Chapter 690 Be Our Young Lady (3)

The mercenaries became silent.
It seemed that they did have some misunderstanding about the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Perhaps they had some preconceptions before they figured out what was going on.

Although the various branches of the mercenary groups in each empire had their own territory, it was only a matter of time before they communicated with each other.
The expansion of the Red Maple Mercenary Team reminded Yun Feng of this point.
The world was the same.

“President Gitte!” Yun Feng cupped her hands at Gitte, who was on the platform.
“Although every empire’s branch has its own area, they belong to the Mercenary Union at the end of the day.
All mercenaries are family, no matter which empire they are in.”

The mercenaries couldn’t help but feel warm in their hearts after hearing this.
Yun Feng continued to speak loudly, “The strength of the mercenary groups will continue to expand and expand.
Why don’t we expand our territory infinitely instead of being stuck here?”

Gitte frowned slightly and thought carefully about what Yun Feng said.
Yun Feng’s voice came again.
“You should know the purpose of the Mercenary Union better than anyone else, President Gitte! Once something happens on the East Continent, can the power of a Mercenary Union’s branch alone stop it?”

Gitte became anxious and he stared at Yun Feng.
Why did this little girl… see everything so clearly?

Yun Feng smiled lightly.
“I’ll tell Mr.
Zheng Ran when I get back.
If you’re willing, we can share all the missions of the Red Maple Mercenary Team with the Ovey Mercenary Team!”

Zhao Yan was stunned.
Although he was surprised in his mind, he didn’t question her at all.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team had already become famous on the East Continent.
Naturally, the level of the mission they received couldn’t be compared to other mercenary groups! Sharing a mission was equivalent to giving his benefits to someone else unconditionally.
This didn’t benefit the Red Maple Mercenary Team no matter how he looked at it.
However, Zhao Yan was extremely determined in his heart towards Yun Feng.
He believed in her.
He would believe in her no matter what!

“Are you serious?” President Gitte narrowed his eyes and looked at Yun Feng.
He still couldn’t believe that someone would offer such a huge amount of benefits unconditionally! Yun Feng looked at President Gitte and knew that he didn’t believe her in the end.
She said loudly, “I am serious! If Mr.
Zheng Ran agrees, I hope President Gitte can be sincere too!”

President Gitte pondered for a moment.
The mercenaries around were completely silent.
Some of them understood what he said, but some didn’t.
President Gitte was silent for a while and then said, “Sure! If the Red Maple Mercenary Team is so sincere, we’ll certainly repay them with the same sincerity!”

“President!” The Vice President, who had been restrained, couldn’t help but growl.
The same amount of sincerity and the same amount of repayment! That meant… President Gitte glanced over slightly and conveyed his meaning with a gaze that both of them understood.
The Vice President’s body trembled abruptly and he didn’t say anything else.

“Very good! Mercenaries of the Ovey Mercenary Union! The Red Maple Mercenary Team doesn’t have any hostility towards you.
If the Red Maple Mercenary Team really has a situation of snatching missions from other mercenary groups in the future, I, Yun Feng, will be the first to not let the Red Maple Mercenary Team off.
I’ll definitely give the others an explanation!” Yun Feng’s words spread to everyone’s ears.
The mercenaries all looked at each other and didn’t say anything.
The four leaders of the five-star groups, who had been standing there without moving, all looked at each other.

“Yun Feng, what you said is enlightening.
I understand.” After the four leaders of the five-star groups said that, the other mercenaries finally dared to shout out the voice in their minds.

“Yun Feng! I believe you!”

“That’s right.
If anything happens in the future, don’t disappoint us!”

The initial hostility of the mercenaries was all gone.
They couldn’t help but look at Yun Feng with respect in their eyes.
Some of them even cursed indignantly.
“How lucky is the Red Maple Mercenary Team to have such a Young Lady? How infuriating!” “Exactly.
If Yun Feng were from the Ovey Mercenary Union…”


The mercenaries’ hostility towards the Red Maple Mercenary Team didn’t disappear, but it was in a different way.
If Yun Feng knew about this, she really wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
The matter was completely resolved under Yun Feng’s influence.
Zhao Yan also received the news that the Red Maple Mercenary Team’s trouble everywhere in the Ovey area was gone.
Now, such a situation didn’t exist anymore.
However, the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team often received some strange gazes mixed with jealousy, envy and resentment, which made them puzzled no matter how they thought about it.

After dealing with the trouble between the Red Maple Mercenary Team and the Ovey Mercenary Union perfectly, Yun Feng finally put down the heavy burden in her mind.
Of course, she had to go to Shengyao and Cashya too, but it wasn’t difficult for the Mercenary Union branches of these two countries to agree with Ovey as a precedent.
After the matter was done, Yun Feng immediately said goodbye and walked out of the Mercenary Union under the reluctant gazes of many mercenaries.
Some mercenaries couldn’t help but say, “Yun Feng! Why are you the Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team? Be our Young Lady!”

Everyone immediately responded to his suggestion.
Yun Feng pulled the corners of her mouth in embarrassment.
Zhao Yan was so angry that his face turned red.
Why did everyone want to steal Yun Feng? Yun Feng was the Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team! Zhao Yan shouted, “Don’t even think about it! Yun Feng can only be the Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team!” Zhao Yan’s roar was immediately drowned.
These mercenaries didn’t care which mercenary group she was from.
Yun Feng chuckled and walked out without saying anything

At the highest point of the Ovey Mercenary Union, two people stood on it and looked at Yun Feng’s back as she walked away slowly.
“President, you agreed just like that.
Aren’t you afraid that the higher-ups will blame you? Also, you made a deal with her.
You won’t…”

President Gitte chuckled and stopped the nagging of the person next to him.
He only said in a low voice, “We’ll get more if we work with her.” The person next to him still looked worried.
President Gitte laughed.
“See? Time will prove everything.
That kid sees further than any of us…”

Yun Feng and the others walked out of the Mercenary Union.
Zhao Yan was full of gratitude in his mind.
If it weren’t for the relationship between Yun Feng, the relation between the Red Maple Mercenary Team and the other three empires would’ve been treading on thin ice.
They might’ve even started fighting in the end! In that case, the Red Maple Mercenary Team would bring trouble to the entire Mercenary Union, a trouble that couldn’t be resolved!

Muqing followed him casually.
Looking at Qu Lanyi’s back, he frowned and pondered.
Then, he walked to Qu Lanyi gently.
“I didn’t know that you hid yourself so well, Brother Qu.”

Qu Lanyi looked at him lazily and didn’t say anything.
Muqing knew that the guy didn’t want to talk to him, so he didn’t say anything else.
Yun Feng said to Muqing as she walked, “I’ve outstayed my welcome in Ovey.
I’m leaving right now.” Muqing nodded.
“Are you going to Shengyao and Cashya?”

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