“Was it fun?” Yun Feng looked at Shang Rui and asked casually.
Shang Rui’s expression froze and she suddenly didn’t know what to say.
She suddenly felt like she was an unreasonable kid in front of Yun Feng, with an impetuous and simple mind.

“You think I have your strength…” Shang Rui mumbled to herself.
Right, if she had Yun Feng’s strength, she would’ve shut those people up long ago! How could she let them mock her? Shang Rui thought indignantly in her mind and suddenly felt that Yun Feng was too cowardly! She wasn’t even angry when people looked down on her with such an identity!

“If I had half of your strength, I wouldn’t be ridiculed by others!” Shang Rui mumbled again.
Yun Feng frowned slightly.
Qu Lanyi’s face turned cold, but he didn’t say anything.
Yun Feng curled her lips and turned around with a smile.
“Then work hard to be at the same level as me.
Then, use your own strength to shut them up.
Isn’t that better?”

Shang Rui’s face suddenly flushed.
She felt humiliated from the bottom of her heart.
Yun Feng turned around and had already walked into the three-story building.
Shang Rui was still standing outside in a daze, thinking about what Yun Feng said.
Even though it wasn’t harsh, it hit Shang Rui’s sore spot.
Shang Rui gritted her teeth fiercely.
“You are not making the best use of your strength!” If she had Yun Feng’s strength, she would definitely be successful! She would definitely make those who dared to look down on her shut up and kneel on the ground to apologize to her!

This was the difference, the difference in level.
Yun Feng’s lofty state of mind made her always move forward in front of others, because she stood at a higher height and could certainly see further.

Life in the Pharmaceutical Institute began.
The only three-story building was where all the students and teachers lived, because there were few students in total.
Including Yun Feng and the others, there were only more than fifty of them.
The huge campus seemed unusually empty.
These fifty students were naturally divided into different levels according to their strength.

Intermediate level one-star to three-star, advanced level one-star to three-star.
The two levels were generally divided into six stages.
Students would study at different stages according to their strength.
Most students were between the intermediate one-star and the three-star level.
Among the fifty students, more than forty of them were lingering in this phase, while the other ten had entered the advanced stage.
These ten people thought they were the best in everyone’s eyes.
It could be said that all students in the Pharmaceutical Institute yearned to enter the advanced stage.

Six of the ten students were advanced level one-star, three were advanced level two-star and one was advanced level three-star.
The advanced level three-star student was the idol worshiped by all the students in the Pharmaceutical Institute and was also the direct disciple of the director of the Pharmaceutical Institute.
He was especially well-received in the Pharmaceutical Institute.
It could be said that this advanced level three-star student was a shining star in the Pharmaceutical Institute.

Since the Pharmaceutical Institute recruited students from the four empires, the students from the same empire naturally gathered together.
The number of students from the four empires was about the same, so there was no problem of bullying others with numbers.
The Pharmaceutical Institute seemed to be happy to see the four empires unite.
On the three floors of the dormitory, the students of the four empires lived together.
The atmosphere of unity was strong and the hostility between them also increased.

As soon as Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi entered the third floor, they saw four doors.
The names of the four empires were clearly marked on each door.
Yun Feng raised her brows.
It seemed that the smell of gunpowder in the Pharmaceutical Institute was still very strong.
Shang Rui followed them in and was also shocked to see the four doors.
Yun Feng pushed open the door of the Fengyun Empire.
Behind the door was a short corridor and another door at the end of the corridor.
They walked to the door.
Yun Feng was about to push it open when a voice came from inside.

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“People outside, listen up.
This is the territory of the Fengyun Empire.
If it’s someone from the other three empires, get lost as soon as possible! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude!”

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi both raised their brows.
Another voice came from the door.
“If you’re from the Fengyun Empire, answer this question! Who’s the most famous person in the Fengyun Empire?”

Qu Lanyi almost laughed.
Yun Feng put on an awkward smile.
Shang Rui replied awkwardly, “Yun Feng.”

“Yes, you’re right.
Repeat the following three times.
Long live Yun Feng!”

“Pfft…” Qu Lanyi finally couldn’t stand it anymore.
He quickly covered his mouth with her hand and laughed until tears almost came out.
Yun Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Shang Rui also couldn’t help but laugh.
Yun Feng was here.
How would she feel if she shouted like this?

“Outsiders, shout!” The person inside seemed to be a bit impatient.
Yun Feng frowned and pushed the door.
The door was suddenly pushed open and a cry came from behind the door.
A person fell to the ground from the sudden force.

Yun Feng and the others stood by the door.
Behind the door was a spacious living room.
A dozen pairs of eyes looked at each other.
The person lying on the ground got up and covered his injured nose as he shouted, “What’s going on? Why aren’t you following the rules?”

Yun Feng’s eyebrows suddenly twitched.
Qu Lanyi held back his laughter on the side.
Shang Rui lowered her head and held back her laughter.
Yun Feng glanced at the people in the living room.
“Change this rule.”

Everyone was stunned again.
They were so shocked by Yun Feng’s momentum that they were a bit speechless.
Who was this newcomer?

“Hey! Are you new here? We’re all your seniors.
How can you say that?” The young man, who was covering his nose, looked at Yun Feng in dissatisfaction.
Yun Feng glanced at him expressionlessly.
“Change that rule as soon as possible.”

“What? You…” The young man covered his nose.
Because he moved too much, his wound was affected and he was in so much pain that he couldn’t say the second half of the sentence.
The others all looked at Yun Feng and the others in confusion.
They only felt that these few newcomers were truly bold!

“Newcomers, you’re quite brave,” said a student.
“Tell me your name and level.”

Shang Rui coughed.
“I’m Shang Rui, one-star intermediate.”

“Shang Rui? From the Shang family?” The surname Shang wasn’t unfamiliar in the Fengyun Empire anymore.
After all, it was one of the two largest families that dominated the Fengyun Empire.
It was normal for everyone to know about it.
However, these things faded in the Pharmaceutical Institute.
After all, they were all pharmacists here.
Even the royal family didn’t have anything to say here.
So, Shang Rui was only known to people and didn’t have any special treatment.

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