“There was no choice back then.
That was the only way to keep you safe.” Qu Lanyi frowned slightly.
Yun Jing nodded.
“You’re the Yun family’s benefactor.
If anything happens to us, it’s none of your business.”

“But that guy won’t just stand by and do nothing.
After all, it’s his blood.” Qu Lanyi chuckled.
Yun Jing was startled and thought of the handsome golden-haired young man back then.
“Is that person… from the Dragons?”

Qu Lanyi nodded.
“Even though he’s the Young Master of the Dragons, even though he’s a Golden Dragon, that guy is an anomaly.
He can be said to be an idiot.”

Yun Jing’s expression froze.
He was a bit surprised at Qu Lanyi’s boldness.
Speaking of which, he still didn’t know anything about this young man’s background… Qu Lanyi seemed to know what Yun Jing was thinking.
He raised his black eyes slightly.
“Uncle, if I say that my family background will bring endless trouble to the Yun family, will you still give her to me?”

Yun Jing looked at Qu Lanyi coldly.
“If Feng likes you, it means that you have the ability to solve these problems.”

Qu Lanyi’s thin lips curled up slightly with a smile in his eyes.
“Uncle, you’re right.
If I don’t have this ability, I don’t deserve to stand next to her.” Qu Lanyi carried Yun Feng away and went to a quiet yard to heal her.
He slowly put Yun Feng on the bed.
Qu Lanyi looked at her body full of wounds and sighed.

“When can you change your personality?” Qu Lanyi gently caressed Yun Feng’s face with his finger.
The blood on her face had already dried up.
He wiped away the dark red stains with a little force.
Qu Lanyi smiled helplessly.
He glanced at the jade pendant on Yun Feng’s neck and slowly took it out.
Qu Lanyi observed it carefully.

“A lot of the energy in the Array of Life has been lost…” Qu Lanyi slowly turned the jade pendant around.
On the back of the pure black jade pendant, there was an extremely ferocious skeleton dragon.
The huge skeleton was condensed on the jade pendant, which showed that the person who carved it was extremely skilled.
Although the dragon was countless times smaller than a real one, it didn’t look any less ferocious.

Qu Lanyi frowned and caressed the skeleton dragon with her fingers, with deep confusion in her eyes.

“Xiao Feng!” An anxious call came.
Yaoyao’s little body ran in and rushed to Yun Feng’s bed.
She looked at Yun Feng anxiously with her big eyes, a bit flustered.
Qu Lanyi touched Yaoyao’s head with his big hand, asking her to calm down.
“She’s fine.
Don’t worry.”

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Yaoyao bit her lips.
This was the first time that her cold and expressionless little face showed such worry.
Qu Lanyi smiled and looked at Meatball, which was still unconscious in Yun Feng’s arms.
She picked up Meatball’s fluffy body with one hand and threw it to Yaoyao.
Yaoyao quickly caught it in panic.

“Get out first.
I need to treat her injuries.
It’s better not to look at kids.”

Yaoyao didn’t understand.
She looked at Meatball, which had fainted in her hand, and looked at Yun Feng deeply before she turned around and walked out.

Yun Qingchen was finally born.
The moment he cried, the Body-Tempering Source Fluid melted into his little body.
This child was destined to be extraordinary.
After giving birth, Mu Xiaojin passed out because of the extreme weakness, which startled Yun Sheng.
At this moment, Yun Feng was recuperating in the quiet yard of the Yun family.
With Qu Lanyi taking care of her, she was certainly fine.
Yun Sheng stayed with Mu Xiaojin and didn’t dare to tell her about Yun Feng’s situation, fearing that she would rush over without caring about her body.

Yun Sheng only said that Yun Feng had something urgent to do and would only be gone for a while.
Naturally, nobody was allowed to get close to Yun Feng’s yard.
Qu Lanyi hadn’t come out since he entered.
Although Yun Jing and Yun Sheng had been worried about Yun Feng’s condition, they didn’t dare to enter rashly.
They could only wait for Yun Feng to recover.

All the people of Mu City remembered that on the day Yun Qingchen was born, there was an inexplicable earthquake in Mu City and something strange happened in the sky.
Even though nobody knew what was going on, everyone said that the child born by the Yun family was an impressive figure.

After learning that Yun Qingchen was born, the Mu family wasn’t quiet anymore.
People from all over the world flooded into Mu City.
Countless people from the four empires, the Mercenary Union, and the large and small families on the Fengyun Continent went to the Mu family every day and gave them congratulatory gifts.
Yun Sheng and Yun Jing received these people arduously every day.
Everyone knew very well who they should congratulate.

Countless people came to Mu City with the hope of seeing Yun Feng, and countless people left Mu City with disappointment.
It was truly a shame that Yun Feng didn’t see them! Yun Sheng and Yun Jing were truly mentally and physically exhausted when they came to deal with these people every day.
They couldn’t wait to slap these uninvited people away! Yun Luochen had been staying with Mu Xiaojin as a servant during this busy period of time.
He faced his sister-in-law every day and listened to her mumble, “Where’s Xiao Feng? Why isn’t she back yet? I still haven’t seen Qingchen…”

Yun Luochen sighed for the umpteenth time.
He looked at the boy who was sleeping quietly in Mu Xiaojin’s arms and knew that this child would definitely be great in the future! Thinking of Yun Feng’s bloody appearance that day, Yun Luochen couldn’t help but worry.
It had been a long time.
How was she?

Zhao Yan and Wang Ming came all the way here.
As soon as they asked about Yun Feng, they saw Yun Jing’s gloomy expression.
Both of them couldn’t help but feel nervous in their minds.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team and the Yun family were already very close.
Yun Jing certainly wouldn’t hide it from them.
He told them about Yun Feng’s situation roughly.
Zhao Yan immediately turned around and rushed over.
When he heard that Yun Feng was injured, his heart was completely stirred.

However, he was stopped outside by a beautiful little girl.
When Zhao Yan rushed there, he only saw Yaoyao standing outside expressionlessly.
Zhao Yan didn’t take another step forward, because he saw hostility on that kid, deep hostility.

Yun Jing couldn’t help but sigh when he saw Yaoyao’s appearance.
Everyone in the Yun family knew that this little girl had an extraordinary background, especially Yun Luochen, who saw Yaoyao’s transformation.
He patted Zhao Yan’s shoulder and sighed softly.
“Feng is under Qu Lanyi’s watch.
She’s fine.”

Zhao Yan suddenly remembered that Qu Lanyi was here too.
He couldn’t help but feel relieved.
With him here, Yun Feng would definitely be fine.
Wang Ming also heaved a sigh of relief.
“It’s great that my Lady is fine.
Otherwise, those kids of the Red Maple Mercenary Team will probably turn the world upside down!”

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