Chapter 69: If You Take Something from Someone Else, You Have to Return It (1)

Lin Miao woke up because of the severe pain.
Once he woke up, he saw his big brother, Lin Quan, and he immediately opened his mouth, slurring something.
The others could hear vaguely that he was yelling “brother.”

Lin Quan instantly looked unbearable.
If both of his brothers had been dead, he would have fought with the Yun family with his life right now.
And yet, Lin Miao was still alive.
He couldn’t act rashly!

Yun Feng held Lin Miao in her hand and glanced at Lin Quan with her black eyes.
She wasn’t planning to make any concessions because of his age.
“Master Lin, if you want Lin Miao back, you’ll have to show me your sincerity.”

After hearing that, Lin Quan’s body trembled slightly.
He had already thought about it in his mind.
Yun Feng was undoubtedly asking the Lin family to return the property of the Yun family that they had taken.
Even though the amount of embezzled money was indeed quite a lot, it had gradually increased and became the financial support of the Lin family under their management over the years.
And now, the Yun family wanted all of it back.
This was undoubtedly cutting their losses!

“Why? Master Lin, are you still hesitating?” Yun Feng’s cold voice sounded again and Lin Quan gritted his teeth hard.
Fine, as long as he and his brother were alive, how would they have to worry that they couldn’t make money with their minds? The most important thing at this moment was to save his brother’s life!

Butler!” Lin Quan shouted as someone entered right away.
However, that person almost ran away again after coming in.
He looked at the sight in front of his eyes in fear and was completely flustered.

“Ma… Ma… Ma… Master, this… this… this… this…”

Lin Quan frowned.
He said in an instant without caring about anything else.
“Go to my room and bring all the title deeds for the land and the house here!”

After hearing that, Yun Feng raised her eyebrows gently and added with a faint smile, “The Distribution Agreements as well.”

Lin Quan’s face immediately darkened.
He had had a careful consideration.
It wasn’t a big deal for him to give all the title deeds for the land and the house to the Yun family.
As long as the Lin family still had a few operating businesses, it was easy for them to come back in the game.
And yet, he had never thought that his mind would completely be seen through.

“And the Distribution Agreements.” Lin Quan added, enduring the pain of cutting their losses.
He glared at Yun Feng fiercely and his hatred towards Yun Feng and the Yun family became a lot stronger.
He swore that when he rose again, he would never let the Yun family go.
He would definitely think of every way possible to eliminate the Yun family!

The person who entered was confused, but he also understood that the Yun family had come for them.
He instantly ran out as he trembled.
After a while, he came back with the things Lin Quan asked him to take and handed them to Lin Quan.
That was a thick stack of deeds.
It could be seen that the money the Lin family earned over the years was indeed a huge amount.

“Everything’s here!” Lin Quan showed Yun Feng the deeds in his hands.
Yun Feng nodded.
She could certainly snatch the deeds from them, but the Yun family was reasonable.
Even though the Lin family took the property of the Yun family, people had completely forgotten about it after a few hundred years of operation.
So, if they wanted to get those things back fair and square, Lin Quan must hand them over voluntarily.

Lin Miao, who was held in Yun Feng’s hand, looked at the thick stack of deeds and strong sorrow appeared in his black eyes.
That was the foundation of the Lin family… and it was taken away just like that, just like that…

Yun Feng waved her hand gently and threw Lin Miao, who was tied up, away.
Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder also made a soft sound as its body turned into a dark line, rushing towards Lin Quan like lightning.
Lin Quan only felt a pull in his hands and the deeds he was still holding were already taken away.

Seeing that the messy Lin Miao was finally safe, Lin Quan was also relieved.
Meatball grabbed the deeds with its tiny claws and gave them to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng poked Meatball’s little head with a smile, feeling pleased for its cleverness.

“Brother…” Lin Miao yelled with a slur.
Lin Quan gave him a reassuring look.
When he loosened the ropes for Lin Miao, he whispered in Lin Miao’s ears, “Brother, the most important thing is we’re alive.
When the Lin family rises again, I’ll definitely do whatever it takes to destroy them and take revenge for our brother!”

Lin Quan’s teeth-gnashing voice made Lin Miao widen his black eyes.
In the past, Lin Miao would certainly not give up without exterminating the Yun family like Lin Quan.
However, after seeing Little Fire with his own eyes, Lin Miao’s mind was full of fear for the Lin family only.

“Brother, no…” Lin Miao’s speech was slurred, so Lin Quan couldn’t hear him clearly.
He only saw Lin Miao shake his head constantly.
Lin Quan was a little confused, because he surprisingly saw fear in Lin Miao’s eyes! What was he so afraid of?

Yun Feng saw Lin Miao shake his head and the clear fear in his eyes when he looked at her.
She certainly knew what he was scared of.
Summoner was the most noble and the rarest profession on the Vast Continent.
Once the senior officials of the Karan Empire knew that the Yun family had a summoner, the royal family of the Karan Empire wouldn’t allow the Lin family to exist, even if the Yun family didn’t ask for it.

At this moment, Lin Miao only wanted to leave Chunfeng Town quickly and go as far from the Yun family as possible.
Revenge? He didn’t even dare to think about revenge right now! If the Lin family fought against a summoner, they would become the enemies of the Karan Empire!

“You’ve already got what you wanted.
Why aren’t you leaving?” Lin Quan saw that Yun Feng and the others were still standing there and he couldn’t help but feel a touch of anger.
And yet, he seemed to have forgotten that the reason why the Yun family came to the Lin family this time wasn’t just to get back their property.

The corners of Yun Feng’s lips gradually curled up and she glanced at Lin Quan like he was a joke.
That gaze immediately made Lin Quan’s heart turn ice cold.
He stood up right away and shouted, “You set me up!”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“it is impolite not to reciprocate.
The Lin family set the Yun family up countless times.
Wouldn’t it be rude if we don’t return it once?”

What Yun Feng said made Lin Quan so angry that his entire face turned red.
No matter how he thought about it, he had never expected this to happen.
He gave them all of his family’s property, hoping that he could save his life, but they didn’t want to let him go after all!

Who said the Yun family was upright and selfless? Who said the Yun family was righteous? The Yun family was also ruthless when they set people up!

Hearing what Yun Feng said, Yun Sheng and Yun Jing were both thrilled in their minds.
Speaking of talking, they were truly not as impressive as Yun Feng.
The Yun family had never liked to make an effort to negotiate and they also didn’t bother to argue with anyone.
However, they never performed worse in the battles of words than in fights!

When Lin Miao heard that, he immediately knew he wouldn’t be able to escape death.
Seeing how miserably his brother on the ground died, Lin Miao’s heart was filled with a sense of despair.
He bit his tongue hard as blood oozed out of his mouth.
His body then trembled and fell on the ground.

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