Chapter 670 Going Home (1)

Yun Feng’s eyes glittered! “There’s news about the President of the Magic Union?”

Ling chuckled and gently pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose with his finger.
“There is indeed news, but… it’s a bit dramatic.”

“Where is he?” Yun Feng looked excited and sounded anxious.
Ling didn’t answer her, but Yun Feng suddenly realized something.
“Are you… unable to tell me?”

Ling chuckled.
“If you want to know, Miss Yun, there’s certainly nothing I can’t tell you.” Ling looked at Yun Feng through the lens.
There was too much intention in the light reflected in his eyes.
Qu Lanyi walked over and blocked Ling’s sight.
Ling stepped back slightly and smiled politely.
“Didn’t you come here to tell her this news? Why are you putting on airs? If you want to exchange for something from Fengfeng, don’t even think about it!” Facing Ling, Qu Lanyi seemed to have unconsciously entered a high level of self-defense.
Everything that Ling said was full of deep meaning.
There were countless things behind every move.
Qu Lanyi felt that there was something wrong with this man from the bottom of his heart, or rather, nobody knew what kind of world he was in.
Nobody knew what he wanted from Yun Feng or what he was planning.

“I’m here to see you, Miss Yun, and I can’t tell you this information easily.
However, as I said, if you want to know, there’s nothing I can’t tell you.” Ling said calmly and steadily, without any fluctuation in his voice, as if he had always been an outsider.

“I want to know.
If you can tell me, I can’t thank you enough!” Yun Feng pulled Qu Lanyi aside and said sincerely to Ling.
Ling was the only source where she could know about the President of Magic in the shortest time possible.
This remarkable man seemed to know everything

Ling chuckled.
“Of course, but don’t be surprised, Miss Yun.” Ling pushed his eyes again, and the ring on his finger reflected a beam of light.
“The President of the Magic Union appeared on the East Continent.
The place where he appeared… is the so-called gods’ relics on the East Continent.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
The East Continent! The gods’ relics! Those were the relics left by the Yun family a thousand years ago!

“You must be surprised too, Miss Yun.
To be honest, I didn’t expect that the president would go to the East Continent.
However, with his personality and style of doing things in the past, it’s not really surprising.” What Ling said didn’t reach Yun Feng’s ears.
She wasn’t surprised at the East Continent, but the gods’ relics! What was the president doing there? Did he know the reason or was he just going there to explore?

“Miss Yun, you must be from the East Continent.” Ling smiled gently.
Yun Feng finally came back to herself.
“You know?”

“I want to know a lot about you, Miss Yun.
Please don’t blame me.”

Yun Feng frowned slightly.
There was probably no one on the East Continent who didn’t know about her.
If he really wanted to investigate her, it wouldn’t be hard to find out.
“I’m from the East Continent.” Seeing Yun Feng nod and admit it, Ling couldn’t help but feel relieved.
“If Miss Yun isn’t from the West Continent, things will be much easier.”

“What are you doing?” Yun Feng looked at Ling suspiciously.
Ling even winked at Yun Feng mischievously.
“On the West Continent, my identity isn’t presentable.
Miss Yun, you’re from the East Continent, so you must have a different opinion.
Your father won’t mind my identity.”

“You don’t have a chance!” Qu Lanyi’s face completely darkened.
Yun Feng was a bit at a loss.
What was going on? What was Ling talking about?

“Even if she’s married, I still have a chance.” Ling smiled elegantly and bowed to Yun Feng slowly.
“I still have something to do, so I’ll take my leave first.
However, Miss Yun.” Ling looked at Yun Feng with sincerity and persistence in his eyes.
“What I said just then was serious.
You might as well consider it.
Goodbye.” He smiled casually and turned around gracefully.
Ling had already walked out of the door of the Yun family slowly.
Qu Lanyi stood there with a bad expression.
He had been provoked by this man.

“Father, who’s that person?” Yun Luochen stood far away and asked Yun Tianfan in a low voice.
Yun Tianfan watched Ling disappear outside the door with a serious look.
“That’s a man from the Summoning Union.”

“Summoning Union!” Yun Luochen roared.
Then, he remembered that Yun Feng was a summoner.
She must’ve joined the Summoning Union too.
It was normal for her to hang out with the summoners.
However, that person seemed to have claimed that his identity wasn’t presentable, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

“Uncle Tianfan!” Yun Feng walked over.
Yun Tianfan looked at Yun Feng and nodded understandingly.
“Go back.
Don’t worry about things here.
Your own matters are more important.”

Yun Feng felt a bit guilty in her heart.
Although the Yun family was at level 3 right now, it was far from what she wanted.
The Yun family was going to break through to level 2 and level 1! However, now that she knew the whereabouts of the president, Yun Feng became anxious in her heart.
The location where the president appeared was too sensitive.
If she missed this time, who knew when she would find him next time!

“I’ll ask some people to stay, just in case.
The Yun family still needs protection.” Yun Feng pondered quickly.
She would take this trip back to the East Continent in advance.
After all, Mu Xiaojin would be giving birth in another month.
Yun Feng had planned to go back at this time.
It was just a few days in advance.

“Uncle Tianfan, my sister-in-law, Mu Xiaojin, will be giving birth soon.
My father and brother want to meet the members of the Yun family on the West Continent.”

Yun Tianfan chuckled and pushed Yun Luochen forward.
“Let Luochen go back with you.
I can’t leave this place just me.
Send my regards to your father and brother.
If you have time, I’ll visit them myself!”

Yun Luochen was quite surprised, and he couldn’t suppress the excitement in his heart.
He was going to the East Continent? What was different between the East Continent and the West Continent? All kinds of ideas flashed through Yun Luochen’s mind at this moment, and he couldn’t suppress his excitement.

“Alright!” Yun Feng nodded.
Yun Tianfan urged Yun Feng to move immediately after giving her a few instructions.
Yun Feng had the same idea.
The status of the Yun family as a level-3 member was just the first step.
It wouldn’t be too late to make a breakthrough to level 2 after she came back from the East Continent and made all the preparations! These things couldn’t be done overnight!

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