Chapter 66: Present for the Lin Family (2)

Lin Miao was totally dumbfounded and his brain also stopped working completely.
He couldn’t think at all right now.
He was already frightened into a mentally retarded state by the appearance of this Fire Cloud Wolf.

A Magic Beast, a Magic Beast, this was a Magic Beast! A Magic Beast appeared in the Yun family and even called Yun Feng… Master? Perhaps, perhaps… she was!

Lin Miao trembled and his previous arrogance had long gone.
He looked at Yun Feng with deep fear in his eyes, because Yun Feng could possibly be a summoner! The Yun family had their second summoner!

“Master, do I need to kill him?” Little Fire licked its teeth.
It had only killed two people, so it was truly not satisfying enough.
Even though the person in front of it was just a level 3 loser, it could use him to grind its claws.

As Lin Miao looked at the sharp, reflective teeth of the Fire Cloud Wolf, the high tension in his heart and the sudden shock made his eyes roll and he directly fainted.
Yun Feng grunted once she saw that.
She casually threw Lin Sen’s head onto the ground.
“His life is still useful.
We have to bring some presents if we go to the Lin family anyway.”

Little Fire immediately understood what its Master meant.
A dead Lin Sen and a living Lin Miao, Lin Quan would probably be very content with these big presents.

Yun Feng’s thought was very simple.
Throwing out Lin Sen’s head, Lin Quan would definitely be stirred and enraged.
However, with Lin Miao alive in her hands, Lin Quan would think about it again.
Lin Sen was just a threat.
Yun Feng wanted Lin Quan to know that the Yun family wasn’t to be trifled with!

“Feng, are you alright?” Yun Sheng’s concerned voice came.
Then, he caressed Yun Feng’s cheeks with his huge warm hands, wiping off all the dots of blood on her little face.

Yun Sheng’s worried look fell to the bottom of Yun Feng’s heart.
A warm current slowly spread as she thought of Yun Qi that Lin Sen mentioned about, that brother she had never got a chance to see.
If it weren’t for the Lin family, she might still have another brother who treated her like this, another loved one!

Thinking of this, an inexplicable sorrow surged in Yun Feng’s mind, for this brother who had already died, for this loved one who had already passed away.
Yun Feng gently held Yun Sheng’s big warm hands and slowly gave a smile.
This smile had the charm that suited her age, a kind of intimacy and affection towards her family.

“Brother, I’m fine.
Are you hurt?”

Yun Sheng was still worrying about Yun Feng.
After all, he saw the bloody scene just then with his own eyes.
It was very difficult for him to believe that it was his sister who did something so cruel! However, Yun Sheng also understood that the man from the Lin family indeed deserved to die!

When Little Fire next to Yun Feng heard what she asked, plumes of steam gushed out of its nose and eyes, looking a bit disdainful.
With it here, how would those dregs even be able to touch Yun Sheng’s hair?

Yun Sheng couldn’t help but glance at Little Fire with a little complicated expression.
Looking carefully, a trace of embarrassment could even be found in his eyes! Speaking of the scene where Little Fire protected Yun Sheng, it was indeed a bit dramatic.

After Yun Sheng received his father’s message, he immediately moved that night without a word.
However, as Yun Feng expected, the masters the Lin family hired also stopped Yun Sheng somewhere outside of Chunfeng Town that night.

When Yun Sheng thought he was about to die, Little Fire showed up slowly.
The expression of Yun Sheng and the masters hired by the Lin family changed.
Seeing Little Fire who suddenly appeared and the toughness and fierceness of Magic Beasts that exuded from Little Fire’s body, they all felt their hearts tremble and were petrified in their minds! When did Chunfeng Town have a Magic Beast? Did the Magic Beasts come out of the Foggy Forest to make trouble here?

Once Little Fire appeared, it slowly opened its mouth and asked, “Who’s Yun Sheng?” After that, the minds of the three of them became even more tense.
A Magic Beast that spoke human language must have at least level 7! And yet, Little Fire was a Mutated Magic Beast, so it could already talk at level 6.

Yun Sheng was a little dumbfounded when he heard that this Magic Beast was looking for him specifically.
He had never been to the Foggy Forest before.
Why did this Magic Beast know his name?

The two masters hired by the Lin family looked at each other and burst into laughter without restraints.
They didn’t have to do anything now.
Although they had no idea why this Magic Beast would come to help them, this immediately made it a lot easier for them.
They could get a large amount of money from the Lin family without making a move themselves, so why not? The Yun family must have been out of luck.
Even a random Magic Beast that showed up was after the Yun family.

The two hired masters immediately cupped their hands before their chest.
“He’s Yun Sheng.
You can kill him now.”

When Yun Sheng heard that, he felt like he wouldn’t be able to escape today.
His resentment towards the Lin family soared in his heart.
His little brother was dead, his mother was dead, his precious sister died and came back to life, and now, he was about to be killed as well! Yun Feng and his father would be the only ones left in the Yun family.
His death would undoubtedly be a huge blow for them!

And yet, Yun Sheng also knew that he was like an ant in front of this Magic Beast with his strength of a level-2 mage.
It could smash him to death with one hand if it wanted!

When Yun Sheng was feeling frustrated, Little Fire narrowed its wolf eyes.
Its wolf body turned into a beam of dark red light and it swung its claws gently in the air.
Those two level-5 warriors who were still smiling instantly became two dead bodies, lying on the ground covered in blood.

Yun Sheng was stunned by this dramatic scene.
This Magic Beast was here to help him? How was that possible? Given the relationship between Magic Beasts and humans, how would this Magic Beast be so kind to help him?

“You are…” Yun Sheng asked in difficulty.
Little Fire then growled very impatiently and Yun Sheng immediately shut his mouth.

“Hm, just some dregs! Why didn’t they send a few more people? How can I vent my emotions with just two of them here?”

What Little Fire said gave Yun Sheng a layer of cold sweat.
He wasn’t sure of the stance of this Magic Beast.
This Little Fire was full of brutality and viciousness in its body and its momentum was very strong, very very strong! If it changed its mind, he could die right there anytime!

Little Fire suddenly turned around and glanced at Yun Sheng with its black wolf eyes.
Yun Sheng sensitively noticed the disdain in its eyes and knew that it would be a joke if he could make this Magic Beast treat him equally with his own strength.

“So weak… Can’t compare to Master at all.” Little Fire made a comment indifferently.
Even though Little Fire was very obedient in front of Yun Feng, it despised anyone else other than her! Because in its mind, only Yun Feng was worth respecting.
Its Master was indeed a genius!

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