Chapter 693 What Can I Do For You?


“Feng, you’ll know when you’re here… Mu City is about to explode because of our father.”

Yun Feng was stunned.
What Yun Sheng said next shocked her even more.
“Father is indeed different from before…”

After ending the communication with Yun Sheng, Yun Feng immediately turned to Mu City.
Two figures flashed across the sky of the Fengyun Empire like shooting stars.
Qu Lanyi joked, “I didn’t expect someone to be so lucky when he’s old.”

Yun Feng frowned.
“I didn’t expect that… my sullen father would be so popular.”

“Shouldn’t he be popular? You must know that a lot of people want to connect with the Yun family.
If they can marry into the Yun family, it will be a great thing!”

Yun Feng smiled coldly as she looked ahead with coldness in her black eyes.
“None of them is genuine.”

Qu Lanyi frowned slightly.
He wrapped his warm hand around Yun Feng’s finger and held it tightly in his palm.
“I am genuine…”


Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
The two of them flew quickly in the sky and arrived in the sky above Mu City in just half a day.
Looking at the noisy and lively city below, Yun Feng turned around slightly and gave Qu Lanyi a faint smile.
“I certainly know your feelings.”

Warmth appeared in Qu Lanyi’s eyes.
He suddenly pulled Yun Feng closer to him.
“Do you know your feelings?”

Yun Feng blushed.
She pushed Qu Lanyi’s body away and rushed forward in embarrassment.
Her casual remark made Qu Lanyi smile.
“Of course.”

When Yun Feng arrived in the sky above Mu City, she already knew that the city was much more lively than before.
Mu City could now be considered a first-class city.
Because of the Mu family, because Mu Xiaojin, who married into the Yun family, this city became so important that it had to develop rapidly.

When they arrived in the sky above the Mu family, the Mu family was still extremely crowded.
Yun Feng landed quietly in a hidden corner outside the Mu family’s yard.
Qu Lanyi followed her and pulled Yaoyao over.
He whispered to Yun Feng, “Go and take a look.”

Yun Feng nodded.
Meatball jumped onto Yaoyao at this moment and yawned lazily, looking very sleepy.
Yun Feng walked towards the gate of the Mu family casually.
Qu Lanyi jumped into the yard of the Mu family with Yaoyao and Meatball./ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

As soon as she walked out of this remote corner, Yun Feng heard a clamor that soared to the sky.
Some people were gathered outside the gate of the Mu family.
Yun Feng looked carefully and saw that most of them were middle-aged women.
They were shouting, “The second daughter of the Wang family is not bad.
I’m here to propose a marriage for the Master of the Yun family!”

“The girl from the Li family isn’t bad either.
Their family background is quite similar…”

“The third daughter of the Sun family…”

In just a short time, more than ten families’ last names had popped out of these women’s mouths.
They were all here to propose a marriage.
It seemed that her sullen father was indeed popular.
Yun Feng walked towards the door when a voice suddenly sounded.
“Make way, make way!”

Yun Feng turned around curiously and saw that the people around the door of the Mu family had been pushed to the sides brutally.
The few men pushed these women to the side, and these women were naturally unhappy.
“Why are you pushing us?”

“How dare you push someone in front of the Mu family?”



The women shouted and the few men who pushed her shouted with a sullen expression, “Get the f*ck out of the way! Don’t block the way!”

Yun Feng stepped aside slightly and looked over with her black eyes.
A woman slowly walked over from the path that had been cleared temporarily.
The clothes on her body were made of good fabric and her facial features were gorgeous.
Coupled with good makeup, she looked even more beautiful.
The woman’s body was elegant and she showed a kind of mature charm.
There was a kind of elegance and pride in the woman’s expression.
Her steps were slow and stylish.
The girl next to her was also similar.
Although her facial features were still young, she already had some of this woman’s charm.

The two of them should be mother and daughter.
Yun Feng’s eyes darkened.
Did the woman want to marry into the Yun family? And she even had a daughter?

The women who were still cursing just then gradually fell silent.
This woman’s beauty and pride made them all shut up.
Thinking that such a woman also wanted to marry into the Yun family, these matchmakers knew that other girls didn’t have a chance anymore and could only quietly leave.
Those middle-aged women turned around and left.
That noble woman had a smile at the corners of her mouth.
Yun Feng saw clearly that there was disdain in that smile.

“Madam Helian?” The guard of the Mu family couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised when he saw the woman who came.
The woman smiled lightly.
“I’m here to visit.”

The guard immediately opened the door and let them in.
Yun Feng was even more confused.
Helian? What kind of family was this? Was it a family that had risen recently? Very soon, a whisper on the side answered all Yun Feng’s doubts.
“Why is the wife of the Helian family here?” “Yeah, doesn’t she have a husband? Why did she come to the Yun family?”

“I think she’s proposing marriage for the child of the Helian family… Don’t you see that little girl next to her?”

“Are you dumb? Yun Feng is the only Young Lady left in the Yun family.
If you want to propose marriage, you should bring a man here!”

“You’re the one who’s dumb.
Isn’t Yun Sheng a man? Who said he can’t marry again after marrying someone? Even if she’s to become a concubine, she’ll still be a member of the Yun family!”

“Huh? You’re right.
But who doesn’t know the relationship between Yun Sheng and Master Mu? They’re so intimate! Would he marry a concubine?”

“You don’t know that.
Men… I don’t know! Besides, the Helian family…”

“What’s the background of the Helian family?” A question came.
The person who spoke didn’t notice it and replied, “Isn’t the Helian family the rising family of the Fengyun Continent recently? I heard that they’re comparable to the De family of the Shang family.
You don’t even know this…” The person who spoke turned around and found that there was no one next to him.
The others also looked at each other in bewilderment.
A figure quickly disappeared into the space silently.
Yun Feng sealed the space around her and entered the Mu family.
She wanted to see what Madam Helian was up to!

Lady Helian brought her daughter to the main hall of the Mu house.
Mu Xiaojin had always been a thrifty person, so the house was also simple.
The main hall was a bit shabby compared to other mansions.
Lady Helian only glanced at it without saying anything while the girl next to her grunted in disdain.
“What kind of poor place is this? It’s not even a tenth of our house…”

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