Spirit Gathering Grass was used for gathering spirit energy.
Because of its special function, it usually grew in places with abundant spirit energy.
It was said that there was such a grass at the bottom of the Endless Ocean.
Humans only got it a few times.

The Endless Ocean… Yun Feng read the description of the Spirit Gathering Grass.
One of them was the Fusion Fluid that might not be able to be made, and the other was the Spirit Gathering Grass growing at the bottom of the Endless Ocean! Either one of them was a headache! It wasn’t easy to resurrect the dead.
Yun Feng wouldn’t have put in so much effort on these two things unless she had no choice!

“Which one do you plan to find first?” Seeing such descriptions, Qu Lanyi put on a solemn face.
Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
Both of them were rather hopeless.
It didn’t matter which one she searched for first.
Yun Feng put away her master’s notes and thought carefully.

“Only people who have reached the master level in the field of potions can make the Fusion Fluid.
It’s unlikely that such a thing will appear in the Auction House.
I can only let the master-level pharmacists make it themselves.
As for the herbs needed, it shouldn’t be a problem.
Even though the success rate is only one percent, it’ll still succeed.”

Qu Lanyi nodded.
It should be easier to find the people who could make it.
Yun Feng continued, “As for the bottom of the Endless Ocean…” Yun Feng looked at Yaoyao.
“When we have leads for the Fusion Fluid, we’ll go to the Endless Ocean immediately.
We’ll go there sooner or later.”

Qu Lanyi was stunned.
He subconsciously looked at Yaoyao and nodded.
Yun Feng stood up and patted her clothes.
“I’ll have to deal with the pharmacists next…”

Pharmacists were a unique profession in this world.
The threshold of being a pharmacist was very low.
Almost everyone had the possibility of becoming a pharmacist.
However, it was a very difficult thing to become an outstanding pharmacist, or even keep advancing levels.
The production of potions was quite complicated and the process of making potions had always been a process that required perfection.
There were also advantages and disadvantages of potions.
Nobody cared about low-quality potions.
Even if you made them, nobody would buy them.
To be precise, only outstanding pharmacists could have the last laugh in this industry.

The ability of pharmacists to make money was also extraordinary, especially those famous big shots in the pharmaceutical world.
A bottle of potions could casually cost a sky-high price, not to mention there were also some high-difficulty potions, which were good ways to make money.
The reputation and status of pharmacists were highly valued.
If having a summoner represented a kind of glory, having an outstanding pharmacist was a bargaining chip to continue the glory.

Yun Feng left the gods’ relics and returned to Mu City with Qu Lanyi and Yaoyao.
The matter of the Helian family had been spreading like wildfire.
Now, it was gradually calm.
The marriage arrangement between Murong Yuntian and Helian Fu was naturally canceled.
While Yun Feng was gone, Murong Yuntian had already returned to the capital.
He came to the Mu family to say goodbye, but he didn’t see Yun Feng.

Once Yun Feng came back, the members of the Yun family and the Mu family all gathered around.
Mu Xiaojin, in particular, seemed to be still in the mood from when she was pregnant.
She was always emotional.
Seeing Yun Feng come back, she couldn’t help but cry with red eyes again.
Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
Mu Xiaojin was holding Little Qingchen in her arms.
Seeing her aunt come back, he immediately jumped and asked Yun Feng to carry him.
Mu Xiaojin immediately put Yun Qingchen in Yun Feng’s arms.
Seeing that Yun Feng was still a bit flustered, she burst into laughter.

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Yun Feng briefly explained the matter.
Yun Jing and Yun Sheng both looked gloomy.
The identity of that dark mage was unknown, but his intention of spying on the Yun family was obvious.
This also proved that someone was spying on the Yun family! Was there another secret about the Yun family’s Command Jade?

“Feng, the person who wanted to steal the jade pendant has already run away.
Now that he knows that you have the jade pendant, will he cause any trouble for you?” Yun Sheng said earnestly.
Yun Jing nodded.
“Sheng, you’re right.
Keep the token here.”

Yun Feng immediately denied it after hearing that.
“Father, brother, wouldn’t it bring trouble to the Yun family if we leave it here? Besides, there’s also Qingchen.
It’s better to leave it with me.”

“But…” The sullen father wanted to say something else, but Yun Feng said, “Father, don’t worry.
With my current strength, it’ll be difficult for anyone to steal it.
Even though I don’t have the power to resist them, I still have the ability to escape.”

Yun Sheng couldn’t help but feel relieved after hearing this.
It couldn’t be better if his precious sister knew to run away.
Yun Sheng had always been worried that Yun Feng would fight to the death and not run away when she met an enemy with her stubborn personality.
Now that he heard that, he was much more relieved.

Yun Qingchen, who was in Yun Feng’s arms, had been moving restlessly and was very interested in Yun Feng.
Yun Feng could only hug him with a wry smile, fearing that she would drop him accidentally.
“Luochen, it seems that you’ll have to stay on the East Continent for a while.
I’ll come back for you when I leave.
Little Fire and Lan Yi are on the West Continent.
It’s fine.”

Yun Luochen nodded.
He had been worried about the situation on the West Continent, but he couldn’t contact them for some reason.
What Yun Feng said calmed Yun Luochen down and he could cultivate in peace.
Speaking of Mu Canghai’s situation, these people certainly didn’t know what the Spirit Gathering Grass and the Fusion Fluid were.
Yun Feng only said casually that they weren’t anything precious, but she needed to find a pharmacist.
The Yun family didn’t have much contact with pharmacists.
Yun Feng thought that it seemed that she had to go to the capital.
The most effective and direct way was naturally the Shang family and the De family.

Mu Xiaojin was certainly happy to know that she could resurrect Mu Canghai.
Yun Sheng held Mu Xiaojin in his arms, and Mu Xiaojin’s eyes turned red again.
They talked for a while longer.
Yun Feng planned to go to the capital.
When she handed her nephew back to her mother, Mu Xiaojin grabbed Yun Feng’s sleeve.

“Xiao Feng…” Mu Xiaojin called out to her.
Yun Feng looked at her with a smile.
“Xiaojin, Mu Canghai will definitely come back.
Trust me.”

Mu Xiaojin nodded fiercely.
“Is it difficult to get those things you mentioned? Are you going to a dangerous place? If so, you don’t have to do it.
It doesn’t matter if my brother can’t come back!”

Yun Feng chuckled and squeezed Mu Xiaojin’s cheeks, feeling warm in her heart.
“Those things aren’t as difficult as you think.
You can get them easily with some means.”

“Really?” Mu Xiaojin asked suspiciously.
She always felt that there would be danger whenever Yun Feng said it was safe.
She didn’t want Yun Feng to take risks.
If her brother’s resurrection required Yun Feng to take risks, Mu Xiaojin would rather Mu Canghai stay away from this world.

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