The muscles around Yun Jing’s body were extremely tight right now.
The news that Yun Feng wasn’t dead made him thrilled and his steps were like wind, but when he was a few meters away from Yun Feng’s room, he suddenly stopped.
Yun Jing calmed his chaotic mind, then slowly opened the door and entered the room.
When Yun Jing saw the person lying on the bed looking at him with her black eyes and a smile, he felt his heart ache and a warm current rushed to his eyes.

His daughter wasn’t dead.
His daughter was still here and was still alive!

Yun Feng, who was lying in bed, had already noticed that Yun Jing was coming when he was still outside of the door.
When she saw a middle-aged man appear in front of her with a serious look, she knew this was her father, the father who said he would do whatever it took to take revenge for her.

Yun Feng couldn’t speak and could only convey the message that she was alright with her eyes.
Although her father was expressionless, Yun Feng knew this man was inexpressibly excited in his mind right now.

Her father didn’t come over and didn’t talk to her with a gentle voice, but Yun Feng didn’t care about these things at all.
The two of them looked at each other at a distance and they both knew what was on the other’s mind through their eyes.


Yun Sheng entered the room and shook his head when he saw that his father was still looking serious.
He walked to Yun Feng with relief and love in his black eyes.
Yun Sheng had been like half a mother since he was small.
When his brother and mother died one after another, Yun Sheng was the closest person to Yun Feng and Yun Sheng was the only person in this cold and solemn Yun family who could make Yun Feng feel a little bit warm.


“Feng, you must get better quickly.

Yun Feng moved her neck in difficulty.
She looked at Yun Sheng with a little comfort in her eyes.
She would get better with the fastest speed.
She had already put herself in Yun Feng’s shoes completely without noticing and the Yun family had become the root in the bottom of her heart.

Yun Feng’s recovery went really well.
The Yun family spent countless gold coins and made medicines with the most expensive and the best herbs every day.
If Yun Feng’s body didn’t get better quickly after drinking such expensive medicines every day, it would truly be unreasonable.
While Yun Feng was gradually healing, she also felt wonderfully that her soul and body were slowly integrating perfectly.
At first, her soul and the body didn’t merge well and she would even go into a trance, but now, they were truly combined together perfectly and flawlessly.


Yun Feng had always been taken care of by Yun Sheng himself.
It wasn’t that the Yun family had no servants.
Even though the family had declined, the huge amount of property the Yun family had still made countless people jealous and they wanted to make it their own.
A while after Yun Feng’s body recovered, she also asked her brother not to make himself so tired.
He could ask the servants to take care of her, but Yun Sheng refused.

In Yun Sheng’s heart, Yun Feng was his baby.
She finally survived, which made him take care of her more.
How could he let the servants look after his dearest sister? What if something happened? So, Yun Sheng did everything for Yun Feng by himself.
Yun Feng had talked to her brother several times, but he still followed his own way, so she also let him be.

During the days of being taken care of, the power of family affection made Yun Feng always feel that she was so lucky.
As a man, her caring brother who looked after her was so meticulous that he was even comparable to women.
Together with the expressionless father, who looked serious but cared about her as much as her brother did, these were all the assets Yun Feng had and these two were people she would die to protect!


On the day Yun Feng’s body completely healed, she got up from bed and carefully moved around moving her muscles and bones.
She walked in front of the mirror.
She still hadn’t had a look at this face.

There was an extremely young face in the mirror, looking cute, lovely and very beautiful.
Yun Feng stared at it dumbfoundedly and then looked at her body in hindsight.
Yun Feng was only nine this year…


While Yun Feng was pondering in front of the mirror, her body was suddenly lifted by a gentle force and a familiar, accusing voice followed, “Feng, you’re not listening to me.
How could you get off the bed on your own?”

Yun Feng pouted as she was hugged into the warm arms.
“Brother, my body is already well.”

Yes, Yun Feng’s body had already recovered, but Yun Sheng still didn’t let her get off her bed.
She had spent a few weeks on this bed.

Yun Sheng didn’t allow Yun Feng to resist and put her back to the bed.
In the end, Yun Feng lay back down under Yun Sheng’s watch.
This brother really worried about her too much.


Yun Feng blinked her black eyes and looked at Yun Sheng standing next to her bed.
Her brother was a handsome man after all.
His facial features were stunning and her brother was also a rare talented mage the Yun family had throughout the last century.
Even though mage wasn’t a difficult profession to become, fewer and fewer people on the East Continent could be a mage because of their natural physique.
So, people were surprised and envious to see that Yun Sheng had the qualities of becoming a mage.

“How wonderful that you can become a mage.” Yun Feng said with a smile.
Yun Sheng looked at his dearest sister deeply and caressed her face gently with his big hand, feeling emotional.

“If you become a great warrior in the future, I’ll be proud of you.” There was pity and sadness in his words.
Every child in the Yun family would be tested once they were born to see if they would become a summoner or a mage and Yun Feng was destined to be neither.
There were only two ways she could go.
She could either be an ordinary person or a fearless warrior, but the road to becoming a warrior was also hard.
It was extremely difficult for a girl like Yun Feng.

Yun Feng smiled and didn’t say anything else.
She noticed the unusually strong mental strength in her body.
Probably due to the complete merge of her soul and this body, her originally terrifying mental strength got another boost.
Yun Feng could now sense everything within a few hundred meters clearly.
This was the use of mental strength, to sense things.

A warrior? Yun Feng laughed in her heart.
Summoners and mages were surely powerful.
When they fought with a warrior of the same level one-on-one, they would be fine.
And yet, if they went further and fought with a warrior with a higher level, the warrior could still step on the mages.
Summoners weren’t invincible, but their power also made it difficult to go across levels.
Warriors who were a couple levels higher could only yield in front of the summoners.
Only those who were four or five levels higher could defeat the summoners.

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