“Don’t tell anyone about Feng’s situation, just in case…”

“Don’t worry, Master.
I’ll keep my mouth shut!”

Yun Jing nodded and the few of them walked back.
At this moment, a servant ran in.
“Master! We have another guest!” Yun Jing frowned slightly.
Yun Sheng had already gone to accompany Mu Xiaojin, so Yun Jing could only receive them.
Yun Jing turned around and walked to the front hall.
When he walked to the front hall, he saw a tall figure standing there.
Yun Jing was slightly shocked.

The person turned around and smiled at Yun Jing.
“Uncle, it’s been a long time.”

Yun Jing looked at the mature young man in front of him and nodded.
The young man chuckled.
“I’m here to congratulate Uncle this time.” Yun Jing nodded.
He knew that this wasn’t the reason why the young man came.
“Feng… unfortunately went out.”

The young man chuckled with a hint of helplessness in his smile.
“Really? It seems that we’re not meant to be together after all.”

Yun Jing didn’t know what to say.
This Murong Yuntian had an engagement with Yun Feng back then.
If the Murong family didn’t take the initiative to cancel it back then, Feng should be with him right now.
However… The past flashed through Yun Jing’s mind.
The innocence on Murong Yuntian’s face was swept away.
He had already grown into a talent of his generation.
Yun Jing knew how he felt about his daughter.
After so many years, he still had feelings for Yun Feng and also had contact with the Yun family.

Murong Yuntian smiled with a hint of relief on his handsome face.
“I’m here to tell you something.
I’m getting married.”

Yun Jing was startled and felt a bit relieved in his mind.
“Which family’s girl are you going to marry?”

Murong Yuntian lowered his eyes.
“Helian Fu of the Helian family.”

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Yun Feng’s heavily injured body had been lying on the bed.
She hadn’t moved at all these days, except for Qu Lanyi’s help.
Yun Feng had already regained consciousness, but her body and consciousness couldn’t keep up.
She knew that Qu Lanyi took care of her every day, and she knew that this hooligan didn’t let go of any opportunity to take advantage of her.
Yun Feng was enraged, but there was nothing she could do.
She only wanted to settle the score after her body could move.

After regaining consciousness, Yun Feng immediately communicated with her mind and summoned the contracted Magic Beast on the other side, Lan Yi.

“Master?” Lan Yi’s surprised voice came.
Yun Feng never summoned her contracted Magic Beasts, so Lan Yi and Little Fire didn’t dare to contact her.
It had been almost two months since Yun Feng came back to the East Continent.
It had been a long time since she last contacted these two Magic Beasts, so Lan Yi was naturally delighted.

“Lan Yi, how’s it going on the West Continent?”

“Master, don’t worry.
Brother Fire and I are here.
Nobody dares to lay a hand on the Yun family.
Its position as a third-rank family is constantly being consolidated.
The Shi family and the Li family have some tricks, but it’s meaningless.” Lan Yi’s tone was a bit cold.
It seemed that the Shi family and the Li family had attacked the Yun family.
It was just that their eggs hit a stone.
They definitely wouldn’t have thought that Lan Yi and Little Fire would be there.

“Hm, what about Qingqing?” Yun Feng didn’t forget her disciple.
“Qingqing is fine.
She’s already contracted the Flower Eagle Master you left for her.”

Yun Feng was quite gratified in her mind.
“Lan Yi, let me ask you.” Yun Feng’s voice sounded a bit deep.

“Yes, Master?”

“How much do you know about Fantastical Beasts?”

Lan Yi’s helpless laughter sounded.
“Master, I don’t know anything about Fantastical Beasts.
I’ve never even seen one.
Most of the Magic Beasts are skeptical about the existence of Fantastical Beasts.
Nobody has seen one…”

“I’ve seen it.” Yun Feng’s indifferent voice sounded.
Lan Yi suddenly stopped talking.
Yun Feng continued to send a thought.
“The Fantastical Beast I’ve seen is a wind element one.”

“Wind element!” Lan Yi’s extremely shocked voice came.
Yun Feng nodded.
“His name is Jin.
Do you know him?”

“How can I know? Even Magic Beasts don’t know much about Fantastical Beasts, but Master has seen them, which proves that they really exist.”

“The Fantastical Beasts are so secretive that even Magic Beasts don’t know much about them…” Yun Feng mumbled.
She thought that Lan Yi, who had such a unique bloodline as the Griffin, would know who Ah Jin was.
It seemed that things weren’t as simple as she thought.
After saying a few more words, she cut off her connection with Lan Yi.
Yun Feng fell into another thought.
Lan Yi, who was far away on the West Continent, had been standing there with a frown after the telepathic communication with Yun Feng ended.

“What’s wrong?” Little Fire walked over.
The little boy’s expression was very bad.
Little Fire had been looking like this these days.
Its bad temper was getting more and more explosive.

“A Fantastical Beast appeared on the East Continent and met Master.”

“What?” Little Fire’s black eyes widened.
Lan Yi had been frowning.
“Brother Fire, why did those guys come out?”

Little Fire ground the sharp teeth in its mouth.
“It can’t be anything good… The East Continent…”

“Brother Fire, do you know the name Jin?”

Little Fire was stunned and shook its head.
Lan Yi sighed gently and Little Fire didn’t say anything either.
The two of them just stood there quietly with a gloomy look.
Suddenly, Lan Yi thought of something and said slowly, “Master will definitely go after them.”

Little Fire raised the corners of its mouth and bared its sharp teeth.
“Who do you think our master is? If she doesn’t chase after them, she won’t be our master.”

Lan Yi smiled helplessly.
The blue tattoo on the side of his cheek was glittering.
“Yes, indeed…”

Little Fire lazily put its arms behind its head and looked up at the sky.
“This is more interesting, isn’t it?”

Yun Qingchen had already been nourished by the Body-Tempering Source Fluid when he was born.
The Body-Tempering Source Fluid quietly changed this new life.
Mu Xiaojin and Yun Sheng were both mages.
Yun Qingchen’s future path would definitely be a path of magic.
The Yun family had high hopes for this newborn child.

“Chenchen…” In Mu Xiaojin’s room, Mu Xiaojin had just given birth and still had to recuperate.
She was holding her son in her arms and her big eyes slowly curved up because of a smile.
She gently played with the treasure in her arms with her fingers.
The baby in the swaddle looked at his mother with his bright black eyes.
Although his little face was young, he was quite cute and had inherited the outstanding appearance genes of the Yun family.

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