the elders of the Pharmacists’ Union.
She must seize this opportunity this time.
She might be recognized and directly enter the Pharmacists’ Union!

While Lan Ling was thinking excitedly, Yun Feng didn’t seem to care at all.
She immediately climbed the stairs and walked to the platform.
Seeing that, Lan Ling also climbed up immediately.
Her steps were a bit unsteady because of excitement.
She was trying her best to suppress the excitement in her heart and kept telling herself to calm down!

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