Yun Sheng became anxious after hearing that.
Yun Feng was looking for the president of the Magic Union to find a way to resurrect Mu Canghai! Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened slightly.
“He appeared in the gods’ relics.
I think he’s still there.”

Yun Jing and Yun Sheng were both shocked to hear that! The gods’ relics! That was the Yun Palace!

“Are we leaving right away?” asked Yun Sheng.
Yun Feng smiled.
“I’ve promised Xiaojin for a long time, but I haven’t had any clue.
I must find him this time.”

Yun Sheng held his breath and petted Yun Feng.
“Feng, I’m useless…”

“Brother, no need to say that.
I am supposed to do this.
Mu Canghai only died because of me…”

Yun Sheng only felt heartbroken.
More and more burdens were on his sister’s shoulders.
How much could he bear for her? Seeing that Yun Sheng was a bit depressed, Yun Feng knew what her brother was thinking.
“Brother, with you and father on the East Continent, I don’t have to worry about anything.
You’ve helped me a lot, really.”

Looking into Yun Sheng’s heart with his clear black eyes, Yun Jing’s heart trembled.
Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m just going home this time.
Don’t be so nervous.
I’ll give Xiaojin a surprise when I find a way to resurrect her.”

Yun Sheng nodded and held his sister in his arms.
Yun Feng smiled.
“I’ll go right now.
I’ll be back soon.” Yun Feng walked out of the door and took a deep breath.
She glanced around and saw Qu Lanyi.

“You’re leaving again?” Qu Lanyi raised his brows and asked, as if he was a bit angry.
Yun Feng smiled lightly.
“Has Meatball woken up?” Qu Lanyi frowned slightly.
“Not yet.
It’s still asleep.” Yun Feng nodded.
The old man said that it should be a few more days.

Qu Lanyi was alone.
Yaoyao and Meatball should be together.
Yun Feng turned around and walked to her room, but Qu Lanyi suddenly grabbed her arm.
“What happened?” Qu Lanyi’s deep voice sounded.
He held Yun Feng’s wrist tightly.
Yun Feng chuckled.

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“Yun Feng!” Qu Lanyi was a bit anxious.
He couldn’t help but sound a bit serious.
Yun Feng was still smiling casually.
Qu Lanyi frowned hard.
How long had it been? Why was this woman covered in an extremely hard shell?

“You don’t even want to tell me?” Qu Lanyi continued to ask.
Yun Feng’s black eyes suddenly darkened.
Some unknown things surged from the bottom of her heart, making her a bit breathless.
The soul power of her ancestor, the appearance of the Fantastical Beast, the strange man in black robe, and the road that led to nowhere… Yun Feng took a deep breath.
“I’m really fine.”

“You’re lying!” Qu Lanyi immediately denied it.
Yun Feng suddenly felt a bit angry and her black eyes were cold.
“Let go.”

Qu Lanyi narrowed his eyes and suddenly smiled.
He tightened his grip.
“Let go? I’ve never thought about letting go since the day I treated you as my woman!”

Yun Feng’s breath tightened.
Qu Lanyi’s handsome face melted into the warm sunlight, making him look extraordinarily handsome.
Qu Lanyi’s black eyes glittered and he mumbled, “Didn’t I say that you still have me?”

The wall that had just been erected collapsed with a bang and the pressure that filled the sky in her heart immediately eased.
Yun Feng suddenly felt that the burden on her shoulders loosened.
This man held up the sky for her with a smile.

Yun Feng’s red lips curled up.
She lowered her eyes and chuckled.
Qu Lanyi slowly loosened his hand and smiled.
“When are you leaving?”

Yun Feng turned around.
“Wait for me.
In a minute.”

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi left Mu City on the same day.
Meatball was still asleep.
Yun Feng directly put it in the bracelet, so that it could come out after it woke up.
Yun Jing and Yun Sheng thought that Yun Feng would leave the next day at the earliest.
When Mu Xiaojin came with her son, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi had already left.
Yun Luochen looked at them and couldn’t help but smile helplessly.

“Xiao Feng, why did you leave so quickly?” Mu Xiaojin was a bit sad.
Yun Qingchen, who was in her arms, didn’t seem to like Yun Feng’s sudden departure either.
He pouted and cried.
Mu Xiaojin finally stopped him from crying after comforting him for a long time.

Holding Yaoyao in her arms, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi rushed to the gods’ relics at an extremely high speed.
Unlike the first time they came here, Yun Feng’s journey was smooth and unimpeded.
Perhaps because she had obtained the Yun family’s token, she automatically skipped the trial she went through earlier.
After entering the gods’ relics, the two of them directly came to the huge city area back then.
There were four different areas with quite a lot of ancient houses.
Yun Feng observed carefully this time.
It turned out the word “Yun” was everywhere.

Yaoyao followed Yun Feng closely and kept moving forward holding her hand.
She was unusually silent along the way.
Her blue eyes looked around with a hint of awe, while Qu Lanyi looked nervous.
Yun Feng guessed that the President of the Magic Union should still be here.
Then… where would he be?

“That’s the place further ahead,” said Qu Lanyi in a low voice.
His voice echoed slightly.
This space was especially empty.
Yun Feng nodded.
If she walked further, she would reach the familiar square.
The door that only the Yun family could open was there.

The three of them continued moving forward.
After taking one step, Yun Feng picked Yaoyao up and held her in her arms.
The next second, Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng’s bodies flashed to the sides like lightning, as fast as shadows! The ground where the two of them stood just then suddenly caved in!

“Crack!” This dent caused the ground to crack into countless small pieces.
Some small pieces of stones flew away and rolled on the ground!

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi leaned against the houses on both sides and looked at the shattered road in the middle with a solemn expression.
Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng from the opposite side and nodded at her.
He raised his arm gently and a wisp of light elements appeared in his palm, jumping quickly to the road in the middle.
Before the light elements moved, a fierce wind came and the light elements dissipated in an instant!

Yun Feng sneered and shouted, “It’s truly surprising that the president of the Magic Union is here!”

The cold voice kept echoing and expanding in this space, but there was no response.
Yun Feng snorted and continued shouting, “President, do you have something you want here? Perhaps I can show you the way?”

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