Chapter 667 Invisible (3)

“You wretched girl! How dare you pull my tail!” It couldn’t bear her anymore and roared in a low voice.
As a wave of heat blew at Xia Qing’s face, Xia Qing laughed dryly.
She really didn’t do it on purpose.
In such a situation, only its tail could be pulled.
In order to prevent him from leaving, she naturally… pulled his tail without thinking.

“Get on my back!” Little Fire suppressed the anger in its heart.
Being pulled by the tail was a humiliation, a huge humiliation!

Xia Qing was a bit afraid to go forward.
Even though she didn’t quite understand, she knew that what she did just then seemed a bit outrageous.
Brother Little Fire was obviously on the verge of exploding… However, she remembered that she couldn’t pull its tail.

The pure black wolf eyes shone like gems in the dark night.
Seeing Xia Qing’s cautious look, Little Fire couldn’t help but growl again, “Damn girl! Don’t make me repeat myself!”

Without another word, Xia Qing climbed onto Little Fire’s body in a very awkward manner.
The soft and comfortable fur on the Cloud Wolf’s body made Xia Qing fall completely in love with it at this second.
Her entire body pressed against it, like the most comfortable bed.
She was deep in it and didn’t want to come out.

Little Fire felt that the little girl on its back liked to get close to it.
There was pride and satisfaction in its wolf eyes.
Its body suddenly rose into the sky and flew high up in the sky.
Xia Qing was stuck on Little Fire’s back.
Its soft fur blocked all the cold wind, making her feel warm and fuzzy.

The enormous and beautiful Cloud Wolf galloped in the sky, turning into a black shadow that streaked across the sky of Jushui Town.
Its beautiful fur was blown gently by the wind, and its cute wolf ears were also moving gently.
Little Fire liked to move freely at such times, especially right now.
Feeling the weight on its back, the Fire Cloud Wolf suddenly growled and flew further away.

Obviously, Little Fire was a bit too happy.
It rode in the sky for the whole night.
When the sky brightened, Little Fire finally remembered to go back, and Xia Qing, who was buried on its back, had already fallen asleep.

When Little Fire transformed into human form and carried Xia Qing back to Yun Feng’s yard from the sky, Lan Yi was standing there with a smile, as if he had been waiting for a long time.
Yaoyao stood next to Lan Yi with her clear blue eyes that seemed to be able to see through everything.
Meatball, on the other hand, jumped directly to Little Fire’s head and shouted, “Na, na, na!”

“Meatball, don’t talk nonsense!” Little Fire’s face was a bit red, and it suddenly shouted in a low voice.
Meatball seemed to be addicted to talking and cried a few more times.
The expression on Little Fire’s face was very interesting

“You’re back, Brother Fire.” Lan Yi said with a smile.
Little Fire threw a fierce look at him.
Lan Yi stood there and smiled without saying anything.
Yaoyao’s clear eyes made Little Fire unable to resist.
What Yaoyao said next made Little Fire completely crazy!

“Love.” Yaoyao said.
Lan Yi nodded in agreement.
Little Fire’s facial features immediately twisted together.
That cute boy’s face turned red in an instant! “Damn it! No!” Little Fire roared.
Yaoyao didn’t say anything else.
She only looked at Little Fire with her transparent blue eyes, as if she could see into the bottom of its heart.
Little Fire blushed and sent Xia Qing back without another word.
Then, it turned around like a gust of wind.
At this moment, Yaoyao opened her mouth again.
“Love.” It was the same word, but something directly hit Little Fire’s heart.

“Crack.” Something shattered.
Lan Yi’s expression changed abruptly.
He picked up Yaoyao and immediately flew into the sky.
Where Yaoyao was just now, a huge wolf claw was stuck!

Little Fire instantly transformed into the form of a Magic Beast and suddenly launched an attack on Yaoyao.
Luckily, Lan Yi dodged in time, or Yaoyao would have definitely been severely injured! “Brother Fire, what are you doing?”

All the brutality hidden in Little Fire’s body burst out at this moment.
Lan Yi couldn’t help but feel shocked when he felt the appalling killing intent.
Little Fire and the rest of them had always regarded each other as companions.
Yaoyao was also a Magic Beast that his master wanted to contract with.
If she hadn’t touched Little Fire’s bottom line, it definitely wouldn’t have put on such a posture, let alone attack her!

The pure black wolf eyes were full of killing intent.
That was real killing intent.
It didn’t hold back at all!

“Sea Demon, if I hear that word again, I’ll definitely tear you apart!” Little Fire said fiercely as its body turned into a fiery red line and disappeared.
The terrifying aura that it emitted just then was still there.
Lan Yi knew that Little Fire wasn’t joking.
If Yaoyao said that again, Little Fire would definitely do that!

Lan Yi stood in the air with Yaoyao in his arms.
Yaoyao looked up.

Lan Yi didn’t know why she asked, but he replied, “Because we’re Magic Beasts.”

As Qu Lanyi expected, Yun Luochen’s plan that day didn’t really make Shi Caihua give up.
She did leave that day, but she came again the next day.
She wasn’t the only one who came.
Even the head of the Shi family came.

When Yun Tianfan saw that Master Shi and Shi Caihua came together, he knew that things were a bit tricky.
Shi Caihua looked aggrieved.
Although Master Shi didn’t seem to be upset on the surface, he didn’t look happy either.
After everyone sat down, Yun Tianfan said, “Master Shi, you’re here this time…”

Shi Caihua suddenly burst into tears.
Master Shi raised his brows.
“Master Yun, even though the Shi family is only a third-rank family, we’re still a reputable family! Our daughter has been bullied.
We can’t just let it go!”

Yun Tianfan was a bit confused after hearing that.
“Master Shi, what do you mean?”

“Master Yun, don’t pretend that you don’t know.
Doesn’t your son, Yun Luochen, know what he did?” Master Shi suddenly hit the back of the chair and the back of the chair was directly smashed.
Yun Luochen was stunned.
What did he do?

Yun Tianfan looked at Yun Luochen in confusion.
Yun Luochen also looked at his father in confusion.
“Master Shi, please tell me what Luochen did.”

“Humph! You don’t even have the courage to admit what you did! Yun Luochen, how dare you take advantage of my daughter like this!” The head of the Shi family looked furious.
His anger didn’t seem fake either.
Yun Tianfan couldn’t help but feel a bit upset when he saw this.
“Master Shi! I certainly know Luochen’s behavior.
If he really did anything to let your daughter down, the Yun family will certainly take responsibility! Please explain yourself!”

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