Chapter 686 Those Who Are Unconvinced, Come Up and Fight (2)

“I’ll definitely be participating in the level assessment.
Even if I don’t cause trouble, trouble will come to me.” Yun Feng put on a smile.
Qu Lanyi shook his head helplessly.
Those people were truly asking for trouble.
If they wanted to get themselves killed, Yun Feng certainly wouldn’t say anything.

Soon, three days had passed.
The mercenaries belittled Yun Feng’s image in these three days.
They said things like cowards, fear of death, and being pretentious.
Yun Feng remained unmoved and didn’t go out.
This made the mercenaries think that Yun Feng was just like that from the bottom of their hearts! The mercenaries of the Ovey Mercenary Union were already dissatisfied with the Red Maple Mercenary Team stealing their business.
Of course, they did everything they could to slander Yun Feng.
As long as Yun Feng was destroyed, the Red Maple Mercenary Team would certainly fall too!

After three days, the rumors outside became more and more intense.
Even though Zhao Yan knew that Yun Feng definitely had plans in her mind, he was quite enraged.
If Yun Feng hadn’t said that she didn’t care, he would have already rushed to fight with them! Nobody dared to insult the Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team so recklessly!

On the day of the level assessment, the Ovey Mercenary Union was very lively.
The mercenaries were all excited.
They seemed to want to vent their anger on Yun Feng.
It was heated outside.
The mercenaries were full of energy early in the morning.
Yun Feng looked out of the window lazily and looked at the excited mercenaries with a calm gaze.

“Let’s go.” Muqing pushed the door open and said.
Yun Feng turned her head slightly.
At that moment, Muqing suddenly felt a coldness in the bottom of his heart.
The coldness that came without any warning immediately disappeared.
“Yun Feng…” Muqing called out uncertainly.
Yun Feng glanced over with glittering eyes and walked past Muqing without saying anything.
Muqing was stunned for a long time before he finally came back to himself.
In the end, he could only smile helplessly.
It seemed that Yun Feng’s good temper had come to an end.

There was a clamor of voices and cheers all over the sky.
Yun Feng felt a surging heat wave the moment she walked into the ring of the competition.
This reminded her of the scene many years ago.
When the Karan Empire still existed, she led the Red Maple Mercenary Team in Ge Yuan’s Mercenary Union to complete the level assessment!

In the same ring-shaped arena, the mercenaries, who were also excited, also shouted loudly.
The level assessment was a major event for the Mercenary Union no matter which empire it was in.
It meant that a new star was rising!

President Gitte had already been seated.
He looked down at the noisy scene with a gentle smile.
The man who spoke rudely last time was also sitting on the side.
He seemed to be the Vice President.
Seeing Yun Feng come up, President Gitte smiled and made a hand gesture.
The man next to him got up with a gloomy face and brought Muqing, Yun Feng and the others up.
Yun Feng wasn’t unfamiliar with the same platform.
This was just a different branch of the Mercenary Union.
Almost all the facilities were similar.
This was the highest stand.
It would certainly attract attention if someone came up.

Muqing sat down with a faint smile.
Qu Lan sat down with Yaoyao in her arms, followed by Zhao Yan.
Meatball sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder and looked down at the noisy scene with its big eyes, as if it was very curious.
Yun Feng was about to sit down, but didn’t expect President Gitte to wave his hand at this moment.
The whole place suddenly became quiet.

Yun Feng could only stand next to President Gitte and feel the gazes from all directions.
President Gitte smiled and opened his mouth to speak.
His gentle face and voice were extremely loud, spreading to every corner of the venue!

“Today is a big day for the Ovey Mercenary Team.
It’s the level assessment that everyone is looking forward to! I know you’re already eager to try, but before that, we have to welcome a distinguished guest.
You must’ve heard her name, Yun Feng!”

There was a smile on President Gitte’s face.
After he said that, everyone was silent.
There was some awkward silence.
However, President Gitte didn’t care.
“Yun Feng, come and talk to these mercenaries.” President Gitte immediately pushed Yun Feng in front of him.
Yun Feng chuckled and didn’t seem embarrassed at all, which made Gitte’s eyes glitter.

Yun Feng walked up to the platform and the eyes around her all swept over and landed on her.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up slightly.
Before she opened her mouth, someone couldn’t help but ask, “Are you Yun Feng, whom the Red Maple Mercenary Team always talks about?” A voice shouted loudly.
Yun Feng’s brows moved slightly and she didn’t say anything.

“Those people from the Red Maple Mercenary Team bragged about you like you were a goddess.
I think you’re just so-so!”

“Exactly! You didn’t have the courage to come out of the Mercenary Union in the past few days.
What goddess? I think you’re useless!”

When Zhao Yan heard that, he immediately moved and wanted to rush over.
Qu Lanyi quickly held Zhao Yan down and looked at him, hinting him not to move.
This was the Ovey Mercenary Union.
Zhao Yan gritted his teeth and sat there with his muscles tensed, trying to suppress the anger in his heart.

Yun Feng didn’t say anything to refute.
She just stood there and listened to all the criticism.

“People of the Red Maple Mercenary Team still have the face to come here! Why didn’t you show your face when you stole our business?”

“They’re all thick-skinned.
Don’t you see Yun Feng? She’s not even saying anything after all this! Hey! Are you scared?”

The audience burst into laughter, which was filled with endless malice.
Yun Feng stood there indifferently without a hint of embarrassment on her face, and President Gitte didn’t intend to help her.
He simply stood aside quietly and let the mercenaries say whatever they wanted.
Zhao Yan was already so angry that his face was flushed.
Qu Lanyi sat aside quietly with her eyes fixed on Yun Feng.
Muqing sat aside with a vague smile, as if he was watching a drama.
The Vice President, on the other hand, smiled gloomily.
He was obviously quite happy to see Yun Feng being insulted.

“She’s just a coward! Her parents probably didn’t teach her well.
Hey! Is your father a coward too?”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows and looked over with her black eyes.
After a burst of laughter, the person continued, “People say that the Yun family is an unattainable family.
I don’t think so! They’ve been hiding for three days.
Their entire family must be cowards! I think…” The person who was talking arrogantly was still chattering one second.
But the next second, he had already disappeared.
His body seemed to be minced by some invisible force.
The people around him didn’t react at all.
Their faces and bodies were already covered in warm blood!

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