Dumbfounded, they were completely dumbfounded.

A supervisor ran over and picked up the other materials that fell on the table, looking at them carefully again and again.
Another supervisor ran over and picked up the bottle of medicine Yun Feng put in front of his eyes, looking at it carefully again and again.
The other two supervisors both ran over.
The four of them surrounded Yun Feng and observed her nervously for a while before they finally spoke.

“Perfect, perfect quality!”

“What?” The other four candidates opened their mouths wide and looked like they couldn’t believe it.
Sweat appeared on the foreheads of the four supervisors.
They didn’t want to believe that such a reckless way of making potions could really work.
And… what the hell? Perfect quality!

It wasn’t easy to make advanced one-star potions, not to mention that they were of perfect quality.
Besides, Yun Feng was so young! She could be said to be a rising star in the pharmaceutical world!

“Hahahaha!” The person from the headquarters burst into laughter.
He stood up from his chair and walked towards Yun Feng, looking at her with glittering eyes.
Yun Feng immediately thought of the situation when Ted looked at her back then.

“The Fengyun Empire is indeed full of talents.
I was right to come this time.” The man sized Yun Feng up.
“You’re so young and you’re already so talented.
It’s truly impressive.”

“You flatter me.
The advanced level of one-star is the highest stage of my ability.
If I go any higher, I’ll also fail,” said Yun Feng rather humbly.
The others certainly thought that she was being too humble, but Yun Feng was just telling the truth.
In the eyes of outsiders, she only closed her eyes and let the fire move on its own, but in fact, she was performing the assembly of various elements.
It consumed a lot of energy.
The advanced level one-star just then was of perfect quality and she spent a lot of effort to complete it.
If it was an advanced level two-star potion, she might be able to make it, but the quality was far lower.

The people of the headquarters nodded with a smile and were very satisfied with Yun Feng’s humble attitude.
The exam continued, but it was obvious that the four candidates were deeply shocked.
The four supervisors were also in constant shock.
This unbelievable production method would probably go down in history.

Yun Feng took the advanced two-star formula.
Everybody gasped again when they saw that.
Was she going to continue? Advanced two-star! However, seeing that Yun Feng put down the formula after reading it and didn’t do anything, the others were all relieved.
If Yun Feng continued, these people would probably go crazy.

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Yun Feng wasn’t in a hurry to go out.
She had finished making the potions, but the other four candidates had just started.
She used this time to observe the normal process of making potions.

After observing for a while, Yun Feng felt a bit of a headache.
No wonder it was very difficult to become an outstanding pharmacist.
If she didn’t rely on this unique discovery and unique method, she would have to spend a long time to reach her current height step by step.

The exam finally ended.
Some of the other four candidates failed and some succeeded.
Although those who succeeded made advanced one-star potions, the quality was far from Yun Feng’s.
Nobody, including Yun Feng, could continue to make advanced two-star potions.
The exam was over.

The people who passed the exam went out excitedly.
Yun Feng was also planning to go out.
“Kid, wait.” The person from the Pharmacists’ Union stopped Yun Feng with a smile.
Yun Feng turned around with a smile.
“Senior, what’s the matter?” In the pharmaceutical world, Yun Feng was indeed a junior.

“Let’s talk in private.”

Yun Feng nodded and followed him into the side door from which he came, coming to a hidden room.
“Kid, what’s your name?” The man smiled kindly, but his eyes were unusually bright with scorching light.

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
“I’m Yun Feng.”

“Yun Feng?!” The man was indeed shocked.
He sized Yun Feng up again with his eyes and the heat in his eyes rose another level.
“No wonder, Yun Feng… Seeing is believing.
It turns out you’re so talented in potions.
You truly live up to the word genius!”

Yun Feng smiled.
A genius? Perhaps she was more talented than others, but she had also put in more effort than others along the way.
She took one step at a time and every step she took was very stable.
That was why she had her current achievements.
No success could be achieved overnight.

“Yun Feng, do you know the Pharmacists’ Union?” The man asked with a smile.
Yun Feng smiled.
“To be honest, I only used a trick to make potions.
I knew little about potions before this.”

“The Pharmacists’ Union is similar to the Mercenary Union in nature.” The man explained to Yun Feng with a smile.
The curtain of the pharmaceutical world, a place that Yun Feng had never stepped into before, slowly lifted.
“The Pharmacists’ Union doesn’t belong to any empire.
Its fundamental purpose is to nurture outstanding pharmaceutical talents and create even more unique and novel potions.
As a summoner, you know how rare and precious summoners are.
An outstanding potion maker can be said to be on par with a summoner in terms of status.
Summoners rely on powerful Magic Beasts and their own powerful strength, while potion makers rely on their special ability of being able to create powerful potions.”

Yun Feng pondered.
This was the so-called specialization.
Some people dominated the world with their strength, while others would dominate an area with their special abilities.

“You’re very humble, but you can’t hide your special talent in potions.” Speaking of this, the man’s eyes glittered again.
“Kid, are you interested in looking down on everyone in the pharmaceutical world?”

Yun Feng was stunned.
Looking down on everyone? She had never thought about it.
She only wanted to enter the potion world and find a master-level potion maker to refine the Fusion Fluid.
That was all.
As for other things, she didn’t have the ambition.

“To be honest, Senior, I don’t have such an ambition.
I only entered the potion world because I had something to do.”

“What is it that you want to do?” The man frowned suspiciously and didn’t believe what Yun Feng said.
Such a talented and capable child didn’t have any ambitions?! Wasn’t it a pity?

“I just want to find a master-level senior to refine a potion.” Yun Feng told the truth, but the man in front of her immediately smiled happily after hearing that.
“Kid, if that’s the case, that’s great.”

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