Her head could be broken, her blood could be shed, but her back couldn’t be bent!

So what if his strength was above hers? So what if he was a peerless powerhouse? There was a powerful helper in the hearts of the members of the Yun family, called dignity!

“Argh!” Yun Feng let out a roar deep in her throat, like a ferocious beast that was about to make a desperate counterattack.
The bones of her body were all squeezed together under this terrifying pressure.
Yun Feng’s legs had already left her control completely.
It could be said that her body was so numb that she couldn’t even feel pain.
Yun Feng bit her lips hard and swallowed the thick blood in her mouth.
A determined look burst out of her clear black eyes.
Her body, which was already kneeling on the ground, slowly stood up again!

The golden-haired man narrowed his eyes with a dangerous glint in his eyes.
He looked at the vulnerable girl in front of him as she swayed and stood up.
Even though there weren’t any wounds on the surface of her body, he knew that under his pressure, the bones in her body had all shattered under this tough move.

Yun Feng’s legs trembled violently and her face was pale.
“Crack, crack!” Yun Feng stopped and the bones in her body let out painful cries.
She also felt the piercing pain, but she didn’t care! She stood up just like that, straightened her back and raised her head just like that!

The golden-haired man was stunned again.
The kid next to him also stood up!

“As her man, I certainly can’t embarrass myself at this moment,” said Qu Lanyi weakly with a proud smile on his pale face.
Impatience burst out of the golden-haired man’s eyes.
He waved his hand, and the terrifying pressure suddenly disappeared.
However, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi’s expressions also changed!

“What exactly do you want?” Yun Feng asked again with a good temper.
Her body was frozen in place and she couldn’t move.
Qu Lanyi was also in the same state.
The two Monarch Level experts were like a puppet in front of this man.
They couldn’t resist at all!

The golden-haired man smiled evilly with a hint of bloodthirstiness in his smile.
Yun Feng’s pupils shrank abruptly!

“Don’t touch my family!”

The golden-haired man burst into laughter.
“Kid, are you qualified to tell me this?”

Yun Feng’s originally pale face became even paler.
Her body was firmly imprisoned on the spot.
No matter how her mental strength attacked, it couldn’t be shaken at all! The golden-haired man glanced at Yun Feng playfully and the space in his hand suddenly deformed violently.
This made Yun Feng completely understand that this man’s ability to control space was extraordinary! The Lord Level, no, even higher!

“I wasn’t interested in you at first.
Even though that old man said you’re not bad, I didn’t care.
But now…” The man’s evil voice sounded with endless coldness in his words.
He did all this on a whim.
He could do whatever he wanted! “The Yun family is indeed interesting.”

Qu Lanyi remained silent, but the depths of his black eyes were gradually stained with blood.
A glint of darkness flashed through the golden eyes of the golden-haired man.
Suddenly, anger burst out of his body and a terrifying pressure surged out, pressing down!

The tip of Yun Feng’s tongue was bitten through again and a stream of blood directly surged into her throat.
The bloody memories of her previous life surged out again.
Was there still no way? Was she still unable to protect everything?

“Nana!” A loud voice suddenly cut through the sky and the pressure of the golden-haired man! “What?” The golden eyes of the golden-haired man shrank and he looked at a black shadow that flashed in front of his eyes quickly in disbelief.
Perhaps he had never had a match before.
Perhaps there was no such thing as a match for him in this world at all.
When he saw a slightly ferocious face pouncing towards him, the powerful golden-haired man was a bit stunned on the spot.
When its sharp teeth touched his skin, the pain of the teeth piercing into his skin made the golden-haired man snap back to reality!

That was impossible!

Meatball pounced on the man’s arm with a ferocious look and its sharp teeth stabbed in without hesitation.
It bit so deeply and wouldn’t let go even if it died!

The golden-haired man swung his hand fiercely and Meatball’s body was thrown away.
Its little body suddenly span in the air.
It was obvious that it was already enraged.
Its cute facial features were extremely ferocious! Meatball’s sharp teeth pounced again at an extremely high speed!

“Pa!” The cold touch locked the man’s wrist and his golden eyes suddenly turned around.
The two people who were originally fixed had already left their original positions.
The man only felt that it was unacceptable.
This wasn’t right.
He was…

An ice blue chain with a cold glint wrapped around the man’s arm tightly.
The man’s initial surprise disappeared.
Even so, he only sneered and didn’t care about it.
He shook Meatball’s body off and flipped his hand.
An invisible force hit Meatball’s body that was flying towards him again.
Meatball avoided it narrowly and its body stopped in the air.
It didn’t attack recklessly again and only roared with an unfamiliar voice in its throat.

“I’ve been mistaken.” The man looked at the ice blue chains on his wrist.
His muscles shook and the chains were all broken into several pieces, turning into blue powder in the air and scattering.

“Indeed.” A voice of agreement sounded in a low voice, like the rising sun cutting through the thick darkness.
The golden eyes looked at the messy girl.
Her body was standing in a strange posture.
It was a bit twisted, but it gave people a wonderful sense of normality.
Her hands should be broken, but they were holding on in a strange arc.
Her skin and flesh were torn.
Her arms and palms were covered in bright light elements.
The man’s golden eyes narrowed again and looked at the mysterious elements that kept jumping in the girl’s palms.

That wasn’t just one kind of magic element.
It was the combination of different kinds of magic elements.
The man even heard the roars of the elements constantly colliding! “Elemental fusion? Not bad.” The man raised his eyebrows slightly and didn’t show any panic at all.
The girl chuckled as another kind of bright element jumped out of her other hand.
The man’s expression finally wasn’t calm anymore.

“Yun Feng!” Seeing the fourth element in Yun Feng’s hand, Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but shout.
Did she want to die? Did she really want to die?

Yun Feng’s lips slowly curled up.
It was a stubborn curve.
The fourth element jumped on her other hand.
The ice blue water element kept surging, as if it could sense something.
The gentle water element also burst out with a violent attitude.

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