“It is very mysterious.” Yun Feng nodded.
There were a lot of mysteries about Yaoyao.
Even the notes left by her master didn’t describe the merfolk in detail.
There were only a few words.
She didn’t know what other changes there would be in the future.

“She’s only close to your water element.
It should have something to do with you hatching her back then.” Qu Lanyi thought of the scene where Yaoyao rejected the other water elements and came to this conclusion.
It was as if he was certain that Yaoyao only recognized Yun Feng, not the others.

After a while, Yaoyao opened her eyes and gave Yun Feng a sweet smile.
She put her hand around Yun Feng’s neck and leaned forward.
Yun Feng smiled and handed Yaoyao to Qu Lanyi.
She petted Yaoyao’s little head.
“Be a good girl.
I have something to do.”

Yaoyao nodded obediently.
Meatball glanced at Yun Feng with its big eyes and called out softly.
Yun Feng certainly didn’t understand.
She flicked Meatball with her finger and turned around to walk in.
There were still a lot of people waiting for her in the front hall.

Walking into the front hall, she saw her sullen father sitting in the main seat with four people sitting on both sides.
Seeing Yun Feng come out, Yun Jing nodded.
These four people immediately stood up.
“Master Yun Feng!”

Yun Feng didn’t argue.
She sat next to her sullen father and asked the four of them to sit down.
“Are the four of you here to congratulate us?” Yun Feng asked.
The four of them nodded.
“The Shang family and the De family sent us here to ask if there’s anything we can help with.
If you ask, we’ll do it!”

Yun Jing’s temples throbbed a few times.
These four people must’ve been traveling day and night, considering the dust on their clothes.
They spoke quite nicely.
After all, they came for his daughter.

“Thank you for your kindness, my lords.
The Yun family and the Mu family will remember it in their minds,” said Yun Jing in a deep voice.
The four of them quickly said that there was no need.
A few pairs of eyes stared at Yun Feng just like that.
Yun Jing hated making small talk the most and he couldn’t deal with it.
Yun Feng saw her sullen father’s impatience and said with a smile, “Father, go ahead.
I’m here for you.”

Yun Jing nodded and got up to leave.
Yun Feng said, “I need your help with some questions.”

“Master Yun Feng, just tell us! We’ll tell you everything we know!”

Yun Feng crossed her fingers in front of her body and raised her brows slightly.
“I’ve just returned from training outside and I inexplicably met someone from the Helian family.
This family sounds very unfamiliar.
Do you know what’s going on with the Helian family?”

“The Helian family came to find the Yun family?” The four of them were all surprised.
Then, they all said angrily, “What a shameless Helian! You want to climb up to the Yun family? Ridiculous!”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but find it funny when she saw how indignant the four of them were.
It seemed that the newly risen Helian family was really not likable.

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“Master Yun Feng, don’t ever get involved with the Helian family, or you’ll get into trouble that you can’t get rid of!” Yun Feng raised her brows when she heard this.
The four of them told her about the newly risen Helian family one by one.
In the year Yun Feng left the East Continent, the Fengyun Empire was the most special among the four empires.
After all, there was no royal family.
There were bound to be countless gaps between the two families that could be taken advantage of.
If a family supported the empire, it meant that the family could be replaced.
Naturally, many families wanted to make a move.
The life of the Shang family and the De family wasn’t as comfortable as that of the royal family.

If the Yun family was willing to take on the burden of the Fengyun Empire, the two families would certainly be fine.
However, the Yun family was detached from the outside world.
It didn’t matter who rose to the top.
The Helian family was the family that rose abruptly in this year.
No one knew what methods they used, but this small local family kept climbing up quickly.
It was a bit funny.
The Helian family didn’t have any other tricks.
They relied on their children’s marriage to expand their strength.
Speaking of which, the Helian family had a thriving population, which helped them.
After this jump, the families they were connected to were slowly controlled by the Helian family.
It had to be said that the Helian family had some tricks up their sleeve.

It kept devouring and expanding.
The Helian family relied on devouring other families to strengthen itself.
When it appeared in front of everyone, the Helian family certainly had their eyes on the Shang family and the De family.
However, the leaders of the two families were both smart people.
How would they be defeated by the Helian family so easily? The relationship between the Helian family and the two families couldn’t help but become tense even though they didn’t succeed.
However, it wasn’t good for the Shang family and the De family to do anything.
After all, the Helian family had already risen.
If they did anything, they would definitely be implicated.

Speaking up to this point, Yun Feng vaguely understood.
The Helian family was obviously still not satisfied.
If they wanted to monopolize the Fengyun Empire and couldn’t establish a relationship with the Shang family and the De family, they would certainly target the Yun family.
Even though the detached Yun family didn’t have any substantial power, what they said had extraordinary power in the Fengyun Empire.
The Helian family was already eager to try.
Once the Yun family and the Helian family really had a relationship, the Helian family would definitely gnaw the Yun family apart with the power of swallowing a whale!

The power of parasites! The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slowly curled up.
The Helian family’s ability was like a parasite, residing inside the body silently, but eating it clean from the inside out over time, occupying the host’s skin in the end!

The narration of these four people was definitely a bit exaggerated, but the rise of the Helian family was so fast that it had a lot to do with this method.
Apart from marriage, what other way would the Helian family jump to the top? Besides, the main purpose of the Helian family coming to the Yun family was also this: marriage!

Whether the Helian family rose or not had nothing to do with the Yun family at all.
The Yun family didn’t intend to have any contact with these sensitive large families.
The Yun family had to stay out of it and be detached.
The Yun family wanted peace, or the Fengyun Empire would have already been under the Yun family’s control!

“The Helian family is indeed capable, but the Yun family has already declined the marriage proposal.
You can settle your feud on your own.” Yun Feng glanced at them coldly.
The four of them remained silent.
“If the two families have the ability to suppress the Helian family, they’re free to do that.
If they don’t, they can only let the Helian family rise.
The Yun family doesn’t want to participate in your battle, so don’t be in a hurry to slander the other party.”

“Hahaha, Master Yun Feng, you’re right.
We all know the Yun family’s stance very clearly!” The four of them smiled slightly awkwardly.
They indeed had some thoughts in their minds when they exaggerated things just then.
Yun Feng exposed them, so they certainly didn’t have the courage to instigate trouble again.

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