“I saw it with my own eyes in the capital back then.
Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean that there isn’t one.
Everyone in the entire capital is Yun Feng’s witness! Also… only certain people want to see it.
Don’t take everyone with you for no reason.
Yun Feng doesn’t have the obligation to satisfy your curiosity!”

These domineering words received a warm response from the Fengyun Empire’s side.
Shang Rui blushed and said awkwardly, “I was just telling the truth.”

Yun Feng smiled.
Shang Rui seemed even more embarrassed.
Soon, three months passed.
The night before, in the resting room of the Fengyun Empire, everyone from the Fengyun Empire surrounded Yun Feng.

“Tomorrow will be the day of the final battle! Yun Feng, are you ready?” Yan Xiaoshi said loudly with surging emotions.
Yun Feng was a bit helpless and she nodded along.
The pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire immediately cheered.
Xia Jingyi sat aside and said with anticipation, “I’ve never seen you make potions.
I can learn from you this time.”

“That’s right! I’ve never seen you make potions even once!” Yan Lei shouted in realization and received the response of the others.
Shang Rui also looked forward to it.
Feeling these unusually expectant gazes, Yun Feng could only lift the corners of her mouth.
She wondered what expression they would have when they saw how she made potions tomorrow.

Qu Lanyi sat aside and said thoughtfully, “You should look forward to it.
You’ll learn a lot.”

Yun Feng glared at him.
As expected, Qu Lanyi’s expectant gaze became even more enthusiastic after what he said.
Yun Feng suddenly felt a headache.
Would her battle with Lan Ling tomorrow really be broadcast live?

Yun Feng didn’t know until the next day that it wasn’t a live broadcast at all, but a grand live observation!

The assessment of an advanced three-star potion maker was indeed eye-catching.
As the only advanced three-star potion maker in the Pharmaceutical Institute, Lan Ling attracted many people to watch her assessment every time.
It was very difficult to become an outstanding potion maker and Lan Ling had such a high achievement, so there were naturally a lot of things for people to learn.
So, many students of the Pharmaceutical Institute came to study every time Lan Ling took the assessment, but this time, it was obviously not as simple as studying.

A platform was set up in the empty space between the two rows of houses in the Pharmaceutical Institute.
There were two tables on the platform with some necessary equipment for making potions.
There were people in every direction below the platform.
The reason why the platform was so high was so that they could see the process of the potion maker from all angles.

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All the students and teachers of the Pharmaceutical Institute were here today.
Although there were also people who came to watch Lan Ling’s assessment before, there weren’t as many as there were now.
Now, everyone was sitting here with excitement and anticipation on their faces.

The teachers of the Pharmaceutical Institute were also present.
This was a situation that wouldn’t happen in any other occasion, especially during the student assessment.
Usually, only one teacher was in charge of the assessment and they would take turns.
Early in the morning, a lot of people had gathered around the platform.
The scene was already very lively before the two main characters appeared.

“Who will win this time?”

“It’s hard to say.
Lan Ling hasn’t shown up recently.
She must be working harder.
Yun Feng, on the other hand…”

“She did show up during the last period of time, but she seemed to have nothing to do all day.”

“In my opinion, it’s impossible for an advanced one-star to catch up to an advanced three-star in three months!”

“Yeah, how can it be so easy to reach the advanced three-star level?”

“Ah, just watch.
There’ll be a result eventually.
We’ll know after the result is out!”

“Hahaha, I’m looking forward to what happens afterwards.
Which party is apologizing?”

There were voices of ridicule.
The pharmacists of Ovey and Shengyao were the most relaxed.
They were purely observers.
Whoever won would be a good show for them.
Both Fengyun and Cashya were nervous and hostile.
The pharmacists of the four empires sat in four directions, and Fengyun and Cashya sat opposite each other.
Both parties looked angry.

“You from the Fengyun Empire! Just wait to apologize to us!” Someone from the Cashya Empire shouted.
Yan Xiaoshi was still the first to jump up on the Fengyun Empire’s side.

“Bastards! Just wait and see who apologizes!”

“What did you say? Yan Lei, you shameless bullhorn!”

The scene became chaotic for a moment.
Yan Xiaoshi certainly fought back without hesitation.
The people of the two countries listened to the curses of Fengyun and Cashya.
At this moment, Xia Jingyi pulled Yan Xiaoshi down and asked him not to continue.
Yan Xiaoshi grunted heavily and sat down.
He glanced around and saw the director and a few people walking over.

When the director came, the scene immediately became quiet.
There were two people next to the director.
The students didn’t know these two people, but they were familiar with the clothes they were wearing.

“Oh my God! That’s someone from the Pharmacists’ Union!”

“Only elders can wear those clothes! Damn! Are they elders?”

Yan Xiaoshi blinked a few times and stared at the two people next to the director.
“Seriously? It’s already unusual for the director to show up in person.
The people of the Pharmacists’ Union are here to join in the fun?”

The scene fell into slight chaos again.
The appearance of the two figures with the director caused a small climax.
One of them was Elder Dan Qing, who personally sent Yun Feng to the Pharmaceutical Institute, while the other looked extremely serious and didn’t smile at all.

“Those clothes belong to the elders.
The two elders are here in person.” Xia Jingyi was also quite excited as he looked at the two elders.
An elder of the Pharmacists’ Union must be quite powerful.
Perhaps he had reached the master level!

“She’s famous.
She’s really famous…” Yan Lei was still in a daze.
He turned around and looked at Xia Jingyi.
“If Yun Feng wins, do you think she’ll directly enter the Pharmacists’ Union?”

Xia Jingyi pondered for a few seconds.
“Even if she doesn’t win, she’ll enter sooner or later.”

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