Chapter 694 What Can I Do For You? (3)

“Xiao Fu, don’t talk nonsense.” Lady Helian said softly, but her tone wasn’t harsh.
She obviously thought that it was true.
The girl snorted again in disdain and didn’t say anything

After a while, a servant came out.
Seeing that it was a servant, Lady Helian couldn’t help but look cold.
The young girl couldn’t help but shout, “What does the Mu family mean? My mother came here in person, but your master didn’t come out to meet her!”

“Xiao Fu, don’t be rude!” Lady Helian scolded softly again.
Then, she said, “I understand that the lady of the house is pregnant right now.
But we’re here to talk about something.
If it’s inconvenient for her to come, why don’t you ask Yun Sheng to come out?”

The servant looked like he was in a difficult position.
Lady Helian’s face darkened.
“Why? Is the Helian family so unworthy? I came here in person, but nobody is going to receive


“No, of course not…” The servant quickly explained.
“How can we not welcome you when you’re here, Madam Helian? How can we not know how to treat our guests?” Yun Feng’s voice came from the side and she walked out slowly.
The servant trembled hard when he saw Yun Feng.
He was about to call out to her when Yun Feng waved her hand.
“You may leave.
Leave this place to me.”

The servant held his breath and looked at Yun Feng in a daze.
Yun Feng glanced at the servant, who suddenly realized something.
He immediately nodded.
“Yes, yes, yes!” He couldn’t help but walk out.
His heart was pounding nonstop.
There was only one thought flashing in his mind: She’s back.
The Young Lady of the Yun family, Yun Feng, is back!

Seeing how respectful her servant was just then, Lady Helian didn’t say anything and observed Yun Feng carefully.
Yun Feng sat down gracefully and let her size her up.
Lady Helian frowned slightly.

Yun Feng smiled slightly.
“Madam Helian, you can tell me if you have anything to say.
Now that the lady of the house is pregnant, Yun Sheng certainly can’t leave her alone.
I’ll definitely relay your words to the two of them word for word.
If you have anything to say, just say it.”

Madam Helian pondered for a while.
The girl next to her kept sizing Yun Feng up with a hint of disdain in her eyes.
Yun Feng didn’t care and just sat there quietly.
Finally, Lady Helian said, “I’m here to discuss something.
In fact, I’m not here for the Mu family, but for Yun Sheng.”/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Yun Feng remained calm.
“Oh? Why are you looking for Yun Sheng?”

Lady Helian smiled.
“Everyone knows the status of the Yun family right now.
The powerhouses of the major families also want to establish a relationship with the Yun family.
The Helian family is no exception.
Compared to those small families, the Helian family believes that it has a status that can match the Yun family.” When she said this, Lady Helian couldn’t help but look proud.
Yun Feng smiled lightly.
“You’re right, Lady Helian.”

“The Helian family is on par with the Shang family and the De family.
My daughter, Helian Fu, certainly deserves the Yun family.
Even though Yun Sheng and the Mu family are married, it’s normal for a man to have multiple wives.”

“Do you mean… you want Miss Helian to be a concubine?” Yun Feng raised her brows and Helian Fu blushed.
“I’m not going to be a concubine! If anyone is going to be a concubine, it will be Mu Xiaojin!”

Yun Feng’s face suddenly darkened.
Lady Helian said, “With the Helian family’s current status and reputation, they’re one of the top in the Fengyun Empire.
Even though the Mu family has made some achievements with the Yun family’s help, they still can’t compare to the Helian family in the end.
Xiao Fu is the daughter of the Helian family.
It’s indeed unfair to be a concubine.”

“What do you think, Madam Helian?” Yun Feng continued to ask.
Madam Helian adjusted her posture slightly.
“It’s fine if the lady of the house doesn’t want to be a concubine.
Xiao Fu won’t mind either.
Both of them can be first wives.”

Yun Feng sneered in her mind.
“Why are you so sure that Yun Sheng will marry Miss Helian?”

Madam Helian’s expression froze.
“Well… The status and reputation of the Helian family will bring benefits to the Yun family, right? With the Helian family’s help, the Yun family will be like a tiger with wings.
Wouldn’t it be a pity if he doesn’t want such a good thing? Besides, Xiao Fu is a beautiful woman.
How can he not be interested in her?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“Madam Helian, you’re so confident.
If the Yun family wants to expand its power, how much help can the Helian family, which has just risen, provide? Rather than building a relationship with the Helian family, it’s better for us to find the Shang family and the De family.
Don’t you agree, Madam Helian?”

Lady Helian’s face turned red.
Helian Fu, who was next to her, blushed.
“You’re just a messenger! Why are you so talkative? The Yun family has the final say in the Yun family’s business.
Who do you think you are?”

Yun Feng lowered her head and chuckled.
At this moment, a figure had already rushed in from the side.
When he saw Yun Feng sitting there, his handsome face was full of excitement and his eyes revealed endless joy.
Yun Feng looked at the young man who rushed in with a smile.
It had been more than a year and her brother hadn’t changed at all.

Yun Sheng ignored Madam Helian and Helian Fu.
There was only Yun Feng in his eyes.
His sister, his precious sister, was back!

“Yun Sheng?” Lady Helian was startled to see Yun Sheng, who suddenly rushed in.
Seeing Yun Sheng, Helian Fu blushed and was about to greet him, when the mother and daughter saw Yun Sheng suddenly rush over and hug the aggressive girl who was sitting there just then, hugging her fiercely!

Madam Helian’s eyes darkened.
“I see… Hm! I thought it was someone else.
It turns out that a concubine jumped out in dissatisfaction.”

Helian Fu immediately looked at Yun Feng after hearing that.
Yun Sheng held his precious sister in his arms and was indescribably happy until he heard that.
His handsome face darkened abruptly.
“What did you say?” Yun Sheng turned around and looked at Lady Helian coldly.
Lady Helian sneered.
“Am I wrong? There’s no reason for you not to marry Xiao Fu this time.”

Madam Helian raised her eyes and looked at Yun Feng mockingly.
“As a concubine, you should know your place.
Don’t jump out and become a clown to embarrass yourself! Don’t think that you’re a member of the Yun family just because you married into the Yun family.
You should see your own worth!”

Yun Sheng was greatly enraged when he heard that.
Yun Feng, however, burst into laughter and pushed Yun Sheng’s warm arms away.
The corners of her mouth curled up with deep sarcasm.
“Lady Helian, you’re right.
The Yun family should make our own decisions.
As for the outsiders, you should keep your mouth shut.
You should know that the mouth is often the cause of trouble.”

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