Yun Feng looked at Murong Yuntian’s familiar yet unfamiliar face and said softly, “Murong Yuntian, do you really love her?”

Murong Yuntian was stunned.
“It doesn’t matter whether I love her or not.
What’s important is…”

“Is what?” Yun Feng whispered in confusion.
Murong Yuntian chuckled.
“No, nothing.
Let’s go back.”

Yun Feng looked at him in confusion.
She felt a bit weird in her mind, but she didn’t have time to care about it.
Her body flashed and she had already disappeared from the night sky.
Murong Yuntian looked at the figure that suddenly disappeared before he slowly lowered his black eyes and looked at his hand.
“What’s important is that this is the only thing I can do for you.”

The Helian mother and daughter lived in the guest yard of the Mu family.
Because of the special relationship between the Mu family and the Yun family, and the birth of Yun Qingchen, a large area of the Mu family was dedicated to entertaining guests.
Murong Yuntian lived here, and so did the Helian mother and daughter, but they were a bit far away.
The Helian mother and daughter didn’t go out for the entire day.
They had already stayed in the Yun family for a while.
They certainly had their own thoughts.

“Mother! I don’t want to marry Murong Yuntian!” Helian Fu looked at Lady Helian who was sitting there and said relentlessly.

Lady Helian’s face was cold and she didn’t look any better.
She couldn’t figure out where Murong Yuntian came from! He specifically said that he wanted to marry Helian Fu! “Compared to the Murong family, the Yun family is the one the Helian family should marry! I really don’t know what that person is thinking!” Lady Helian said hatefully with unwillingness in her heart.

“Mother, think of a way quickly, or I’ll really have to marry Murong Yuntian!” Helian Fu’s eyes were full of resentment.
After seeing Mu Xiaojin, she was even more furious in her mind.
Mu Xiaojin wasn’t as beautiful as she was! Her strength was just so-so! She only got close to Yun Sheng because she had a good relationship with his sister! If she had known Yun Sheng earlier, she would be the one giving birth right now!

Thinking of Yun Qingchen, Helian Fu gritted her teeth in anger.
What was so great about having a child? It was like they were announcing it to the world!

“As your mother, I’m trying to do something! In order to let you marry into the Yun family, we can only make Yun Feng give in!”

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“How can we do that? Yun Feng is so protective!”

Lady Helian thought for a while and suddenly chuckled.
“It’s very easy to make someone who’s protective of their loved ones talk.”

Helian Fu’s eyes brightened.
Lady Helian waved her hand and Helian Fu immediately went over.
The two of them mumbled for a while with a smile in Helian Fu’s eyes.
“Mother’s plan is indeed ruthless.
You’re comparable to that person!”

Lady Helian immediately said coldly, “Don’t talk too much.
There are ears on the wall!”

Helian Fu immediately shut up.
The mother and daughter looked around carefully.
Before they could heave a sigh of relief, a cold voice had already appeared, making their originally red faces pale in fear! “What’s your plan?”

The mother and daughter looked at the empty room with a pale face.
Lady Helian asked in a trembling voice, “Who… Who’s there?”

“Why? Are you afraid that someone will hear you do something shameful?” The cold voice continued.
The mother and daughter stood together tightly, their bodies trembling slightly.
The void in front of them suddenly shook.
When a beautiful face appeared in front of the mother and daughter, they immediately screamed, “Yun… Yun Feng!”

Yun Feng’s black eyes were cold and there was a smile at the corners of her mouth.
The Helian mother and daughter stepped back continuously and their bodies hit the tables and chairs in a sorry state.
In the end, they fell on the ground.
“Didn’t… Didn’t you go out?”

There was a wicked smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.
“Unfortunately, I just came back.
Now, let’s continue what we were talking about.” Yun Feng suddenly extended her hand.
Lady Helian screamed as she was dragged by an invisible force.
“Pa!” Her cold and slender fingers grabbed her neck firmly.
Yun Feng slowly narrowed her black eyes with dark light flashing.
“Tell me, who is that person?”

“W-What person?” Lady Helian’s face was pale.
She covered the back of Yun Feng’s hand with her cold and sweaty fingers, but she didn’t dare to move, fearing that the hand holding her neck would make her die the next second.

“Let go of my mother!” Seeing that her mother’s neck was grabbed by Yun Feng, Helian Fu was about to pounce on her.
Yun Feng grunted in disdain and raised her other hand gently.
Helian Fu’s body was thrown aside and she fell on the ground softly without moving anymore.
Seeing that, Lady Helian’s face became even paler and her lips trembled hard.
Seeing the fear in her eyes, Yun Feng smiled.
“Don’t worry.
She’s not dead.”

The fear in Lady Helian’s eyes didn’t diminish.
Her hands were wet and cold with sweat.
Yun Feng didn’t exert any strength on her fingers.
She held her neck gently.
The artery on Lady Helian’s neck was beating crazily, shaking Yun Feng’s fingers.
“Who is that person?” Yun Feng asked again.
Lady Helian bit her lips and said with a trembling voice, “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Yun Feng raised her brows.
She knew that she wouldn’t ask so easily.
There must be something behind the Helian family’s sudden rise, and the person behind it must have an ulterior motive! “You’re not telling?” Yun Feng smiled evilly and tightened her fingers slightly.
Lady Helian immediately opened her mouth, and Yun Feng tightened her fingers.
“You’re not telling?”

Lady Helian breathed desperately with a pale face, but Yun Feng’s fingers grabbed her trachea tightly and tightened.
Lady Helian’s face slowly flushed and her body kept twisting.
She tried her best to grab Yun Feng’s arm, but Yun Feng’s strength didn’t weaken at all.

“You’re still not talking?” Yun Feng looked at Lady Helian’s face that was gradually turning the color of pig liver.
Lady Helian gritted her teeth and her body trembled violently.
Her eyes had already moved up slightly.
Yun Feng loosened her grip slightly and Lady Helian roared, “I don’t know…”

“Even if you’re dead, you won’t tell?” Yun Feng squeezed her hand fiercely.
Lady Helian couldn’t catch her breath and her face flushed.
Apparently, she was about to die.
Yun Feng loosened her hand again.
Lady Helian came back from the verge of death and panted desperately.
Her body kept shaking like she was being electrocuted.
She was covered in cold sweat and her face was red and pale.

Yun Feng completely loosened her fingers.
Lady Helian’s body collapsed on the ground and she didn’t even have the strength to stand.
Yun Feng slowly sat on the chair on the side.
“Lady Helian, why don’t you tell me the plan in your mind so that I can give you some advice? Don’t you think?”

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