Yun Feng frowned.
What did that mean?

“The Pharmaceutical Institute is directly under the Pharmacists’ Union.
There are a lot of talented pharmacists gathered there.
I can give you a clue about the grandmaster senior you’re looking for.”

Seeing the man’s fox-like smile, Yun Feng guessed what he would say.
“Senior, are you saying that the director of the Pharmaceutical Institute is a grandmaster senior?”

The man nodded.
“That’s right.
Besides, the director is the only pharmacist on the East Continent who has reached the Grandmaster Level.”

Yun Feng’s eyebrows jumped.
Did that mean she had no choice? The man put on a friendly smile again.
“Kid, if you enter the Pharmaceutical Institute and perform well, if the director accepts you as his disciple, it’s very normal for him to make a potion for his disciple.”

Yun Feng frowned.
She had to gather the Fusion Fluid and the Spirit Gathering Grass in five years.
The Spirit Gathering Grass was at the bottom of the Endless Ocean.
It was obvious that the situation there was dangerous.
The easiest way to get the Fusion Fluid was to get it in the shortest time possible.
The situation on the West Continent was complicated and it was inconvenient for her to move around.
Since there was such a pharmacist on the East Continent, she couldn’t give up what was near and look far.

Yun Feng looked up.
“I’m not alone.
I have companions.”

The man couldn’t help but feel relieved after hearing this.
“I thought it was something else.
Of course, that’s no problem.
Special students are naturally treated specially.
Your companions can also go with you.”

“In that case, I’ll accept it.”

Coming out of the entrance of the advanced exam, Yun Feng clearly noticed that she seemed to be the center of attention.
She found it strange that these people were staring her, but she didn’t care at all.
She glanced around and saw Qu Lanyi standing aside.
It was truly difficult not to notice him.

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At this moment, Qu Lanyi leaned against the wall handsomely.
He didn’t do anything else, but he exuded a different kind of charm.
Some timid girls only dared to watch from afar, but now, another one walked up boldly.
Yun Feng slowly walked around the crowd and saw this scene and heard what the girl said.

“What’s your name?”

“Are you standing here waiting for someone?”

Qu Lanyi kept a cold face the whole time and didn’t seem to hear what the girl said.
The girl stood there with a red face and wasn’t discouraged.
If Qu Lanyi didn’t answer, she would talk herself.
Yun Feng walked over and the girl saw Yun Feng.
She couldn’t help but show a bit of hostility.
Before she asked who she was, Qu Lanyi made a move.

“Yaoyao, your mother is finally back.
I’ve been waiting so long!”

What he said made the girl’s face turn pale.
She glanced at Qu Lanyi and Yaoyao in panic, then looked at Yun Feng before she quickly turned around and left.
Yaoyao looked up at Qu Lanyi and didn’t say anything.
When she saw Yun Feng coming over, her little face obviously showed joy.

“Xiao Feng.” Yaoyao called out softly.
Yun Feng went forward and picked her up, while Qu Lanyi smiled gently like water.
The two of them and Yaoyao looked like a warm family.

“My wife, you’re finally back.” Qu Lanyi smiled gently and put his big hand on Yun Feng’s waist, pulling her into his arms.
This move made countless girls, who were observing in the dark, heartbroken again.
Yun Feng didn’t slap Qu Lanyi’s wolf claw away with a sullen face.
“Shut up.
Let’s go.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled, and the three of them walked out.
Shang Rui had been waiting outside.
When she saw Yun Feng, she immediately approached her with a stiff face.
Yun Feng only looked up and asked, “You’re still here?”

Shang Rui laughed dryly.
Leave? If she dared to go home alone without Yun Feng, her grandpa would skin her alive.
“Grandpa asked me to take you back to rest.
Let’s go.” Yun Feng thought for a moment.
It was inevitable that she would stay in the capital for a few days.
She also had to tell Qu Lanyi about the Pharmaceutical Institute, so she didn’t refuse to go back with Shang Rui.

“Well… What level… have you reached?” After walking for a long time, Shang Rui finally asked the question in her mind.
Yun Feng smiled casually.
“Advanced one-star.”

Shang Rui was inexplicably relieved.
Thank goodness, thank goodness… Advanced one-star… She thought Yun Feng could directly reach the advanced three-star level or even higher.
Advanced one-star… Although this result was astonishing, she was still a normal person.

Qu Lanyi raised his brows.
He originally thought that Yun Feng could go higher, but Yun Feng didn’t seem to be hiding the truth on purpose.
Qu Lanyi didn’t ask anything.
They returned to the Shang family under Shang Rui’s lead.
When Yun Feng and the others entered the door of the Shang family, the De family was in an uproar.
The elders of the De family scolded the younger generation after hearing the news.

“Can’t you young people work harder? How did Shang Rui befriend Yun Feng? Look at you! The Shang family took advantage of you!”

The younger generation of the De family was frustrated after being scolded.
How would they know how Shang Rui made friends with Yun Feng? Who knew how they hooked up? They couldn’t hook up with anyone just because they wanted to! If the De family knew about the relationship between Yun Feng and Shang Rui, they might regret it.
If time went back, there might be even more people who would cause trouble for Yun Feng.

Shang Lian and De Lan both came in person after learning that Yun Feng was back.
They were busy with work and left after a few words.
Yun Feng didn’t want to talk to them for a long time.
The Shang family prepared a good room for Yun Feng and asked everyone not to disturb her.
After all, this girl didn’t come once in eight hundred years.
They had to hold back their excitement.

Only Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi and Yaoyao were in the room.
Yun Feng told Qu Lanyi about the Pharmaceutical Institute.
After hearing that, Qu Lanyi pondered for a while and said, “Although it’s a long way, it’s the only feasible solution right now.”

Yun Feng nodded and touched Yaoyao’s head with her hand.
After going to the Pharmaceutical Institute, Yun Feng decided to take Yaoyao into the Dragon Palace.
Yun Feng didn’t know what kind of place the Pharmaceutical Institute was or who those people were.
Who knew what strange things were required to make potions? In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Yaoyao should hide.

“However, what that person said is a bit strange.” Qu Lanyi frowned as a glint flashed through his eyes.
“It’s indeed easy for a master to make potions for his disciple, but it depends on what kind of potion you want.”

“The Fusion Fluid… I don’t think the director of the Pharmaceutical Institute has a high chance of succeeding.
Besides… it’s still very difficult.”

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