Chapter 688 Be Our Young Lady (1)

Yun Feng wasn’t a bird, but even if she were a bird, she didn’t need to fly at all! Five or six people swarmed up and completely pressed Yun Feng down.
Zhao Yan was restrained on the chair and could only shout in panic, “Yun Feng!” However, Qu Lanyi only smiled and didn’t say anything.
There wasn’t any panic on his face at all.
He knew her very well.
Those people wanted to hurt Yun Feng? Dream on!

“Argh!” A few miserable screams were heard.
The few people who had just pressed Yun Feng down fiercely were bounced off by an invisible force.
Their bodies were flung out mercilessly like kites with broken strings!

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

A few sounds were heard consecutively.
The people who were thrown out were lying below the ring in a mess.
They moved slightly but didn’t get up again.
It was obvious that they were still breathing, but the force just then was indeed not light and their injuries were also very serious.

Yun Feng stood there without moving.
Her black eyes looked at the silent mercenaries around her with a smile.
“Why? Is this all you’ve got?”

The mercenaries were enraged.
A few more people ran onto the ring! Yun Feng smiled.
“Come on.” The few of them immediately unleashed their fighting energy and swarmed forward! The scene became a bit funny.
Yun Feng was the target of the challenge.
People kept going up the ring, and people were thrown off.
People kept going up the ring again! The energetic shouts of the mercenaries rose and fell!

“Beat her! Beat her!”

This shout resounded in the sky and everyone’s emotions were stirred up.
The reason for the appearance of the scene had already been thrown to the back of their minds.
Even the conflict between the Red Maple Mercenary Team and Ovey had been forgotten.
There was only the existence of this young girl in everyone’s eyes.
There was a scorching thought in everyone’s mind: defeat her!

Yun Feng also paid attention when she attacked.
She gave these mercenaries a heavy counterattack without harming their lives.
The mercenaries came wave after wave.
Yun Feng was the target of their challenge.
Whoever could defeat Yun Feng would be a hero!

Gradually, this competition completely changed.
They put aside their grudges and conflicts and only fought for their honor, just to defeat this girl!

President Gitte was dumbfounded as he watched the heated arena.
The harsh and tense atmosphere was gone for some reason.
It was actually a bit harmonious! The mercenaries’ cheers also changed.
President Gitte stared at the girl in the center of the arena.
Was she born like this… born with the power of leadership?

Muqing couldn’t stop chuckling.
Yun Feng, Yun Feng, what else is hidden in your body? Will you be able to take over the entire Ovey Mercenary Union in the end? Muqing’s worries weren’t unreasonable.
If no one could defeat Yun Feng, these courageous mercenaries would look at her in a different light! Power was everything in this world!

Seeing that the situation was completely out of control, the Vice President gritted his teeth and tried his best to break out of the shackles, but Qu Lanyi only glanced at him coldly.
“Stop struggling.
It’s useless.” The Vice President was shocked and looked at President Gitte subconsciously.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and happened to meet President Gitte’s eyes.

“Are you planning to join too, President?” Qu Lanyi moved his finger gently, as if he was drawing something unintentionally.
However, President Gitte instantly felt that the space around him was suppressed! He immediately looked awful!

“You…” President Gitte didn’t know what to say.
As the president of the Ovey Mercenary Union, he was instantly shackled and couldn’t move?

Qu Lanyi smiled.
“If you want to fight, you can.
But don’t be hasty.
You’ll have a chance to fight.” Qu Lanyi glanced at Muqing, who quickly waved his hand.
“Don’t worry.
I’m not involved.
I’m just here to watch.”

“That’d better be the case.” After saying that, Qu Lanyi looked back with a beautiful smile at the corners of his mouth.
His eyes were fixed on the girl in the center of the arena.
Zhao Yan sat there quietly.
He didn’t struggle anymore and didn’t want to rush out impulsively.
He just looked at Qu Lanyi’s back and suddenly felt bitter in his heart.

The gap between him and this man was too huge.
Yun Feng raised her hand and tied him up here.
Not only was he unable to help her, but he almost became a burden! As for Qu Lanyi, although he didn’t say anything, he subdued the president and the Vice President of the Ovey Mercenary Union in an instant! Zhao Yan asked himself honestly, did he have the ability? If Qu Lanyi weren’t here and he were the only one, how would he protect Yun Feng? Thinking of his calm smile when Yun Feng was besieged, Zhao Yan couldn’t help but smile bitterly.
He lost so completely.

Yaoyao had been staying quietly in Qu Lanyi’s arms.
She looked at Yun Feng with her big eyes without any worry.
Meatball had been thrown to Qu Lanyi after Yun Feng jumped down.
Meatball bared its teeth to express its dissatisfaction.
Qu Lanyi said unhappily, “Do you think I like touching you?”

Meatball was about to take a bite, but gave up the idea after thinking about it.
It jumped on Yaoyao’s shoulder directly.
Yaoyao didn’t seem to care about it.
Compared to humans, Meatball preferred to be together with Magic Beasts.

While the audience was bustling, none of the mercenaries knew that their president and the Vice President had already become hostages.
They couldn’t resist at all! President Gitte stood there with a gloomy expression.
Yun Feng’s appearance shocked him too much.
Although he knew that she was the summoner, he only realized how powerful she was when he saw her!

The battle on the ring continued.
Even though people were constantly knocked down, the mercenaries’ enthusiasm continued to boil!

“Argh!” They kept charging forward and attacking without stopping.
No matter how many people there were, no matter who they were, the girl in the center of the ring was still standing there with a faint smile on her face.
She didn’t even move her feet!

This made Ovey’s hot-blooded mercenaries very frustrated.
There were already dozens of people lying below the ring, but they didn’t even move her at all! They could only say that the person who came up to challenge her was too weak.
None of them was even at the Commander Level, so how could Yun Feng move even half a step?

After the few group leaders of the Ovey Mercenary Team were also thrown away, someone finally couldn’t sit still anymore.
The four leaders of the five-star groups of the Ovey Mercenary Union were sitting in their respective areas.
Over the years, the overall strength of the Mercenary Union had been increasing.
Now, the strength of the five-star group leaders had all advanced to the Commander Level!

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