Yun Feng chuckled.
Her smile was a bit mischievous and even a bit shameless.
“This is your only choice, or you’ll be stuck with me!”

Yao Guang’s eyes were full of anger.
Yun Feng stood there indifferently.
Yao Guang thought for a moment and was no longer angry.
“I have plenty of time to waste on you.
As for the resurrection, just find someone else.”

Yun Feng’s smile froze for a moment.
What a person who wouldn’t suffer any loss.
It wasn’t easy to plot against an old man with a weird temper.
Mu Canghai’s resurrection wasn’t urgent, but she couldn’t let it drag on either.
This was a scar in Yun Feng’s heart and also in Mu Xiaojin’s heart.
She promised Mu Xiaojin that she would bring Mu Canghai back.

“I won’t take advantage of you, but you shouldn’t take advantage of me either! Five years.
If he can’t be resurrected in five years for my reasons, I’ll give you your freedom.”

“Are you serious?” Yao Guang was excited.
A tornado blew and the giant body disappeared.
The short body wrapped in the black robe appeared again.
He stared at Yun Feng with his gray eyes, as if he was afraid that she would go back on her words.

“I’m serious,” said Yun Feng casually.
Yao Guang burst into laughter excitedly.
His laughter was quite unpleasant, which made Yun Feng’s ears numb.
After laughing, Yao Guang flashed in the air and came to Yun Feng.
“Kid, just wait to set me free five years later!”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Then I look forward to it.
Senior Yao Guang, can you tell me how to resurrect him now?”

Yao Guang nodded in satisfaction.
“You only need to prepare things for resurrection.
It’s useless even if I tell you everything else.
As long as you prepare the things, I’ll certainly bring the person you want to be resurrected back to life!”

“What do you need?”

Yao Guang suddenly put on a creepy smile.
“Listen up.
First of all, you need the remaining consciousness of the dead person.
Secondly, you need the Spirit Gathering Grass and the Fusion Fluid.
These three are the most basic things.
Without any of them, you won’t be able to resurrect the target successfully.
If you want the resurrected person to be strong, you need to prepare some high-level Magic Beast Crystals.” Yao Guang’s gray eyes glittered.
“If you want the resurrected person to be at the Commander Level, you must prepare Monarch Level Magic Beast Crystals, and so on.”

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Yun Feng’s eyebrows jumped a few times.
“How many cores do you need?”


Yun Feng nodded and thought about the three basic things Yao Guang mentioned just then.
Mu Canghai had the ashes left behind, so she finally had the remaining consciousness.
“What are the Spirit Gathering Grass and the Fusion Fluid?” Yun Feng asked in confusion.
Yao Guang burst into laughter.
“I’m only responsible for telling you these things.
I don’t care about the rest.
Whether you can find them or not will depend on your ability.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
What a cunning old man! “Got it.
In five years, I’ll definitely find everything I need!”

“Then I’ll wait,” said Yao Guang hoarsely.
Then, he disappeared into the void.
Yao Guang had just returned to the Dragon Palace when an ancient voice echoed.
“Yao Guang, why haven’t you changed your bad intentions?”

Yao Guang smiled indifferently.
“It’s none of my business.
She said so herself.”

The ancient voice sounded again.
“As far as I know, the method of resurrection doesn’t require the Fusion Fluid.
This Fusion Fluid is extremely difficult to find…”

“Old man, what are you talking about?” Yao Guang roared impatiently.
The ancient voice sighed helplessly.
“What are you going to do after you get your freedom?”

Yao Guang chuckled, with weird light flashing in his gray eyes.
“What do I want to do? Of course, I want to do what I’ve always wanted to do.
If I don’t have a chance to kill that old fart, I’ll kill this little girl who inherited this place.”

After Yun Feng came out of the ruins, Qu Lanyi sized her up anxiously.
Yun Feng smiled.
She found that Yaoyao had also come out.
She stood next to Qu Lanyi and looked at her worriedly.
“Where’s that dark mage?” Qu Lanyi looked behind Yun Feng worriedly.
Yun Feng smiled and explained what happened inside briefly.
Qu Lanyi’s face immediately darkened.

“That man can’t possibly be the president of the Magic Union.
He’s another troublemaker who snoops on the Yun family…” Qu Lanyi said in a low voice and then asked, “Do you have any idea about the things needed for the resurrection?”

Yun Feng was stunned.
“You don’t know about the Spirit Gathering Grass and the Fusion Fluid?”

Qu Lanyi smiled helplessly.
“Do you really think I know everything?”

Yun Feng sighed helplessly.
The two of them were sitting on the ground and hadn’t gone out yet.
Yaoyao sat on the side obediently and didn’t say anything.
Suddenly, Yun Feng thought of something.
She flipped her wrist and the notebook left by her master appeared in her hand.
Qu Lanyi was quite surprised.
“This was… left by your master?”

Yun Feng nodded as she opened the notebook with her hand.
She skipped the part of geography and directly flipped to the back.
Yun Feng didn’t have much hope that this would be mentioned here, but beyond Yun Feng’s expectation, her master seemed to have dabbled in potions and herbs as well.
There were indeed records at the back!

Yun Feng was overjoyed.
She immediately started searching carefully.
The things written about herbs and medicine weren’t very detailed and comprehensive.
They were just a rough summary, but Yun Feng benefited a lot.
Her master was truly an impressive person.
He had such a wide range of knowledge! There were many potions that Yun Feng had never heard of.
Finally, Yun Feng found one of the things she was looking for, the Fusion Fluid.

The Fusion Fluid was the highest-level potion.
Usually, only those who had reached the master level in the field of potions could make it.
The success rate was only 1%.
The function of the Fusion Fluid wasn’t quite certain.
Because the Fusion Fluid was too rare, its usage wasn’t very clear at this moment.

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth immediately twitched when she saw such a description.
The success rate was only one percent.
A master-level figure, the highest-level potion! Where could she find it? And this unknown function.
Yun Feng suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help but sneer.
Yao Guang was indeed a smart old guy.
He tricked her! What was the difference between the unknown function and uselessness? Yao Guang added it on purpose so that she couldn’t find it!

Yun Feng put the Fusion Fluid aside and continued to search for the next target.
Finally, she found the description of the Spirit Gathering Grass in the category of herbs.
There were only a few sentences, but they immediately gave Yun Feng a headache.

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