Chapter 684 Don’t Mess with Me (4)

“I heard that a distinguished guest is here, so I came to greet.” A gentle voice sounded.
Yun Feng looked up and saw a pale middle-aged man walking in.
One of the kids shouted in surprise, “Master!” Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes and sized up the middle-aged man.
Commander Level.

“Yun Feng, the summoner?” The pale middle-aged man raised his brows and said.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“That’s right.
I’m not the distinguished guest.
I’ll take my leave first.” Yun Feng got up and was about to leave.
However, the next second, a brutal fighting energy suddenly came from behind her.
Yun Feng’s eyes turned cold and her body tilted slightly.
The fighting energy suddenly missed her and smashed into the ground!

“What’s the meaning of this?” Yun Feng turned around slightly, and the pale middle-aged man laughed.
“It’s exactly what you’re seeing.
Let me see how powerful the legendary summoner Yun Feng is!”

The few children immediately stepped aside agilely.
They didn’t seem nervous at all, but were quite excited, as if they had already expected it.
Yun Feng frowned as she looked at the man who provoked her.
She didn’t want to fight here.
After all, it wasn’t necessary.
If she had to respond to every person who provoked her, she would be just as childish as these people.

“Do you think our teacher will teach Yun Feng a lesson?”

“A little.
Isn’t our teacher very strong too?”

Don’t think that Ovey is easy to bully!” The whispers of the children reached Yun Feng’s ears.
She sneered in her mind.
This bunch of kids wanted to teach her a lesson? It seemed that Ovey and the Red Maple Mercenary Team were on bad terms.
So what about Shengyao and Cashya? The two countries wouldn’t be any better.
If the development of the Red Maple Mercenary Team caused the three countries to unite and do something to the Fengyun Empire, it would truly be a loss.
However, the Mercenary Union certainly wouldn’t sit back and do nothing.
After all, the mercenary groups were relatively independent.
The royal family needed courage to make use of the mercenary groups.

However, the Red Maple Mercenary Team was in a delicate situation in the mercenary world.
If they didn’t make shocking moves, they would become everyone’s target if they stood on the cusp of the storm.
An idea suddenly flashed through Yun Feng’s mind.
Uncle Zhao and Uncle Wang couldn’t possibly be the masterminds that manipulated Yun Feng to do this.
The two of them didn’t have such great ambitions, and Zhao Yan didn’t need to be mentioned either.
This young man’s personality and mind were very simple.
Only someone like Yan Ming could possibly make such a move.
However, Yan Ming wouldn’t abandon the Red Maple Mercenary Team and let them be attacked!

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly.
Some inconspicuous things were quickly magnified in her brain infinitely.
As she thought that someone might be doing this on purpose when the Red Maple Mercenary Team was in such a dangerous state, the anger in Yun Feng’s heart rose slowly.
Like the Yun family, the Red Maple Mercenary Team was important in Yun Feng’s heart.
If someone wanted to take advantage of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, she wouldn’t let them go!

A fierce aura burst out of her body in an instant.
Yun Feng, who was thinking about the problem of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, didn’t suppress it.
Such a fierce aura made the faces of those children who were prepared to watch a good show turn pale.
Some of them obviously couldn’t take it anymore and their breathing became rapid.
The expression of the middle-aged man who was about to fight Yun Feng also changed abruptly.

After making up her mind, Yun Feng finally noticed that there was another person who wasn’t afraid of death waiting there for her to attack.
Yun Feng raised her black eyes.
The man, who was already pale, seemed even worse.
Seeing Yun Feng’s gaze, he couldn’t help but swallow.

Yun Feng’s lips moved slightly, and the man’s pupils shrank abruptly when he saw that.
He actually rushed over with a shout.
Yun Feng saw the undisguised panic and nervousness on the man’s face and couldn’t help but sneer.
Her brutal fighting energy surged.
Yun Feng’s speed wouldn’t give the man a chance to attack her at all.
The few children watched on the side, dazzled and dumbfounded!

“Do any of you see where she is?” A child widened his eyes and looked hard.
He wanted to catch Yun Feng’s movement, but it was futile.

“I can’t… see clearly.
She’s too fast!”

The middle-aged man who was attacking felt the same.
Yun Feng’s speed was too fast.
In front of his eyes, there were flashing black shadows.
He couldn’t detect any trajectory at all, not to mention attacking her.
It was difficult to determine where she was! The man stood there in panic.
His self-righteousness just then was like a balloon that had been released.
The fighting spirit that was burning in his heart just then was completely gone at this moment!

“Swish…” There was a slight sound in the air.
Everybody couldn’t help but hold their breath.
Yun Feng seemed to have done teasing him.
She finally showed up in front of the middle-aged man like a ghost!

“She’s here!” The few kids who were hiding and watching the drama suddenly shouted.
In the end, they all covered their mouths and hid again.

Yun Feng looked at the middle-aged man with her black eyes.
He felt like his soul was about to be sucked away by those eyes.
He quickly took a deep breath and said with a straight face, “I… You…”

Yun Feng just looked at him like she was looking down at a tiny creature from a high place.
The pity in her eyes made the man ashamed, but he couldn’t refute her.
Yun Feng gently looked away.
“I don’t want to kill you.” The man felt like he had been pardoned.
He knew that his life had been spared, so he didn’t dare to say anything and quickly left with his tail between his legs.

Even though the kids hiding on the side didn’t see any fighting, and they didn’t give Yun Feng a lesson like they thought, they could clearly feel how powerful Yun Feng was.
The movement speed that they couldn’t catch just then had already made these kids understand that this girl, who wasn’t much older than them, was so… powerful!

“Kids.” Yun Feng slowly walked over.
The few kids hiding on the side couldn’t help but take a few steps back.
They all pressed their lips and their teeth were trembling inexplicably! Yun Feng glanced at the kids and raised her eyebrows.
“Not everyone can be provoked.”

The children nodded desperately.
Yun Feng turned around and left without saying anything.
The children couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when they saw her leave.
In the end, they looked at each other in bewilderment.
“She’s quite a nice person…”

“That’s right.
If it were anyone else, I think we would’ve been taught a lesson.”

“The Red Maple Mercenary Team can’t be as annoying as others say, right?”

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