“If that’s the case, Shengyao and Ovey won’t stand by and do nothing!”

“Hehehe, swallowing one piece of meat is the same as swallowing two or three pieces.
Then let’s do it together!” Yun Feng’s smile suddenly became evil, which made Lan Ling’s heart tighten.
She was serious! Yun Feng smiled evilly at the corners of her mouth and waved her hand gently.
The space that was sealed just then was instantly unlocked.
The blockage just then only blocked the sound and didn’t hide her body.
No third party heard the conversation between the two of them just then.
Some noisy voices surged in again and Lan Ling only felt her head buzzing!

“We’ll see in three months.” Yun Feng looked at the pale Lan Ling in front of her and said indifferently.
Then, she turned around and left.
Even though Yan Lei didn’t know what happened, the powerful aura Yun Feng exuded couldn’t help but influence him.
He couldn’t help but straighten his back and become inexplicably tall!

“Swish!” To everyone’s surprise, as soon as Yun Feng turned around and left, Lan Ling suddenly sat on the ground with an extremely pale face, looking a bit strange.
The people of the Cashya Empire were all puzzled and asked with concern.
The pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire couldn’t help but smile when they saw this.
Yan Lei grunted and turned around to leave.
“The pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire, we’re leaving!” With a shout, the pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire all left with a smile.
The Cashya Empire was very frustrated.
They had the upper hand just then.
Why did Lan Ling become like this after a while? The Fengyun Empire was already so arrogant?

“Lan Ling! What exactly happened to you?” Everyone asked one after another.
Lan Ling sat there with a pale face and thought about what Yun Feng said just then.
In the end, she gritted her teeth and stood up.
“I’m fine!” She turned around and left.
This farce ended just like that, but another show was about to begin.

The drama between Fengyun and Cashya naturally spread throughout the entire Pharmaceutical Institute.
All the students knew about it.
The teachers of the Pharmaceutical Institute also learned about the conflict later.
The bet between Yun Feng and Lan Ling was widely known.
After hearing that, the director of the Pharmaceutical Institute only smiled and didn’t say anything.
Nobody could guess what he was thinking.
These two were his personal disciples.
Although Yun Feng was new, the director was obviously very satisfied.
Wouldn’t the relationship between these two disciples be ruined when they fought?

The director of the Pharmaceutical Institute chuckled as he played with the bottle of perfect-level advanced one-star medicine Yun Feng made that day in his hand with a smile on his face.
“The advanced three-star contest… How will the kid surpass Lan Ling in three months? It’s really worth looking forward to.”

The quarterly assessment three months later became the day everyone looked forward to.
In these three months, the Fengyun Empire and the Cashya Empire were like fire and water.
Although there were no more conflicts, the atmosphere between the two parties reached an unprecedented new climax.

Ever since Shang Rui was seriously injured, she had finally recovered after a month of recuperation.
After learning about the deal between Yun Feng and Lan Ling, Shang Rui didn’t know how to describe her feelings.
She couldn’t say anything when she impulsively went to find Yun Feng.
She could only stand there.
Yun Feng only smiled and talked casually.
This deal was mostly to ease Shang Rui’s burden.
Shang Rui suddenly felt even more upset.
Even though Yun Feng said so, everyone knew that this was the trouble she caused and Yun Feng stood up for her!

Shang Rui squeezed out a “thank you” with mixed feelings in her mind and ran out of the door.
Yun Feng was a bit puzzled as Qu Lanyi shook his head with a smile on the side and exclaimed how charming Yun Feng was.
Ever since that day, Yun Feng and Lan Ling had been in a semi-closed state.
Yun Feng could still see them from time to time, but Lan Ling was completely gone.
Yun Feng knew that she was accumulating experience for the contest three months later and consolidating her strength, but it was useless no matter how much she practiced.
She needed to solve other problems.

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How could she stimulate the elemental sensitivity of high-level materials? This was Yun Feng’s bottleneck and also the barrier.
As long as she broke through this barrier, everything in the future would naturally be solved! Lan Ling’s challenge couldn’t help but stimulate Yun Feng’s fighting spirit.
Even though she had never slacked off, the assessment would be held in three months.
If she could force herself to make a breakthrough in three months, then it wouldn’t be a problem for her to gather and melt the liquid!

Yun Feng pondered for a month in the pharmaceutical lab alone.
After trying many ways, she had no idea how to stimulate the element sensitivity.
Yun Feng pushed the door open and walked out.
Since she didn’t succeed, she was looking for another way.
Every time Yun Feng was in the pharmaceutical lab, Qu Lanyi didn’t disturb her and let her meditate.
Seeing Yun Feng come out, Qu Lanyi certainly wouldn’t think that she succeeded so quickly.
He only asked casually, “How was it?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“It seems that I have to find another way.”

Yun Feng wasn’t missing like Lan Ling.
She still appeared in the resting room of the Fengyun Empire often.
The pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire were all curious about how confident Yun Feng was, but they didn’t dare to ask.
Even Yan Xiaoshi and Xia Jingyi didn’t ask and seemed to be very careful.
Yun Feng wasn’t so emotionally disturbed.
She was thinking about which path she should try next.

“What’s the area around the school used for?” Yun Feng suddenly remembered the complicated landscape she saw when she came to the Pharmaceutical Institute.
She still hadn’t asked what it was for.
Yan Xiaoshi was reading the potion formula.
When he heard the question, he immediately put down what he was doing.
“You don’t know?”

Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
“I’m a new student.”

Yan Xiaoshi patted his head in realization.
“Hahaha, I forgot that you’re a new student! The vast area next to the Pharmaceutical Institute is where the herbs come from.
It can be said that most of the herbs the Pharmaceutical Institute needs are collected from the surrounding area.”

“So, that large area is cultivated by humans?” Yun Feng was puzzled.
The Pharmaceutical Institute needed a lot of herbs.
It was reasonable for them to be cultivated by humans.

Yan Xiaoshi was stunned.
“Human cultivation? There are only a few teachers in the Pharmaceutical Institute.
Who would grow herbs? There are people responsible for picking herbs.
Students aren’t allowed to leave the Pharmaceutical Institute.
I can guarantee with 200% certainty that these herbs are all natural! It should be said that the Pharmaceutical Institute is built in the middle of a huge number of natural herbs.”

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