Chapter 668 Invisible (4)

“Caihua! Speak for yourself!”

Shi Caihua sat there and kept wiping her tears.
She gently covered her belly with her hand and looked up at Yun Luochen.
“Yun Luochen, I’m pregnant with your child.”

“Impossible!” Yun Luochen stood up reflexively with doubt in his eyes.
A child? How could Shi Caihua have his child? That was impossible!

“Yun Luochen! You don’t even dare to admit what you’ve done!” Master Shi roared.
Yun Tianfan was a bit stunned too.
Yun Luochen quickly looked at his father.
“I’ve never done that! I’ve never touched her at all.
How can she have my child?”

“She’s already pregnant.
Do you still want to deny it?” Shi Caihua shouted with tears in her eyes.
The head of the Shi family sat there with a pale face.
Yun Tianfan also had the same expression.
It was hard to say if his son had touched Shi Caihua or not.
He was at an impulsive age, and when he courted Shi Caihua, he spent most of his time with her.
It was hard to say if he had touched her or not!

“Father! I’ve really never touched her! Am I that kind of irresponsible person? As long as it’s something I did, I’ll never deny it! If I said I’ve never touched her, I’ve never touched her!” Yun Luochen said firmly and frankly, which made Master Shi furious!

“If the child in Caihua’s stomach isn’t yours, whose is it? Master Yun, give us an explanation!”

Yun Tianfan sat there with an awful look on his face.
He believed in his son, but the Shi family also said so.
Unless they could prove that this child wasn’t Yun Luochen’s, they would really marry this Shi Caihua!

“Shi Caihua! You know exactly who touched you! How much longer are you going to pester me?” Yun Luochen couldn’t take it anymore and roared.
Shi Caihua cried even harder.
Master Shi immediately slammed the table and rose! “Yun Luochen, are you going to marry her or not?”

“No! I have nothing to do with her!”

“You…” The head of the Shi family was so angry that his face was flushed.
“What a Yun family! At the end of the day, you’re still dirty and unscrupulous people!”

What the Master of the Shi family said made the members of the Yun family feel a bit upset.
There was a kind of pride in the bones of the Yun family.
Yun Tianfan looked rather awful.
Yun Luochen suddenly clenched his fists.
“I’ll say it again.
I didn’t do it! Shi Caihua is slandering me!”

“You know very well whether you’ve done it or not! I’ve seen clearly what kind of family the Yun family is! From now on, the Shi family and the Yun family will be enemies!” Master Shi was immediately enraged after hearing that.
He dragged Shi Caihua out.
“Get rid of the bastard in your belly!” Shi Caihua turned pale after hearing that.
Things… shouldn’t have developed this way!

“Wait!” A voice sounded.
Master Shi stopped abruptly and turned around.
He saw a tall and handsome man walk out.
Shi Caihua blushed immediately.
This man was even more handsome than Yun Luochen.

“You’re…” Master Shi found this person a bit familiar.
He suddenly remembered.
Wasn’t this the person who stood up for the Yun family during the contest? Master Shi sized him up and Qu Lanyi walked over with a smile.
“Master Shi.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Qu Lanyi glanced at Shi Caihua’s belly and chuckled.
“It’s understandable that your daughter likes Yun Luochen and wants to marry him.
However, it won’t be good if she says or does something wrong.”

“What do you mean? Can Caihua wrong him?”

“Yun Luochen’s innocence has nothing to do with me.
I don’t care either.
However, this matter has damaged the reputation of the Yun family.
I won’t let it go no matter what.” Yun Feng valued the Yun family.
He must protect her no matter what!

“What exactly do you mean?” asked the Master of the Shi family in a deep voice.
Qu Lanyi smiled again.
“It’s simple.
If the child in her belly is really Yun Luochen’s, the Yun family will certainly marry your daughter.
Am I right, Master Yun?”

Yun Tianfan stood there and replied, “Of course! If Luo Chen really did it, the Yun family won’t be irresponsible!”

“Hmph! You’re quite the talker!” Master Shi snorted in disdain.

“If this kid isn’t Yun Luochen’s, I’m afraid this matter has already spread in Jushui Town.
The Shi family should take care of it on their own.”

What Qu Lanyi said stunned the head of the Shi family.
The news had indeed spread, and he had ordered his men to do it.
When he found out that Shi Caihua was pregnant and said that it was Yun Luochen’s child, the head of the Shi family immediately spread the news crazily.
The Yun family’s status was different from before.
They had to climb up no matter what! And those ruthless words just then were certainly just for show.

“There’s no need to prove anything! The child is his!” The head of the Shi family announced firmly without any doubt.
Qu Lanyi shook her head.
“I don’t know Yun Luochen’s personality, or your daughter’s.
Yun Luochen might be lying when he said that he’s never done it.
Your daughter might also lied that she never slept with other men, right?”

“What did you say?” Lord Shi was upset when he heard that.
He was indirectly saying that his daughter was a disloyal woman! “We’ll know if it’s true or not after we test it,” said Qu Lanyi as he looked at Shi Caihua with his black eyes.
At this moment, Shi Caihua’s face was a bit pale.
Seeing that, Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but sneer in the bottom of his heart.
It wouldn’t be so easy for her to get into the Yun family just like that.

“Test it? How?” asked the Master of the Shi family.
Qu Lanyi slowly walked to Shi Caihua’s side and stared at her with his beautiful eyes.
Shi Caihua should be blushing because such a beautiful man was looking at her so attentively, but she was even paler.
“Miss Shi, you may not know this, but it’s possible to tell who an unborn baby’s father is.
As long as the child is conceived and survives inside the womb, some characteristics of the father will definitely be left in the body of this baby.
It may be obvious or it may be invisible.
And the child in Miss Shi’s belly is very lucky.
The characteristics left by its father are just obvious.”

“What… What do you mean?” Shi Caihua’s voice was a bit shaky.
Qu Lanyi put on a smile.
“The baby in your belly already has fighting energy, and we’ll know if it’s the same as Yun Luochen’s.”

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