Chapter 671 Going Home (2)

Yun Feng planned to leave in a few days.
Everyone in the Yun family knew that Yun Feng would be gone for the time being.
Only the three brothers of the Yun family and Yun Luochen knew that Yun Feng was going back to the East Continent.
Everyone else thought that Yun Feng was going somewhere else.
The news that Yun Feng was leaving also spread in Jushui Town.
Some people were naturally relieved and even a bit excited, but they didn’t dare to do anything too big.

Qu Lanyi naturally would return to the East Continent with Yun Feng.
Yaoyao and Meatball couldn’t be separated from Yun Feng.
Yun Feng left Lan Yi and Little Fire behind this time.
Although they were strongly opposed, their objection was invalid.
The two Magic Beasts were obviously angry, but they had to obey Yun Feng’s order.
Yun Tianfan said he didn’t need that, but Yun Feng insisted.
Yun Feng could roughly guess what would happen if she left.
The Li family and the Shi family were tied together.
Once she left, the Li family would certainly let the Shi family seize this opportunity to knock down the Yun family and let the Li family rise again.
The Shi family would also take the risk.
However, even if Yun Feng left, it didn’t mean that the Yun family could be bullied at will!

The Yun family didn’t have any decent guards at the moment.
If they had a Yun Army like the one on the East Continent, Yun Feng wouldn’t have to worry.
The Yun family on the West Continent didn’t have any powerful protection, except for Yun Feng.
Yun Feng thought carefully about leaving the two Magic Beasts behind.
Besides, her strength had also increased.
Whoever wanted to do anything to her would have to think carefully.

Little Fire and Lan Yi were left behind despite their objection.
The two Magic Beasts rushed out of the Yun family a bit angrily on the same day.
Yun Feng could only smile helplessly.
Even though she knew that they were angry, she also knew that they would protect this place on her behalf.
After all, this place was her family that she valued.

What surprised Yun Feng was Xia Qing.
After learning that Yun Feng was going to the East Continent, she volunteered to stay.
Yun Feng was very surprised.
Xia Qing said that even though she wanted to go to the East Continent and meet her teacher’s family, she would be better to stay on the West Continent and get more experience.
Xia Qing hoped that when Yun Feng came back, she would be stronger

Yun Feng patted Xia Qing’s little head in relief.
It was good to stay here.
Although the West Continent was full of dangers, it was still a good place for training.
Besides, she would certainly make a move when she left here.
It was also a chance for Xia Qing to practice.
After all, the cultivation of strength was one part, while the real fighting was another part.

Only Little Fire, Lan Yi, and Xia Qing stayed with the Yun family on the West Continent like this.
Qu Lanyi looked at Xia Qing thoughtfully.
The little girl didn’t seem very excited, as if something had happened.
Qu Lanyi didn’t ask anything.
He just carried Yaoyao over.
“Do you know, Yaoyao?”

Yaoyao looked at Qu Lanyi with her big blue eyes and finally lowered her head.
“I don’t know.”

Qu Lanyi nodded thoughtfully.
Something must’ve happened, and Yun Feng, who was more careless, certainly didn’t notice Xia Qing’s sensitive mind.
She didn’t know where Yan Che had gone.
Yun Feng didn’t want to bring him back this time, so it was good that he didn’t know.
Just like that, Yun Feng decided everything and left Jushui Town with Yun Luochen.

When Yan Che came back and found that Yun Feng’s disciple, Xia Qing, was the only one left in the Yun family’s mansion, he yelled, “Hey! Where’s your master? And that damned transvestite!” Yan Che looked at Xia Qing with a headache.
Xia Qing knew that Yan Che and Yun Feng weren’t exactly close friends.
He only said that Yun Feng had left.
Yan Che asked Xia Qing in confusion why she didn’t come with him.
Xia Qing replied that Yun Feng had something to do and was coming back.

When Yan Che heard this, he understood that Xia Qing knew about it, but wasn’t willing to tell him.
Yan Che didn’t ask anymore and only chuckled a few times.
In the end, he touched his chin with his hand.
“Ah, forget it.
I’ll just do something I want to do during this period of time and wait for her to come back.”

“Why are you following my teacher?” Xia Qing looked at Yan Che with vigilance.
She didn’t like this man.
Perhaps it was her intuition, but she always felt that he didn’t treat her like Qu Lanyi or teachers’ friends.
He always had a smile and a hint of concern.

“Kid, are you questioning me?” Yan Che narrowed his eyes slightly.
Xia Qing couldn’t help but take half a step back, but she still raised her head bravely.
“I’m just making sure that you don’t have any bad thoughts about your teacher!”

“What if I do?” Yan Che seemed to be provoking her.
He took a step forward and looked at Xia Qing with his black eyes.
Xia Qing suddenly gritted her teeth and the fear she had just then completely disappeared.
“If that’s the case, I won’t let you go!”

Yan Che burst into laughter after hearing that.
“Hahahaha, hahahahaha!”

Xia Qing looked at Yan Che’s rather crazy appearance and couldn’t help but feel a bit shocked.
Her current strength and cultivation level were far inferior to this person.
Xia Qing knew that she wasn’t his match, but even so, if he dared to hurt her teacher, she would still fight to the death to block him!

“I won’t let you hurt my teacher!” Xia Qing shouted bravely.
Even though her body was trembling slightly, she didn’t move back at all!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.
She has indeed taken in a good disciple.
I do envy her!” Yan Che nodded with a rather regretful look.
“Little girl, are you really not considering me? You must know that I’m a dark-element mage.
In terms of value, I’m on par with a summoner.
You can’t imagine how vast and how interesting the world of dark-element magic is!”

“I can’t recognize dark elements.
I can’t become a dark mage at all! I…”

Yan Che shook his head.
“Little disciple, dark mages aren’t as difficult as you think.
How about it? Do you want to consider it?”

Xia Qing was stunned.
What did he mean? Was it possible for a dark-element mage to have no dark-element elements? What kind of logic was that? Besides, her teacher was only Yun Feng! She had never thought of having another person to teach her!

“No need.
Yun Feng is my only teacher!” Xia Qing said firmly.
Yan Che suddenly chuckled.
“Don’t be so confident.
Trust me.
One day, you’ll ask to be my disciple.
That day will come.”

“That’s impossible! My teacher is Yun Feng!” replied Xia Qing with a determined look.
Yan Che looked at Xia Qing rather happily.
This man was unpredictable and his personality was also unimaginable.
“Never mind.
I won’t tease you anymore.” Yan Che turned around and was about to leave after saying that when he suddenly thought of something.
“But I really like your stubborn personality.” After saying that, a wave of dense black elements completely surrounded him and swallowed his entire body, disappearing completely!

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