Chapter 685 Those Who Are Unconvinced, Come Up and Fight (1)


Yun Feng walked back to her room.
The fire in her heart hadn’t subsided yet.
The development of the Red Maple Mercenary Team this year was too rapid.
In just one year, they had already made a name for themselves in this East Continent.
In just one year, they became the target of everyone.

“What are you thinking about?” Qu Lanyi’s warm voice came.
His slender fingers caressed Yun Feng’s brows and gently separated them.
“It seems that some people won’t stop until they cause trouble.
However, attacking the Red Maple Mercenary Team only proves how stupid they are!”

Qu Lanyi frowned slightly.
He soon understood what Yun Feng meant.
“You mean…”

Yun Feng chuckled coldly.
“I’ll find out whoever did this!”

Qu Lanyi’s black eyes darkened.
“Have you ever thought that the Red Maple Mercenary Team might just be part of the scheme?”

A bone-piercing coldness flashed through Yun Feng’s eyes.
“If that’s true, I think I’ll have to do a lot more on this trip.”

Worry couldn’t help but flash through Qu Lanyi’s eyes.
Yun Feng had always treated the Yun family like her own life.
Nobody could do anything to her family! However, such a personality would also give Yun Feng more enemies.
If all of this was just a smokescreen, then Yun Feng’s appearance would make the four empires worst fear come true!

Yun Feng was such a genius and an invincible powerhouse, and the Yun family was so independent and special.
Nobody would be completely at ease.

Killing intent flashed through Qu Lanyi’s eyes.
If Yun Feng protected the Yun family, he would protect her!

“Don’t worry.
I know what I’m doing.
I won’t put the Yun family or the Red Maple Mercenary Team in danger.
If anything happens, let me carry it alone.” Yun Feng chuckled.
Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, felt pain in his heart.
Without thinking, he pulled Yun Feng into his arms.
“How many times do I have to tell you? You still have me.”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up.
Of course, she knew that she had him, but if she relied on someone else on every occasion, she wouldn’t be Yun Feng anymore.

After resting for a day, Zhao Yan and Muqing were both full of energy.
The next day, they set off for the Ovey Mercenary Union, which was located in Nayuan City.
Everything went well with Muqing around.
When the guards of the Ovey Mercenary Union learned of Yun Feng’s identity, they became inexplicably nervous, as if they were worried that Yun Feng would cause trouble this time.
Yun Feng, who entered the Ovey Mercenary Union, was obviously under the sharp gaze of many people that were all hostile.

These mercenaries weren’t afraid of Yun Feng because of her strength and identity.
Their eyes were full of hostility that they didn’t want to hide at all.
Zhao Yan received the emotions of these mercenaries and stood next to Yun Feng nervously.
Yun Feng walked inside expressionlessly.
The atmosphere inside the Mercenary Union suddenly became very gloomy.

“Muqing, you’re here!” A loud voice came, penetrating the heavy atmosphere.
Muqing greeted the newcomer with a smile on his face.
“What an honor to be received by you, President Gitte.”

It was hard for people to think that the man walking towards them was the president of the Mercenary Union.
His refined face even had a few scholarly qualities, but the fierceness in his eyes couldn’t be underestimated.
The man chuckled and looked at Yun Feng with interest.
“Are you Yun Feng?”

Yun Feng nodded.
President Gitte nodded approvingly.
“Indeed, seeing is believing.


Yun Feng smiled.
She knew that a lot of the rumors about her were a bit exaggerated.
These people certainly didn’t believe it in their minds.
However, she was standing right here, so this president certainly knew what Yun Feng was like.
Even though the rumors were partly false, they were almost truthful.
This junior indeed made these old guys feel pressured, and they more or less understood why the Red Maple Mercenary Team rose so quickly.

“President, there’s no need for you to welcome them in person.
There are a lot of things that we haven’t discussed yet, and the date of…” The man next to President Gitte finally spoke.
This man looked more like someone from the mercenary world.
He had a rough face.
Even though he was short, he still had a muscular body and an intimidating aura on the outside.

“Alright, let’s talk about it later.
Now that distinguished guests are here, we must come out to greet them.” After President Gitte said that, the man stopped talking and only glanced at Yun Feng with strong hostility and contempt.
Yun Feng didn’t care.
Everything was as she expected.

“I just remembered that the Ovey Mercenary Union’s level assessment is about to begin, right?” Muqing said softly.
President Gitte nodded with a smile.
“You came at the right time.
Since Yun Feng happens to be here too, let’s observe and give the Ovey Mercenary Group some advice.
What do you think?”

Yun Feng nodded.
She had never thought that she would be able to participate in the Ovey Mercenary Union’s level assessment.
She had wanted to find an opportunity to explain the situation, but this opportunity came.
The man next to her suddenly smiled after hearing this and didn’t object.
“If you say so, President, let’s arrange it this way.”

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, Yun Feng, Muqing and the others were naturally asked to stay.
In three days, the Ovey Mercenary Team’s level assessment would begin.
Yun Feng and Muqing were treated as special guests.
They were arranged to stay in the area where the president of the mercenaries lived.
The Ovey Mercenary Union was a bit restless that night.
The news of Yun Feng’s arrival came immediately.
All the mercenaries were a bit anxious and they all hoped that Yun Feng would show up.
When that time came, they would have to fight with her for any reason to vent the anger in their minds!

In the end, they were disappointed.
Yun Feng stayed in her room and didn’t go anywhere.
In the next three days, she was relaxed and eased.
Since she didn’t go out, she certainly wouldn’t be able to provoke any trouble.
The mercenaries of the Ovey Mercenary Union couldn’t help but gnash their teeth in anger.
The rumor that Yun Feng was a coward spread immediately.

“Yun Feng! How dare they call you a coward!” Zhao Yan didn’t go out either, but the rumor came in with wings.
Zhao Yan was enraged when he heard that and wanted to go out and argue, but Yun Feng stopped him.

“Ignore them.” Yun Feng only said four words, but Zhao Yan was still furious.
Was Yun Feng a coward? Yun Feng was called a coward! Did they have eyes?

Seeing that Zhao Yan was still angry, Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but smile.
“Why are you so angry? There will be a chance to prove whether or not she’s a coward.
By then, we’ll know who’s the coward.”

Zhao Yan was stunned and didn’t quite understand.
Yun Feng sat on the chair and drank some tea casually, asking Zhao Yan to sit down.
“Someone will certainly be able to defame the Red Maple Mercenary Team if something happens.
There will always be a chance.
No need to rush.” The anger in Zhao Yan’s heart dropped slightly and he was very touched in his heart.
No matter what happened, Yun Feng would always think about the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
It wasn’t wrong for the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team to worship Yun Feng!

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