“Have you gained weight?”

Meatball’s body, which was still flapping, suddenly froze.
Its fluffy tail immediately covered its belly and it looked at Yun Feng with its big innocent eyes.
“Nana, nana.”

Yun Feng suddenly thought of something and immediately checked the space of her bracelet.
She had put the huge pile of ultimate ores she got from the Yun Palace inside.
She didn’t think so much when she threw the unconscious Meatball inside back then, but after checking, Yun Feng finally understood what happened.
Half of the ultimate ores that were like a small mountain back then were gone! Yun Feng knew where the half of the ultimate ores disappeared.

No wonder this little thing came out so late.
It must be because it was full and satisfied.

“You ate them?” Yun Feng asked.
Meatball widened its eyes pitifully and patted the back of Yun Feng’s hand with its tail, asking her not to be angry.
“Nana, nanana…” Yun Feng didn’t understand what Meatball said, but she could know what it was talking about.
Yun Feng wasn’t concerned about the ultimate ores.
She was worried that Meatball would explode after eating so many of them!

She flicked Meatball’s forehead mercilessly with her finger.
Meatball narrowed its big eyes with tears in them.
Yun Feng didn’t hold back at all and hit it a few more times in a row.
Meatball only growled a few times and let Yun Feng bully it like this.

“If you eat without my permission again, I’ll throw you away!” Yun Feng said fiercely.
Meatball immediately nodded, indicating that it would tell her before it ate next time.
Yun Feng sighed helplessly.
Why was it so greedy? Why was it so… gluttonous?

“It’s good that it’s awake.
You don’t have to worry about it anymore.” Qu Lanyi smiled.
Even though Yun Feng had never mentioned Meatball, she had always been worried in her mind.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“It’s best if it comes out, or all the good stuff will be in its stomach.
Right, I suddenly felt a vague elemental energy just then!” Yun Feng said happily.
Qu Lanyi was also quite surprised.
He was about to congratulate her when he suddenly thought of something.

“Fengfeng, are you saying that you suddenly felt elemental energy just then?”

Yun Feng nodded as an idea suddenly flashed through her mind.
Both of them glanced at Meatball in Yun Feng’s hand and Meatball cried out cooperatively.
Qu Lanyi touched his chin and looked like he was deep in thought, while Yun Feng directly lifted Meatball in front of her eyes.
The eyes of the human and the beast looked at each other with reflections in them.

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“Perhaps… everything happened because of you?”

Meatball blinked and rolled its big innocent eyes a few times.
Yun Feng still looked at it in confusion.
In the end, she loosened her fingers and Meatball’s body quickly jumped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder, rubbing against it gently as if it was pleasing her.
Yun Feng sat there and pondered for a long time.

Was it really because of Meatball’s appearance, or was it because of her? “After I close my eyes, don’t do anything.” This was said to Meatball on her shoulder.
Yun Feng didn’t know if Meatball understood her or not.
She then slowly closed her eyes and released her mental strength slowly.
What she got was still blank.

Yun Feng quickly opened her black eyes.
She already had a clear answer in her mind.
It really had something to do with Meatball! She lifted Meatball’s body up again and touched it with her finger.
This was the first time Yun Feng touched Meatball at such a close distance.
Meatball seemed delighted.
Yun Feng touched its body with her finger and it looked comfortable.
Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but look a bit gloomy when he saw that.
He walked over and squatted down.
Seeing Meatball’s satisfied expression, he whispered, “Why do I feel like it’s taking advantage of you?”

Yun Feng was stunned for a moment.
Meatball suddenly gnashed its teeth at Qu Lanyi, dissatisfied with what he said.
Yun Feng touched Meatball’s round body with her hand and examined it with her mental strength during the process.
Just like before, there weren’t any elemental energy waves on Meatball’s body.

“What exactly is going on…” Yun Feng withdrew her hand.
What exactly was Meatball? The ancestor once said that there were only two types of creatures without any elemental fluctuation.
The abandoned lowest level, and the so-called Fantastical Beast on the highest level of the pyramid! She had already come into contact with Fantastical Beasts.
Ah Jin was very unfamiliar with Meatball.
How would he not know if Meatball was a Fantastical Beast? Yun Feng was very sure right now that Meatball wasn’t a Fantastical Beast.
It could only be the abandoned lowest level… However, this was the most impossible!

She had seen Meatball’s ability with her own eyes.
The abandoned Meatball at the bottom would have already been eliminated in the world of Magic Beasts.
Meatball yawned comfortably after Yun Feng touched it and hid its sharp teeth, looking cute again.
Qu Lanyi frowned.
“Fengfeng, where exactly did it find it?”

“The Foggy Forest.
I met it the first time I entered the Foggy Forest to contract with Little Fire.” Yun Feng recalled the scene at that time in her mind.
Why would Meatball stick to her? This question still had no answer.

“There will always be an answer to what it is, but you should explore how you can communicate with it.
When will it say the second word other than that?” Qu Lanyi was a bit teasing.
Speaking of this, Yun Feng also had a headache! Meatball had essentially been contracted, but she still couldn’t understand what it said.
From the beginning until now, Meatball hadn’t said another word.
Communication was indeed a problem.

“No matter what, with Meatball here, my elemental sensitivity will be increased.
I can feel the elemental energy.” Meatball sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder again.
Yun Feng closed her eyes again.
The blankness just then had already changed abruptly.
Stars of elemental energy floated on it.
Yun Feng opened her eyes with a smile at the corners of her mouth.
“I think we should go back.”

The problem of stimulating the sensitivity of the elements was solved after Meatball appeared.
What Yun Feng wanted to do the most right now was to try it herself.
She would be able to succeed with the advanced three-star potion! Qu Lanyi nodded and the two of them immediately returned to the Pharmaceutical Institute silently.
Yun Feng went into the separate pharmaceutical lab and found a formula for a advanced three-star potion.
After preparing the herbs she needed, she started to make her own medicine.
This time, it was even more obvious.
When she closed her eyes, she seemed to have established an inexplicable connection with Meatball.
Those materials where she couldn’t sense the elemental energy at all had all changed.

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