Thinking of this, Yun Feng chuckled.
As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Yaoyao’s big eyes.
Yun Feng smiled and caressed Yaoyao’s head.
Perhaps because her water element hatched her, this child had a special feeling of attachment to her.

She moved her body slightly and her bones made crisp sounds.
Her miserable body back then had already recovered completely.
The healing ability of the light element was truly impressive.
Feeling like her body was reborn, Yun Feng felt that the genes of this body seemed to have been modified to a certain extent again, as if she was even stronger than before.

Opening the door, dazzling sunlight shone in.
Yun Feng walked out with Yaoyao, wanting to see her newborn nephew, Yun Qingchen, with all her heart.
Yun Feng didn’t know about Murong Yuntian and the Helian family, nor did she know that these people had already come to the Yun family.
She also didn’t know that these people had been in the Yun family for a few days.
Mu Xiaojin generously prepared a room for Helian Qing and her daughter.
Everyone could see that Helian Qing and her daughter looked quite pale.

Even though she was his fiancée, Murong Yuntian didn’t have any interaction with Helian Fu at all.
There was no telling if they came together.
Murong Yuntian talked to Yun Sheng and Yun Jing together and teased Yun Qingchen from time to time.
Yun Qingchen had a good impression of this unfamiliar young man and didn’t reject Murong Yuntian’s intimacy.
Yun Sheng joked about whether he should let Yun Qingchen acknowledge him as Yun Qingchen’s godfather.
Murong Yuntian was as old as Yun Sheng, so he didn’t say anything after hearing that.
He just looked at Yun Qingchen gently and those clear black eyes for a long time.

The Helian mother and daughter said they were here to congratulate the Yun family, but they didn’t leave.
It was obvious that they still hadn’t given up on the Yun family.
Helian Fu tried everything to make Murong Yuntian give up the idea of marrying Helian Fu, but Murong Yuntian didn’t.
Helian Fu was almost forced to lose her composure, but there was nothing she could do.
Helian Fu was also extremely angry.
The person she liked was Yun Sheng, but for some reason, Murong Yuntian suddenly jumped out and wanted to marry her!

The three people in the Mu family made the atmosphere a bit awkward.
Yun Feng didn’t know any of this.
When she walked out of the yard, she didn’t meet anyone.
She picked Yaoyao up and flashed towards Mu Xiaojin’s room.
When she arrived outside Mu Xiaojin’s door, Mu Xiaojin’s gentle voice came.
“Chenchen really likes you.
Thank you for your help these days…”

“It’s alright.
I like this kid too.”

Yun Feng was startled.
This voice was both unfamiliar and familiar.
It was Murong Yuntian’s voice.
He was here? Yun Feng put Yaoyao down and slowly opened the door.
Mu Xiaojin, who was coaxing her son, looked up and saw that it was Yun Feng.
She immediately rushed over with her child.
“Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng, you’re back!”

Yun Feng looked at Mu Xiaojin and smiled warmly.
She looked at the little kid in her arms.
Her bright black eyes were staring at her without blinking, as if she wasn’t afraid of strangers at all.

Murong Yuntian’s body immediately stiffened.
Then, he slowly stood up from the table and nodded at Yun Feng.
“You’re back.
Sorry for disturbing you.”

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Even though Mu Xiaojin had a lot to say to Yun Feng, she suddenly felt that the atmosphere was inexplicably awkward.
Perhaps it was Murong Yuntian’s stiff and awkward face, or perhaps it was the atmosphere that suddenly froze.
Yun Feng frowned slightly and also felt that something was wrong, which made her feel uncomfortable.

“Go in first.
It’s cold outside.” Yun Feng pushed Mu Xiaojin into the room.
Murong Yuntian looked at Yun Feng with his eyes and had never stopped gazing at her since she came in.

Mu Xiaojin didn’t know what to say.
Yun Qingchen, who was in her arms, suddenly moved at this moment.
His two chubby little hands stretched out desperately and waved in Yun Feng’s direction.
Mu Xiaojin smiled when she saw that.
“Xiao Feng, Chenchen wants you to hold her!”


Yun Feng was stunned.
She looked at Yun Qingchen’s beautiful black eyes, which seemed to have a trace of desire.
His fair and chubby little hands were also waving desperately.
Yun Feng didn’t hug him immediately, but Yun Qingchen seemed to be a bit anxious.
He pursed his lips and looked like he was about to cry.

Mu Xiaojin immediately put the little thing from her arms into Yun Feng’s arms after seeing that.
Yun Feng also held it quickly.
The baby’s body was too soft.
Yun Feng was a bit panicked, fearing that she wouldn’t be able to hold it and it would fall on the ground.
A trace of embarrassment couldn’t help but appear on her face.
Seeing that, a trace of gentleness appeared in Murong Yuntian’s eyes.

“I still have something to do.
You guys talk first.
I’ll be back in a while.” Mu Xiaojin left in a hurry after saying that.
The atmosphere just then was too weird.
Mu Xiaojin was a bit depressed and could only rush out.
Yun Feng didn’t care about what Mu Xiaojin said because of Yun Qingchen.
Yun Qingchen kept moving in her arms.
Yun Feng’s hands were a bit flustered and she didn’t know where to hold him.

“Hold his back and the back of his head.” A voice came like a warm wind.
Then, a beautiful and slender hand reached over and helped Yun Feng adjust her posture, holding Yun Qingchen firmly in her arms.
Yun Qingchen looked at Yun Feng with a smile.
His little body was still disobedient and his black eyes were full of smiles.
He didn’t know who she was, but he felt inexplicably close to her the moment they met.

“You’re quite experienced.” Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile wryly.
She held Yun Qingchen in her arms tightly to prevent him from falling again.

“I’ve practiced for so many days.” Murong Yuntian walked back to the table and sat down.
He looked at Yun Feng with an inexplicable meaning in his eyes.

“Right, why are you here? Are you here to celebrate?” Yun Feng raised her head and saw Murong Yuntian’s change at a glance.
He had changed.
After these few years, he didn’t have the anger and impulse he had when he was young anymore.
His face was as bright and handsome as before, but there was a calm aura inside.
His strength had also improved further.
He should have quite a high achievement.

Murong Yuntian nodded.
“It’s just one of the reasons.”

Yun Qingchen in her arms moved restlessly again.
Yun Feng quickly lowered her head and coaxed him gently.
The two of them didn’t talk anymore after that.
The temperature in the room was warm.
The laughter of a baby and the girl’s embarrassed voice came from time to time.
Murong Yuntian just watched quietly.
As time passed second by second, he seemed to have turned into a statue sitting there.
He kept staring at the girl opposite him with his eyes and saw her rare expression, memorizing it deep in his mind bit by bit.

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