Chapter 70: If You Take Something from Someone Else, You Have to Return It (2)

“Brother!” When Lin Quan saw it, there was no time for him to stop Lin Miao.
He could only watch Lin Miao die with his eyes wide open.
Lin Miao’s eyes were full of regret and despair.

“Great, great! What a Yun family, what a Yun Feng!” Lin Quan burst into laughter with his heart full of bitterness.
He lost his family property and he also lost his brothers.
Only him, a one-man band, was left.
Everything else was gone!

If Lin Meng didn’t kill Yun Feng, everything wouldn’t have happened.
If they took something from someone else, they had to return it after all.

“I, Lin Quan, failed to live up to the ancestors of the Lin family.
Falling into such a situation today, I have nothing else to say!” Lin Quan’s eyes turned red as he looked at the head of his brother, Lin Sen, on the ground and the body of Lin Miao who died miserably.
The three members of the Yun family stood right in front of him, holding all the property of the Lin family in their hands.
He hated them.
How couldn’t he? And yet, did he still have a chance to live today? Did the Lin family have a chance to live?

“Lin Quan, do it yourself.” Yun Feng glanced at Lin Quan.
Lin Quan smiled wryly.
Right, he didn’t even have the ability to make an attack with his life.
What else could he do as a level-4 warrior? Even if he attacked, could he injure the members of the Yun family at all? Lin Quan burst into laughter as he pulled out the dagger he carried on his waist.
He looked at the two brothers on the ground, raised his hand up high and fiercely stabbed himself in the chest with the dagger…

“Yun… family… Show… some….
mercy.” During his last breaths, Lin Quan widened his eyes and looked at Yun Feng with a desperate plea inside.
He could die, his brother could die, but the other members of the Lin family were innocent!

“The Yun family isn’t someone cruel.
We’re different from you!” Yun Sheng yelled at Lin Quan who killed himself.
Lin Quan, who was about to die, slowly raised the corners of his mouth.
Right, cruel… The Yun family was indeed not someone like that.
The other people of the Lin family could rest assured… And he, this sinner, should also accept his punishment.

Lin Quan’s body lay on the ground without the slightest sign of life.
In one night, the three brothers of the Lin family were all dead.
None of the other members of the Lin family had the talents of the three brothers.
Besides, all the property of the Lin family was in the hands of the Yun family now.
The name of the Lin family, one of the three largest families in Chunfeng Town in the last few centuries, would be completely removed from Chunfeng Town from this night onwards!

“Everyone of the Lin family, listen up! All of you must leave Chunfeng Town before tomorrow.
Those who are still here before tomorrow, don’t blame the Yun family for not giving you a chance to leave!”

Yun Feng suddenly shouted.
The power comparable to a level-6 warrior slowly echoed in the silent night.
Her clear, bright voice covered the entire Chunfeng Town in this quiet night.
Not only the members of the Lin family, everyone else in Chunfeng Town also felt their ears shake abruptly! The Lin family was gone?!

The leader of the Mei family, who was practicing with his eyes closed, opened his eyes abruptly and a glint of light flashed through.
Yun Feng’s voice broke through the defense of his fighting energy just then, resounding in his ears.
Mei Ran’s expression couldn’t help but change slightly and he immediately got up.
“Yun Feng from the Yun family, her strength has already reached level 6? What’s going on with that girl? The speed of her progress is too astonishing.
Or has the Yun family been in disguise?”

Mei Ran frowned and pondered.
Yun Feng’s terrifying talent and strength were probably the trump card of the Yun family.
Perhaps the Yun family had been training her secretly? Perhaps she died on purpose that time? Thinking of this, Mei Ran couldn’t help but jeer at himself.
If that was truly the case, it would be insane.
How wouldn’t he know how powerful the Yun family was? He could only say that the little girl of the Yun family was indeed surprising.
Without her, how would the Lin family blow up in their faces?

The Lin family didn’t have a place to stay in Chunfeng Town anymore.
Their name was completely removed.
Only the Yun family and the Mei family among the three largest families were left in Chunfeng Town!

The Mei family could still be the boss with their own strength.
And yet, the Yun family had a rich background and they were about to take over all the property of the Lin family.
It was truly hard to say who the boss of Chunfeng Town was.

Thinking of this, Mei Ran couldn’t help but smile wryly.
The decision he made to protect himself back then seemed to be wrong after all…

That night, all the members of the Lin family dared not stay anymore and immediately left Chunfeng Town.
Even though they didn’t know what was going on, the butler of the Lin family had already told them the current situation.
The Lin family didn’t have a place to stand in Chunfeng Town anymore and the senior members of the Lin family were all dead!

The members of the Lin family left in panic.
How would they dare to stay here with that little bit of strength? Those small families that were close to the Lin family and helped the Lin family suppress the Yun family had already been in a state of anxiety all day long.
They were afraid that the fate of the Lin family would fall on them next.

Especially those who were in Lin Meng’s social circle, they were harshly scolded by their families.
They could befriend anyone, but they chose Lin Meng from the Lin family! Great, the Lin family was completely eliminated.
There wasn’t anyone from the Lin family in Chunfeng Town anymore.
Since these kids followed Lin Meng, they would certainly have a hard time with Yun Feng as well.
Although they didn’t attack Yun Feng, cheering for Lin Meng and taunting Yun Feng were things they always did.

The sight at the door of the Yun family in the past, where there were very few visitors, had changed.
Different people came for a visit every day.
Some wanted to establish a relationship with them, some wanted to fawn over them and some wanted to rope them in.
Except for the powerful Mei family, who could still sit as firm as a mountain, almost all of the other small families had approached them.

Apart from Yun Feng, her father and her brother, even the person who guarded the door of the Yun Feng stood especially upright at this moment, blocking everyone who came to meet the Yun family outside of the door with unconcealable arrogance and pride on his face.
Who said the Yun family was doomed? Who said the Yun family’s days had come to an end? The Yun family was rising right now and the Lin family was a perfect example!

Yun Feng and Yun Sheng certainly knew that there was a bustle outside the door.
The two of them looked at each other and smiled, feeling a bit speechless.
When the river rose, the boat went up.
Their social status had also become higher.
Had the Yun family ever had a scene like this in the past? Everyone avoided them back then and were afraid to have anything to do with the Yun family.
And now, it was great.
They all rushed to cling to the Yun family.

Meanwhile, Yun Sheng was holding Yun Feng’s hand, standing quietly outside of the ancestral hall of the Yun family.
The door of the ancestral hall was shut.
The brother and sister stood there with a serious look without saying a word.
Yun Jing was inside the ancestral hall right now.

Yun Feng looked at the door of the ancestral hall and knew that her poker-faced father could definitely not calm down.
The oppression of the Yun family in the last century, the humiliation the Yun family suffered in the last century, finally ended.
It finally ended!

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