“Alright!” said the director coldly.
“Lan Ling, keep making potions.
Yun Feng, come with me.” The director got up and walked to one of the doors.
He pushed the door open and entered.
Qu Lanyi smiled at Yun Feng and signaled that he wouldn’t follow her in.
Yun Feng sighed and followed the director in.
The door closed, stopping Lan Ling’s unbelievable gaze.

The furnishings in the room were basically the same as those outside.
It should be said that it was a room for making potions alone.
The director walked to the table and took out a potion formula and a set of materials.
“I forgot some of Dan Qing’s instructions.
This is the formula.
You may begin.”

Yun Feng nodded.
With the formula, everything would be fine.
The director sat opposite her and watched Yun Feng’s every move carefully, not missing a thing.
Yun Feng directly ignored the director’s curious gaze and focused on the things in her hands.
She first checked the formula and then examined all the materials needed one by one.
Yun Feng already had a rough idea in her mind.

Yun Feng flipped her hand and a ball of fire burst out of her palm.
The temperature of the fire slowly radiated.
The director’s face trembled as he watched calmly.
The fire floated in the air.
Then, Yun Feng grabbed the huge pile of materials and threw them all in.
In an instant, the fire enveloped everything! The director’s face trembled again and he continued to watch calmly.

A black ball kept rolling in the fire.
The fire kept jumping and turning the things inside up and down.
The herbs inside made a soft sound, as if they were starting to melt slowly.
Yun Feng slowly closed her eyes and stood in front of the fire, not moving at all.

The director’s face twitched hard on the opposite side.
He sat there very calmly and didn’t even move.
He stared at Yun Feng with his eyes and his heart was already exploding.
Dan Qing, you old bastard! Who exactly did you send here?

Yun Feng closed her eyes and carried out the job of assembling the elements she was best at.
In her consciousness, these complicated elements were waiting for her to connect them completely and reach the most perfect state.
She was good at this.
It could be said that Yun Feng was the only one in this world who was good at doing such things.

After closing her eyes for a while, the fire suddenly rose a bit higher and Yun Feng also opened her black eyes at the same time.
She took the bottle in her hand and the fire instantly dissipated, leaving behind perfect potions and extra intact herbs!

The director’s face twitched a few times and his body suddenly stiffened.
Yun Feng put the medicine away.
“I’m done.”

The director suddenly came back to himself.
He stood up with a slightly stiff body and walked to the table to take the bottle of medicine Yun Feng made in his hand.
He sized it up with a deep gaze.
Perfect color, perfect energy fluctuation of the medicine! The director’s heart suddenly surged and a long-lost enthusiasm burst out in his body.
That old guy, Dan Qing, was indeed right! If he missed this kid, he would indeed regret it!

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After sizing up the bottle of potion repeatedly, the director’s heart kept surging.
At his age and level, it was almost impossible for him to meet a good seedling who could make his blood boil, but he did!

“Kid, what do you want me to do for you?” The director said with a smile.
Yun Feng was stunned.
He went straight to the point so quickly? That was good! Yun Feng was silent for a few seconds before she said, “Fusion Fluid.”

The director was slightly shocked.
“Fusion Fluid? Why do you want that? It’s useless for you.”

Yun Feng frowned and didn’t say anything.
The director didn’t ask anymore.
“The Fusion Fluid is fine.
Even though I may fail many times, there are times when it works.” Yun Feng’s eyes brightened when she heard this.
She had succeeded! So, the director should be able to make the Fusion Fluid!

“However…” The director suddenly smiled at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng felt a bit cold for some reason, as if she was being schemed against.
“When you reach the advanced three-star level, you can talk to me again.”

After saying this with a smile, the director put away the bottle of medicine Yun Feng made just then and walked out with a delighted look.
Yun Feng watched the director leave in a good mood and could only give a wry smile.
An advanced three-star pharmacist? How would it be as easy as he said? Besides… her current bottleneck was stuck on the advanced one-star level.
If she couldn’t think of a way to stimulate the sensitivity of the elements, when would she be able to reach the advanced three-star level?

“They’re all old foxes…” Yun Feng shook her head speechlessly.
Since the director had made a condition, she could only give it a try!

Ever since that day, the news that Yun Feng became the director’s second personal disciple spread in the Pharmaceutical Institute.
She was already shocking as an advanced one-star student on the first day of school.
And now, she became the director’s personal disciple on the first day.
W-What kind of luck was this?

The pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire immediately stuck out their chests! They only felt that their sleeves were fluttering in the wind when they walked outside.
They were indescribably awe-inspiring! Their momentum that was suppressed by Cashya in the past was swept away.
If Cashya had an advanced three-star pharmacist, Fengyun would have one sooner or later! If Cashya had the director’s personal disciple, Fengyun also had one!

For a moment, Yun Feng’s name stirred the Pharmaceutical Institute.
When they talked about Yun Feng, they were in a strange mood.
The pharmacists of the Cashya Empire restrained their usual arrogance and didn’t embarrass Fengyun like before.

Yun Feng, who was the center of everyone’s attention, seemed to be completely invisible.
She was very frustrated in a corner.
How could she stimulate the elemental sensitivity of the herbs? She had been a bit anxious during this period of time.
The sooner she broke through this obstacle and reached the advanced three-star level, the sooner she could ask the director to make the Fusion Fluid.
The next step was to set off for the West Continent and head to the Endless Ocean!

As long as she could break through a day earlier, it meant that she had more time! If she was stuck here forever, everything else would be empty talk!

Speaking of the pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire who stuck out their chests and raised their heads, they could be said to be elated under Yan Xiaoshi’s lead, but even so, Yan Xiaoshi knew that they couldn’t cause trouble for Yun Feng, and couldn’t be like Cashya.
They didn’t want to be the second Cashya.
The pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire had risen, but they didn’t deliberately suppress and humiliate others.
As long as you don’t provoke me, I certainly won’t provoke you.

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