There were four people participating in the advanced exam.
The four of them looked to be of an old age, and Yun Feng was obviously too young.

“Not a bad to have someone new here.
The exam is about to begin.” Another teacher spoke.
There were only a few spots in the small space.
Yun Feng picked one.
The four teachers would see her no matter where she was, forming an observation angle of 360 degrees.

“Are we starting?” A voice with a smile sounded.
The secret door on the side opened and a few people walked in.
The person in the lead was a middle-aged man who looked more amiable.
The four supervising teachers immediately stood up and replied very respectfully.
They even prepared a chair for their master.
Yun Feng looked at them and understood that this person should be someone from the headquarters of the pharmacists.

The other four candidates were more or less nervous, because they were all eager to try because of the arrival of a big shot and they all wanted to stand out in front of this big shot.
Yun Feng glanced at the things on the table.
Three potion formulas were put there.
There were also three sets of ingredients and three chances.

“Alright, you may begin.” After giving the order, the candidates in the room, including Yun Feng, began to move.
They divided the herbs and weighed them step by step.
When the other four people moved in an orderly manner, Yun Feng, who was looking around at the materials, became a unique scenery.

“What’s wrong with that candidate?”

“She really has three-star intermediate level? She’s really qualified for the exam?”

The four supervising teachers couldn’t help but start discussing, because Yun Feng’s movements were neither fast nor slow.
She was still picking and choosing, as if she didn’t intend to start.
This made the four supervising teachers wonder if she was a newcomer, or if she sneaked in in a moment of confusion?

On the other hand, the people from the headquarters of the pharmacists who came later sat there quietly and sized Yun Feng up with their eyes, watching her move slowly.
Yun Feng was indeed not in a hurry.
She went through all the materials in her hands and confirmed her idea.
The elemental attributes of the materials needed for this high-level potion had indeed dropped, but Yun Feng could still sense a small amount of elemental attributes at the moment.
There shouldn’t be any problem making high-level one-star potions.

“Pfft! She doesn’t know how, does she? Look at what she’s doing…” A candidate who was making potions couldn’t help but laugh.
Even though he was whispering, everyone could hear him.
Yun Feng continued what she was doing without batting an eyelid.

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“She’s here to juggle? She must’ve come to the wrong door.
If not… then she’s here to embarrass herself.” Another person couldn’t help but mock her.
The others couldn’t help but laugh.
They originally thought Yun Feng was an impressive young genius, but Yun Feng’s current actions made them know that there weren’t so many young geniuses in this world!

Yun Feng put down the last batch of herbs in her hand and her black eyes darkened slightly.
She suddenly flipped her hand.
The next second, a fiery ferocious beast jumped out of her hand!

“What?” Everyone was shocked by this move.
The four candidates were even more shocked.
Raging flames surged in the sky and floated in the air with a huge array.
Thick fire temperature slowly spread out.
Everyone was dumbfounded.
Why did you make such a huge fire for no reason?

The next second, everyone was completely petrified!

“Swish!” Yun Feng picked up a set of materials and threw them in.
The dark red flames immediately swallowed everything! Everyone was dumbfounded.
The four candidates twisted their facial features, not knowing if they should laugh or cry.
The expressions on the faces of the four supervisors had already distorted completely.
They had seen people who made potions that were strange, but they had never seen someone make trouble like this!

Yun Feng, on the other hand, slowly closed her eyes under everyone’s shocked gaze.
The four supervisors almost jumped out of their chairs.
The senior member of the headquarters slowly sat straight and looked at Yun Feng’s obviously unconventional manufacturing method with a glint in his eyes.

This was a scene that had never happened in the exam of the pharmacists.
No pharmacists had abandoned the containers for making potions.
No pharmacists had randomly put a lot of materials together.
No pharmacists had ever closed their eyes and made potions like this!

“It’s… It’s a mess!” The supervisors sat in their chairs and looked at the huge ball of bright red fire floating and roaring in the sky, as well as the black thing that kept rolling inside.
They were so angry that their hands couldn’t help but tremble and they gritted their teeth as they growled.

The other four candidates couldn’t help but stop moving.
Looking at this unbelievable scene in front of their eyes, everyone’s eyes focused on Yun Feng.
They didn’t know what she was doing or why she was making potions like this! This was simply the biggest joke in the pharmaceutical world!

“There must be something wrong with her brain!” A candidate said firmly, but his eyes couldn’t move away.
Everyone wanted to know what she could make through such a messy manufacturing method!

The person from the headquarters sitting in the center had been silent.
He stared at Yun Feng and didn’t miss the slightest expression on her face.
The fire in the sky was rolling and all the materials inside were also rolling and making continuous sounds.
Yun Feng closed her eyes and focused on assembling the elements.
The expression on her face wasn’t as relaxed as before.
The production of the advanced one-star potions was indeed as difficult as she thought.

The manufacturing of high-level and mid-level potions seemed to have crossed a lot of steps.
The difference between them couldn’t be compared.
It was quite easy for Yun Feng to make intermediate three-star potions, but it was already difficult for her to make advanced one-star potions.
Yun Feng also came to the conclusion that it seemed that potions above the advanced level had the same effect as leveling up.
Every small step required a lot of effort.

In addition, the elemental sensitivity of the advanced one-star materials dropped rapidly.
Although Yun Feng could also feel it under the scorching fire, it was quite weak.
If she couldn’t think of a way to increase the sensitivity of the elements, she wouldn’t be able to make potions of a higher level.

Everyone was silent.
Only one person moved.
Yun Feng stood there with her eyes closed and a serious expression on her face.
Suddenly, her eyebrows moved slightly.
Everyone’s hearts inexplicably rose.
It seemed that she was about to open her eyes!

“Whoosh…” The bright red fire suddenly rose a few meters high.
When everyone saw a blur in front of their eyes, the bright red fire had already disappeared in an instant.
Yun Feng opened her black eyes as a beam of dark light flashed.
She took a bottle and caught it in the air.
The potion she made had already fallen into the bottle and the other materials she didn’t use had all landed on the table intact.
The fire didn’t hurt them at all just then!

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