Yun Feng walked all the way to the depths of the Foggy Forest.
There wasn’t a single Magic Beast along the way.
When her body disappeared in the central area of the Foggy Forest, these low-level Magic Beasts in the outermost area finally dared to stick their heads out.
Everyone had an anxious thought in their minds.
Where… did they see this person before?

In the deepest part of the Foggy Forest, an old man was sitting there leisurely.
There was also a golden-haired young man who looked frustrated and obviously couldn’t sit still next to him.
The young man’s golden eyes were flashing with extreme impatience and his feet hit the ground every time.
The old man looked relaxed.
The two of them didn’t say anything and just faced each other silently.

“Old man! Are you done? Say something!” The golden-haired young man couldn’t stand it anymore.
He wondered if he should punch him directly.
The old man chuckled, as if he couldn’t be anxious.

“Jin, don’t be hasty.”

The golden-haired young man was a bit frustrated.
His golden hair was glittering.
At this moment, the facial features of the two of them became serious.
An aura that wasn’t concealed at all suddenly approached from the outside.
It was a bit arrogant, and so direct!

A black shadow suddenly rushed over.
“My lord, a powerhouse suddenly entered the Foggy Forest and is approaching here.
Should we…”

Ah Jin laughed with a hint of excitement on his rough but heroic face.
The old man glanced at Ah Jin speechlessly and waved his hand.
“No need.
We’ll welcome her ourselves.”

The person who came to report almost fell on the ground.
“M-Master, you’re going to welcome her in person…” He stammered.
The old man stood up with a smile.
Ah Jin had already rushed out excitedly.
The man who came to report only felt that his head was about to explode.
Who exactly was this person? These two masters came to greet him in person!

“Tell those guys to behave themselves.
Provocation won’t end well.
I won’t clean up their mess for them,” said the old man slowly.
The man who came to report was stunned again.
Then, he immediately said “yes” and disappeared with a gust of wind.

“Old man, do you think it’s that girl?” Jin whispered excitedly as he walked out.
The old man walked steadily on the side.
“If it is, so what?”

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Jin chuckled with viciousness in his golden eyes.
“That girl talked to me like that last time.
I certainly have to get back at her!”

The old man smiled helplessly again.
“When can you stop? It’s indeed a bit of a loss for you to have the wind element.”

Jin’s face turned cold.
“Humph! Don’t compare me to that guy!”

The old man chuckled and didn’t say anything else.
The two of them walked out from the deepest part of the Foggy Forest, while Yun Feng kept going in from the outside.
She crossed the central area and entered the inner area.
Her ancestor once warned her that there were some auras hidden deep in the Foggy Forest that couldn’t be ignored.
When Yun Feng stepped into the inner area, the space around her swayed and a few figures had already flashed in front of her.

Yun Feng glanced over with her black eyes.
Five Commander Level Magic Beasts stood in front of her and all transformed into human form.
Yun Feng stood at the edge of the inner area and didn’t go further.

“Human! This isn’t a place you can step into! I’ll give you a chance.
Get out!”

Yun Feng was expressionless.
This time, nobody could stop her! “Move!” Yun Feng only said two words.
The five Commander Level Magic Beasts were obviously enraged by her arrogance.

“Human! If you dare to take another step forward, you’ll never be able to return!”

Yun Feng chuckled.
She wasn’t here to cause trouble today.
She was here to find someone.
As long as she saw the person she wanted to see, she would leave.
She didn’t want any unnecessary killing, but it didn’t include those who came to her voluntarily for trouble.

It was one thing not to attack, but it was another thing to be forced to attack.

“I’m just here to find someone.
I don’t want to cause any trouble.” Yun Feng said in a low voice.
She wasn’t afraid that she wouldn’t be able to beat them.
After all, she was here to find a Magic Beast.
It was a bit embarrassing for her to break in like this.
She was here to ask for an answer, so she certainly had to be polite.

“How arrogant! Say that again.
Leave immediately!”

Yun Feng frowned slightly.
They wouldn’t listen? Yun Feng had patience, but she didn’t have any left at all right now.
She had used up all of it! She suddenly raised her hand and a Monarch Level wand appeared in her hand.
The few people who stood in her way all held their breath.
“I’ll say it again.
Get out of my way.
Don’t make me attack you.”

How could the five Magic Beasts accept such provocation? They all roared furiously and were about to fight.
A figure quickly flew over and stood between them.
The five Magic Beasts were stunned for a moment and calmed down.
“My lord?”

Yun Feng looked at the black-robed man who suddenly appeared with her black eyes.
The black-robed man turned around indifferently and sized Yun Feng up.
“Madam, please come with me.
The two lords welcome you.”

Yun Feng put away her wand after hearing that.
“Thank you for leading the way.” Her tone was a bit cold but extremely polite.
The black-robed man nodded and walked in the front.
The five people who were blocking the way made way in a daze, watching the black-robed man walk past with Yun Feng and go inside.

After the two of them disappeared, the five of them were speechless.
They were crazy! They were crazy! Humans couldn’t enter the inner area of the Foggy Forest.
Anyone who entered would die! And now, a human was invited to enter!

Yun Feng followed the black-robed man all the way.
The deeper they went into the Foggy Forest, the more Yun Feng understood the importance of the ancestor’s warning.
If it weren’t for the black-robed man leading the way in front, Yun Feng wouldn’t have been able to go deeper with her current strength, let alone fighting fiercely.
The deeper they went, the more powerful the obscure aura was.
The Magic Beasts on the surface had already turned into human forms.
They were all shocked to see Yun Feng here, and the aura hiding in the dark made Yun Feng fearful.
The two of them had already walked a long distance.
The deeper they went, the stronger the aura.
Yun Feng thought in her mind that even she couldn’t come and go freely in this area.

The black-robed man led the way expressionlessly along the way.
Even though he didn’t say anything, the doubts in his mind never stopped.
He still couldn’t understand why his Lord asked him to pick her up in person! The black-robed man turned around slightly.
Yun Feng, who followed him behind, was also expressionless along the way, but her Monarch Level aura had already been restrained.
The black-robed man frowned slightly.
Who exactly was this human?

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