Chapter 666 Invisible (2)

Yan Che chuckled.
It’s time to find a new opponent.”

“Roar…” A wolf’s roar sounded instantly.
Little Fire, who had been sitting steadily in its seat just then, immediately wanted to rush towards Yan Che.
However, Yan Che only smiled gently and the black elements wrapped around his body instantly disappeared.
The cute boy just then didn’t exist for long.
The enormous fiery red body of the wolf appeared again and it suddenly rushed out of the house, roaring furiously as it went far away.

“Brother Little Fire!” Seeing that Xia Qing was a bit anxious, Qu Lanyi shook her head calmly.
“Don’t worry about it.
He simply has nothing better to do.”

Xia Qing didn’t know what Yan Che was like, but judging from Qu Lanyi’s words, he shouldn’t be a bad person.
Brother Little Fire should be fine.
Thinking of Yun Feng’s instructions, Xia Qing explained.
After hearing that, Qu Lanyi pondered for a while and could guess Yun Feng’s intention.
“Don’t disturb her during this period of time.
If anything happens to the Yun family, come to


Yun Luochen knew that Yun Feng was in seclusion and didn’t intend to disturb her.
He then nodded.
Qu Lanyi suddenly thought of something.
“Is Shi Caihua from the Shi family still coming?”

Yun Luochen was already having a headache at the mention of this, but fortunately, it was resolved today.
“Yes, she was just here, but she’s already left.
I don’t think she’ll come


“Oh? A way to solve the problem once and for


Yun Luochen coughed a bit uncomfortably and looked at Xia Qing.
“This is all thanks to you, Miss Xia.
It should be said that it’s done once and for all.”

Qu Lanyi glanced at Xia Qing.
Xia Qing smiled, and blushed.
“It’s fine.
You’re my family.
I should help you with your family’s business.” Qu Lanyi patted Xia Qing’s head.
“Don’t think that sticky woman is so easy to get rid of.”

Xia Qing and Yun Luochen were both a bit confused.
Qu Lanyi smiled mysteriously.
“Let’s wait until tomorrow.”

Xia Qing lived in Yun Feng’s yard.
It should be said that this group of people lived in the same yard as Yun Feng.
Night fell slowly.
People visited the Yun family’s mansion every day.
Many people wanted to build a good relationship with the Yun family, so the Yun house was still brightly lit at this moment.
Of course, nobody dared to disturb Yun Feng’s house.

At this moment, Xia Qing didn’t fall asleep.
She stood in the courtyard alone quietly.
The cool wind at night blew gently.
Xia Qing slowly closed her eyes and felt the peace of this world, and the power surging inside her body.
She had truly become stronger.
She was wearing the space ring Yun Feng gave her in the past with the flower hawk Yun Feng bought for her in it.
This was undoubtedly the best time to contract with it.
However, Xia Qing wanted Yun Feng to see with her own eyes the moment she contracted with the flower hawk.

She gently caressed the ring on her finger, and her thoughts drifted far away.
After she left the Xia family, she naturally took her mother out and settled everything for her mother before she could join Yun Feng’s training.
She didn’t know how her mother was doing right now.
Xia Qing looked up at the sky that had already darkened and her eyes were a bit empty.
“Why are you standing here and not sleeping?” A rather impatient voice sounded.
Xia Qing suddenly turned around and a young boy fell from the sky.
His handsome and cute face didn’t look like the human form of the vicious Cloud Wolf at all.

“Brother Little Fire!” Xia Qing cried out in surprise.
When Little Fire walked out of the shadows, Xia Qing finally saw that there seemed to be some bruises on its face and other parts.
“Brother Little Fire, you’re injured!” Xia Qing quickly walked over and looked at Little Fire’s tiny wounds anxiously.
Little Fire waved its arm in frustration.
“It’s nothing!”

Xia Qing burst into laughter.
Little Fire was a bit stunned.
“You haven’t changed.
You still have the same bad temper.” Xia Qing’s beautiful eyes glittered under the night sky.
Little Fire glanced at her and immediately looked away.
“You stupid girl! How can you say such stupid things?” Xia Qing smiled even more happily after hearing that.
“Are these injuries really alright? There are a lot of wounds…”

Little Fire gave him a look that suggested that he found her too talkative.
“This is nothing to me at all.
It’s just a dark mage.
Before I was contracted, the ones who fought with me were all Magic Beasts.”

Xia Qing frowned and didn’t say anything else.
Seeing that she didn’t say anything for a long time, Little Fire couldn’t help but turn its head.
“Stupid girl, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Xia Qing shook her head gently and gave Little Fire a smile, but Little Fire frowned in dissatisfaction.
“Your smile is so awful.
Don’t smile.”

Xia Qing was stunned.
Little Fire suddenly reached out and rubbed the top of Xia Qing’s head.
“You’d better get rid of those things in your head.
Like I said, they’re nothing to me.” Xia Qing’s hair was completely messed up by Little Fire.
Xia Qing combed her hair and raised her head.
Little Fire was shrouded in moonlight at this moment, and a layer of faint halo was projected on his body.
His perfect and beautiful appearance of a human made Xia Qing a bit anxious.
Brother Little Fire was truly beautiful… both in human form and in Magic Beast form.

“At this moment, we should go out for a walk.” Little Fire looked at the peaceful night sky.
Magic Beasts were wild by nature.
The crazy and agitated elements took root in their bodies and merged with every blood cell.
Even the most docile and harmless Magic Beasts had their wild side, let alone the Fiery Cloud Wolf that was known for its ferocity!

“Roar…” There was an excited growl.
Little Fire couldn’t wait to go for a night trip.
The Fire Cloud Wolf’s huge and beautiful body suddenly appeared.
Xia Qing was shocked.
Little Fire turned its head slightly and looked at the slightly shocked Xia Qing, as if it had made a decision.
“Do you want to come with me?”

After hearing this, Xia Qing’s eyes widened slowly, as if she couldn’t believe it.
Little Fire waited for a while and didn’t receive a reply.
It was a bit embarrassed.
“If you don’t want to come, then forget it!” It was about to jump into the sky when Xia Qing suddenly extended her hand.
She wanted to say wait, but Little Fire moved too quickly and could only express its feelings with its actions.
However, it had obviously messed up.
Little Fire couldn’t stand it any longer and breathed heavily.
It was in a bad mood right now and was trying its best to suppress it.
Xia Qing was slowly withdrawing her hand and standing there with an embarrassed look.
She really didn’t do it on purpose.
She really didn’t do it on purpose!

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