Chapter 74: Heading to Park City

These were the two most well-known secondary professions among warriors and mages.
It wasn’t easy to engrave holes and insert crystals.
Those who could engrave holes on weapons were definitely warriors above level 7, while those who could insert crystals must also be mages above level 7.

The nine holes corresponded to the early stage, mid-stage and final stage.
The more holes on the weapon, the more Magic Beast Crystals could be inserted and the more powerful the person who engraved the holes.
Almost everyone that had weapons wanted to engrave holes and the number of holes was directly related to the power of the weapon, so it was certainly the more the better.
And yet, there might be a lot of warriors at the advanced level, but there were differences between their ability to control their power.
Although there were many Weapon Refiners among warriors, there were just a few masters and it was hard to make a hole in the weapon.

Inserting crystals was the same and might even be more difficult than engraving holes.
Some people engraved nine holes on their weapons and they also had Magic Beast Crystals, but there was no way they could finish the inserting job because there were too few Inserters.
Mages were already rare and those who could reach the advanced level were even rarer, which led to the lack of Inserters.
Apart from the mysterious and powerful summoners, it could be said that Inserters were the second rarest on the East Continent.

Those advanced mages were also Inserters.
If people could rope an advanced mage in, it wouldn’t be a problem to insert crystals on their weapons.
Those who could engrave holes were everywhere, but not everyone had someone who could insert crystals.

Yun Geng was probably the first person in the world to be a freak who could engrave holes and insert crystals by herself d.

Soon, the enrollment day of Masang School of Magic came.
A day before, Yun Jing prepared money and a carriage, and Yun Feng and Yun Sheng went on the road early in the morning.
Yun Jing didn’t go with them because there were a lot of things of the Lin family he had to take over and manage by himself.
However, the real reason why Yun Jing wasn’t going was because he thought his son and daughter had already grown up, especially after what happened with the Lin family.
Yun Jing thought from the bottom of his heart that his daughter, Yun Feng, would be able to spread her wings and fly, even without him, her father, by her side!

Yun Jing prepared a generous sum of money, so Yun Sheng and Yun Feng could buy whatever they wanted without restraints.
The two of them were thrilled.
After all, this was the first time they left Chunfeng Town and came to a larger city.

After driving the whole morning, they finally arrived in Park City.
Since it was the place where Masang School of Magic recruited students, Park City had been flooded with a large number of people from elsewhere these few days.
They were all children and parents from other towns who came here for the registration.
However, almost none of the children came alone like Yun Sheng and Yun Feng.

“Drive steadily.
Those who want to enter the city, get in line, get in line!” The guards of the city shouted at the top of their lungs.
It could be seen that a lot of people were surging into Park City.
Yun Sheng and Yun Feng, who were sitting in the carriage, looked outside through the curtains and were a bit shocked.
Although it hadn’t reached the point where there was a sea of people, it was crowded.

“Looks like the admission exam of that magic school is very valued,” Yun Feng said casually as she looked outside.
Yun Sheng couldn’t help but shake his head.
He stretched his hand out and squeezed Yun Feng’s cheek.

“It’s Masang School of Magic.
It has a name.”

Yun Feng pouted and Meatball on her shoulder also swayed its body in disdain.
Meatball didn’t like to stay anywhere else.
Its favorite spot was Yun Feng’s shoulders.
No matter where Yun Feng threw Meatball, it would immediately climb back onto Yun Feng’s shoulder.

“Compared to the School of the God of War, Masang School of Magic is the second largest school, following the School of the God of War directly under the Karan Empire.
All the great mages in the Karan Empire came from Masang School of Magic.” Yun Sheng said with a yearning look.
Seeing how eager her brother was, Yun Feng didn’t say anything else.

“Feng, you’re really not planning to let the royal family of the Karan Empire know your real strength?”

Yun Feng frowned gently and shook her head.
“No, it’s not time yet.
Let me improve my strength a little first.”

Yun Sheng nodded.
Since his sister said so, he would keep it a secret as well.
Yun Feng had kind of become the backbone of the Yun family right now, and it was because of her that the Yun family had a series of changes.

They soon entered Park City in a crowd of people.
After getting off the carriage, Yun Feng finally saw the view of Park City clearly.
The buildings here were a few times larger than those in Chunfeng Town and the streets were much wider.
The street view in the city was also a lot broader.
There were even some shops Yun Feng had never seen in Chunfeng Town.

The two of them weren’t in a hurry to sign up.
Children who took the admission exam must register in advance.
The deadline for the application was the night before the admission exam.
Even though today was already the last day, there were still a lot of people coming to Park City for registration.
If they went to sign up now, they would have to line up and wait, so they would rather walk around first.
The ancestor also asked her to go to the weapon store.

Yun Feng told Yun Sheng her thoughts.
Yun Sheng certainly agreed and went to the weapon store in Park City with Yun Feng.
There were different kinds of weapons in the weapon store.
Most of them were weapons for warriors, accounting for a huge part, while a small part was weapons for mages, including various types of wands.

A dozen people were choosing weapons in the weapon store.
They were all choosing carefully and kept comparing different weapons.
The boss stood at the counter with a smile and only said a few things to the customers, letting them choose the weapons themselves.
Yun Feng and Yun Sheng went straight through the weapons for warriors once they entered and walked towards that small part for wands.

There were only a couple of people around the area for mage weapons.
Yun Sheng and Yun Feng walked over and looked at all kinds of wands carefully, large ones, small ones, long ones and short ones.

Yun Sheng certainly knew Yun Feng’s strength.
Although he also looked forward to having a weapon, he had only level 2.
Even if he had one, he wouldn’t be able to release any power out of it.
Besides, who could help him engrave holes and insert crystals on the weapon?

Who? Isn’t there an all-rounder standing in front of you?

Yun Feng and Yun Sheng had the same thought.
She also wanted to buy a weapon for her brother.
Of course, she would engrave holes and insert crystals for him.
She still remembered that there was a level-5 Magic Core in her bracelet, which she could give to her brother.
As for herself, how would she have to worry about not encountering any Magic Beasts when she went out for training?

With such an idea, Yun Feng also thought about what kind of weapon was suitable for Yun Sheng, while Yun Sheng was thinking about finding a weapon suitable for his precious sister.

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