“What are you going to do…” The golden-haired man asked in a deep voice, but Yun Feng was faster than him.
Her black eyes darkened fiercely and her two hands, which had already been lacerated, clasped together desperately!

“Buzz…” A strong energy wave spread from Yun Feng’s hand.
Even the golden-haired man was shocked! The energy wave this time shook the entire space! Yun Jing and Yun Sheng’s hearts couldn’t help but tighten.
They felt like their hearts were being squeezed tightly, as if something was about to leave!

“Feng!” Yun Sheng roared and was about to rush forward without thinking.
Yun Jing waved his fighting energy and stopped Yun Feng.
Yun Jing’s face couldn’t be any darker.
There was a kind of determination in his deep eyes! “Stay here! Take care of your wife!” Yun Jing said as his body soared into the sky the next second.
However, something happened!

A powerful energy wave shook Yun Jing off.
When his body fell to the ground, Yun Jing’s face turned pale.
Yun Luochen immediately ran over.
He was already at a loss.
He couldn’t figure out the current situation at all! What exactly happened?

“Feng…” Yun Jing only had time to mumble this name.
Then, his black eyes narrowed and he waved his hand.
Abundant fighting energy surged out of Yun Jing’s body with a faint dragon roar in the fighting energy! The fighting energy quickly covered the room and a drastic change in the sky instantly burst out!

The strong tremor shook Mu City fiercely!

All the people of Mu City walked out of the door and looked up at the sky.
They didn’t know what was happening up there.
Was there an earthquake? Or did something incredible happen?

In the sky, in the clouds, Qu Lanyi wanted to rush to the suicidal girl with bloodshot eyes.
The girl clasped her hands together fiercely, with determination all over her body.
The elements were roaring, the space was distorted, and her blood was burning!

“Even if I must die, I’ll protect my family!” Yun Feng’s voice resounded in the sky.
The four elements had already been forcefully fused by her.
Yun Feng saw gorgeous red flowers blooming on her palm.
The pain of her flesh and blood flying had already been excluded from her senses.
There was only the gentle sound of the wind and her heartbeat in her ears.

The element with faint destructive power in her hand let out a hoarse growl.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slowly curled up and the element in her hand had already been pushed out.
The golden-haired man’s heart shrank for no reason when he saw this scene.
Yun Feng opened her lips gently.

“Boom…” A muffled sound exploded in the air.
A destructive energy swept the sky and swallowed Qu Lanyi’s roar.

This fluctuation in the sky blew away all the thick clouds completely.
Yun Feng stood there stubbornly as drops of blood dripped from the sky.
The golden-haired man was still there.
Even though he was also in a sorry state, he didn’t seem to be hurt much.
Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
She used all her strength to only make him look miserable?

There was shock in the golden-haired man’s eyes.
If it weren’t him, anyone who touched that attack just then would have probably been reduced to ashes! This little girl could do this! The golden-haired man only felt a piercing pain in his arm.
Looking carefully, there was a piece on it that had already been burnt by elements!

A figure finally rushed to Yun Feng’s side.
His arm was also bloody and his body was also in a sorry state.
Qu Lanyi’s body and face were covered in countless wounds, and even his skin and flesh were torn in many places! He held Yun Feng’s body in his arms with his bloody arm and looked up again with a pair of red eyes!

The golden-haired man’s pupils shrank abruptly.
He wanted to say something.
“Jin, you’ve blown things up.” An old voice sounded slowly.
A crack appeared in the space and the old man walked out slowly.
He looked like he had been through a lot, but his eyes were as clear as water.

“Old man, stop nagging!” The golden-haired man roared impatiently, but his arrogance just then was reduced a lot.
Qu Lanyi’s black eyes instantly turned black again.
He didn’t care about anything else anymore.
He covered Yun Feng’s chest with his hand tightly and the light elements drilled into Yun Feng’s body desperately.
Yun Feng’s broken body was held tightly in Qu Lanyi’s arms and her closed eyes slowly opened.

“Yun Feng…” Qu Lanyi called softly.
When Yun Feng opened her eyes, she saw a pair of eyes full of worry.
Instantly, all the pain came.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown.
“Kid, we meet again.”

Yun Feng was stunned.
She looked up with her black eyes.
The golden-haired man was still standing there.
Another old man with a weathered face and wise eyes stood next to him.

“You’ve seen me?” Yun Feng asked in confusion.
Even though her entire body was in unbearable pain, her life wasn’t in danger anymore.

“I already saw you when you appeared in the Foggy Forest.
But you didn’t see me.” What the old man said shocked Yun Feng! The Foggy Forest? He had already seen her when she first appeared in the Foggy Forest!

“Kid, Jin doesn’t mean any harm.
He just has an explosive personality,” said the old man with a smile.
Yun Feng frowned and didn’t say anything.
There was deep hostility in her eyes.
The golden-haired man who was called Jin grunted in disdain and didn’t say anything.

“He tried to hurt my family just then,” said Yun Feng coldly.
The old man chuckled.
The golden-haired young man couldn’t help but say, “He’s just an ant.
I can’t be bothered to do anything.”

“Jin, even an ant can destroy a city,” said the old man casually.
The golden-haired young man didn’t say anything else.
Yun Feng felt that the old man didn’t have any hostility.
Suddenly, she thought of something and turned her head.
“Meatball? Meatball?”

Qu Lanyi’s eyebrows moved slightly as he took out Meatball with his bloody hand.
At this moment, Meatball’s eyes were closed, as if it had fallen asleep.

“It…” Yun Feng was about to take it, when Qu Lanyi looked at the old man and said coldly, “Old man, you did this.”

Yun Feng’s face turned cold, but the old man chuckled.
“It’s a bit troublesome if it’s awake.
We have no choice.
Kid, aren’t you going to ask who we are?”

Qu Lanyi snorted in disdain.
The light elements continued to transmit.
“Golden hair and golden eyes, do we need to guess? As for you… you’re nothing good.”

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