Chapter 682 Don’t Mess with Me (2)

“It’s not up to you to tell me whether or not they’re stealing it.
I’m purely an outsider in this matter.
The development of the Red Maple Mercenary Team has already made a lot of people dissatisfied.
They’re ostracized in other places.
Take today as an example.
The people guarding the city are soldiers, not mercenaries of any group.
They’re all dissatisfied with the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Should you consider the current situation?”

What Muqing meant was very obvious.
You can develop and strengthen yourself if you want! You can develop in your own territory, but don’t be so arrogant in other territories.

“Such a situation does need to be changed.” Yun Feng whispered and then stood up.
“Where’s the Ovey Mercenary Union?”

Muqing was stunned.
“W-Why are you asking this?”

“Since the Red Maple Mercenary Team unintentionally caused some people to have unnecessary misunderstandings, we naturally have to explain it to them face to face so as to avoid further trouble in the future!”

Muqing frowned.
He originally thought that Yun Feng would suppress the development of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, but he didn’t expect her to attack the Mercenary Union directly! “Are you going to take action?” Muqing asked with an unpleasant look.
Yun Feng laughed with a playful smile at the corners of her mouth.
“Action? Muqing, are you so afraid that I’ll take action?”

Muqing looked a bit embarrassed.
He couldn’t see through this girl when they first met, and he still couldn’t see through her right now.
He couldn’t see through her strength, her thoughts, her personality, and everything she did!

“For someone as strong as you, it will hurt your dignity if you do anything,” said Muqing casually.
Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
“Dignity isn’t just about yourself, but also about protecting the people you love.”

Muqing’s eyes glittered.
Yun Feng had already walked to the door.
“Just tell me where it is.
I’ll go there myself.”

Muqing was startled for a moment and then smiled.
“You’re a guest.
I must do my best to be your host.”

Yun Feng smiled indifferently.
It was better for him to go with her.
There would be fewer troubles along the way.
She was about to open the door and move when a servant ran in.
“Young Master Muqing, Young Master Muqing!”

“What’s wrong? Why are you in such a panic?” Muqing yelled.
The servant panted heavily and quickly replied, “Someone… Someone is trying to break in!”

As soon as he said that, an angry roar came from nearby.
“Get out of the way.
Don’t make me attack you!” Muqing frowned when he heard that.
His body flashed and he had already rushed out.
Yun Feng found the voice a bit familiar, but she couldn’t remember it for a while.

“You’re not going to take a look?” Qu Lanyi said in a low voice.
“It’s possible that they’re here for you.”

“For me?” Yun Feng raised her brows.
Who would come to find her at this moment? She moved her feet and rushed over with Yaoyao and Meatball.
“This is not a place you can trespass! I’ll give you five seconds to get out!” Muqing roared.
Yun Feng and the others also showed up at this moment.
When they saw the person who barged in, Yun Feng was astonished!

“Zhao Yan!”

Zhao Yan, who was about to attack, saw Yun Feng and a kind of enthusiasm burst out of his eyes.
“M-Miss Yun!” Zhao Yan immediately changed his words and shouted.
Muqing immediately looked at Yun Feng after hearing that.
“You know him?”

Yun Feng nodded.
“Sorry, he’s my friend.
He was a bit too hasty.”

Zhao Yan was about to say something, but Yun Feng glared at him and stopped him.
Hearing that, Muqing waved his hand and asked the people around to back off.
He also stopped attacking.
“Since he’s your friend, I’ll just let this pass.
You can have a talk.
Let me know when you’re leaving.” Muqing then turned around and left.
Seeing that everyone else had left, Zhao Yan immediately ran over and stood in front of Yun Feng, sizing her up from head to toe and back again!

She was back.
She was finally back!

“It’s only been a year.
I haven’t changed much.
You don’t have to look at me like that.” Yun Feng chuckled.
Zhao Yan’s cheeks were a bit red.
He was about to say something, when he saw Qu Lanyi.
He immediately sized him up with vigilance.
Seeing that Zhao Yan seemed to have something to say, and that he didn’t want to say it in front of Qu Lanyi, Yun Feng glanced at Qu Lanyi.

“Alright, alright.
Got it.” Qu Lanyi immediately understood what Yun Feng meant with her look.
He held Yaoyao in his arms.
“Yaoyao, let’s go somewhere else first.” Yaoyao nodded obediently and stared at Zhao Yan with her big eyes.
It was obvious that she disliked him a lot.
Zhao Yan also sized up Yaoyao constantly, as if he was confirming something.
Meatball, which was resting comfortably on Yun Feng’s shoulder, was suddenly picked up by a hand.
It immediately turned around and bit, but missed.

Qu Lanyi picked up Meatball’s neck with his two fingers and walked outside with its fluffy and chubby body.
I need some space.” Meatball cried in dissatisfaction.
Qu Lanyi left with the two of them.
Yun Feng smiled in relief.
He truly understood her.

“Alright, what’s the matter?” Yun Feng asked.
In fact, Qu Lanyi wasn’t an outsider.
Yun Feng didn’t think she had anything to hide from him.
However, Zhao Yan didn’t seem willing to talk.
Yun Feng could only ask Qu Lanyi to leave for a while.

“That… Is it true?” Zhao Yan said without rhyme or reason.
Yun Feng was confused.
“What’s true?”

Zhao Yan swallowed.
“That rumor!”

Yun Feng was even more confused.
“Rumor? What rumor?”

Zhao Yan’s face suddenly darkened.
“It seems that it’s true.
I didn’t expect things to develop so quickly… It’s actually…”

“Make yourself clear! Don’t stammer!” Yun Feng was a bit angry.
“What rumor? Make yourself clear!”

Zhao Yan sighed.
“You have a kid with him, and she’s already so big… This is a good thing for you.
That kid is also very beautiful and very similar to you… Uncle Yun Jing must be very happy.
Did you tell him this news? Do you want to give him a surprise?” Zhao Yan said, but Yun Feng looked worse and worse.
Zhao Yan suddenly didn’t have the courage to continue talking in the end.
He only felt that Yun Feng seemed a bit angry.

“Who… said… that?” Yun Feng gnashed her teeth so hard that they made creaking sounds.
Zhao Yan was a bit puzzled.
“The warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team are all spreading that you have a child.
I didn’t believe it at first, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes…”

“Damn it! How could you believe that?” Yun Feng roared furiously as she grabbed Zhao Yan’s collar with one hand and lifted him up with force.
Zhao Yan had already been picked up by Yun Feng.
In the next second, Yun Feng had already rushed forward like the wind with him! When Zhao Yan came back to his senses again, he saw Yun Feng suddenly push open a door.
Once the three mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team saw Yun Feng, they immediately shouted in unison, “Good morning, my Lady!”

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