Chapter 665 Invisible (1)

Yun Luochen watched in shock.
That attack was so fast that he couldn’t see it clearly at all.
He only knew that a streak of green flew towards Shi Caihua and then disappeared without a trace.
There was a clear red mark on Shi Caihua’s cheek.
If it weren’t for that mark, it would be hard to believe that Xia Qing really attacked just then.

Shi Caihua widened her eyes and looked at the redness on her finger.
She was so stunned that she couldn’t say anything.
Xia Qing gently swept her clothes.
“If you continue to pester Yun Luochen, your face won’t be the only thing that’s injured next time.”

Shi Caihua’s eyes widened again.
She looked at Xia Qing for a long time and finally whimpered.
She then turned around and ran.
Her steps were messy.
Xia Qing sighed helplessly.
Her teacher’s family was indeed popular.
She glanced at Yun Luochen and sized him up.
A level-7 warrior wasn’t bad.

“You…” Yun Luochen looked at Xia Qing.
She was clearly younger than him, but what she did just then made him feel pressured.
Also, why did she sound like Yun Feng?

“You’re…” my master’s family, right? Xia Qing was about to ask that when she heard a familiar voice.
She immediately smiled.
“Stupid girl, you’re out!”

Xia Qing suddenly turned around and a figure fell from the sky.
Little Fire transformed back into human form again.
There was suppressed joy on its little face.
Yun Luochen couldn’t help but feel shocked when he saw Little Fire’s human nature.
Who was this? He had never seen such a person around Yun Feng before!

“Brother Little Fire.” Xia Qing called her.
Little Fire often called her dumb girl.
Although she had protested at first, Little Fire kept calling her that.
Xia Qing didn’t bother to correct it.
“Qingqing.” Lan Yi landed from the sky with Yaoyao in his arms and greeted Xia Qing.
“Brother Lan Yi.” Xia Qing looked at Yaoyao in Lan Yi’s arms and smiled kindly.
“Hi, Yaoyao.
It’s been a long time.”

Yaoyao looked at Xia Qing with her blue eyes and got down from Lan Yi’s arms.
She nodded at Xia Qing, while Meatball sat on Little Fire’s head and glanced at Xia Qing with its big eyes without any special emotions.

“When Brother Fire knew that you came out, he couldn’t wait to rush back,” said Lan Yi teasingly.
Little Fire rolled its eyes fiercely.
“Don’t talk so much! I’m just a bit bored.
After all, it’s really boring without you around.”

Xia Qing was both angry and amused.
Little Fire smiled happily and even messed up Xia Qing’s hair.
Yun Luochen finally said, “Wait!”

Little Fire looked at Yun Luochen in dissatisfaction.
It was obvious that this harmonious atmosphere had been ruined by him.
“What’s the matter?” Little Fire asked unhappily.
Yun Luochen looked at Little Fire’s human form and said after a while, “Are you… that Fire Cloud Wolf?”

Little Fire narrowed its eyes dangerously.
It knew that its human form would be looked down upon by others.
After all, the ferocious Fire Cloud Wolf’s new form was so powerless after the transformation.
It could be said to be a kind of humiliation.
“Why? Do you have a problem with that?” A wolf’s howl suddenly came from the depths of Little Fire’s throat, which shocked Yun Luochen again.
As expected!

“Brother Little Fire.” Xia Qing stepped forward and held Little Fire’s arm.
Little Fire’s expression froze and became a bit uncomfortable.
Luckily, nobody saw it.

“Then, who is she?” Yun Luochen looked at Xia Qing.
The person next to Yun Feng was certainly not a simple person.
That move just then let Yun Luochen know that Xia Qing’s strength was also extraordinary.
What he was suspecting right now was whether this little girl in front of him was a Magic Beast in the human form.
A summoner certainly had a lot of Magic Beasts!

“I haven’t introduced myself.” Xia Qing smiled.
The scene just then was indeed a bit funny.
“I’m Yun Feng’s disciple.
My name is Xia Qing.”

“Disciple?” asked Yun Luochen.
Xia Qing nodded.
“I’ve been cultivating in seclusion in the past.
Now that I’m out, you’re Yun Luochen.
You’re my master’s family.”

Yun Luochen nodded.
Family… He was, sort of.
Lan Yi briefly explained the situation of the Yun family in Jushui Town.
Xia Qing finally understood the cause and effect of the matter.
She was also happy that the Yun family could have such a status in Jushui Town.
Yun Luochen sat aside and sized Xia Qing up constantly.
It was truly the first time he heard of Yun Feng’s disciple.
Indeed, even her disciple was powerful.

“Qingqing?” Another surprised voice came.
Qu Lanyi and Yan Che came back.
When they saw Xia Qing, Qu Lanyi was very surprised.
He touched Xia Qing’s little head and nodded in satisfaction after checking her strength.
“You’ve been working hard.”

The corners of Xia Qing’s mouth curled up.
Yan Che looked at Xia Qing curiously on the side.
“Who’s she? Why do you look so familiar? Is it Yun Feng’s other Magic Beast?”

Xia Qing was quite surprised to see Yan Che.
Another stranger had appeared next to her teacher! She was about to greet him when Qu Lanyi sat down and said, “She’s Yun Feng’s only disciple, Xia Qing.”

Yan Che suddenly shouted, “Disciple? How old is Yun Feng? She already has a disciple!”

“Master’s strength is obvious.
It’s inevitable that she accepts a disciple.” Lan Yi stood aside and replied indifferently.
Yun Luochen felt like he couldn’t say anything.
He was the weakest here.
Under the pressure of all kinds of strong people, he couldn’t say anything at all.

“Little disciple, are you interested in taking me as your master?” Yan Che chuckled.
That sloppy smile made Xia Qing a bit embarrassed.
“Thank you for your kindness, brother, but… one teacher is enough for me.”

“Little disciple, are you looking down on me? I’m a dark-element mage.
It’s very rare.
How about it? Think about it.
I like you a lot.” Yan Che smiled and said in an unctuous manner.
Qu Lanyi was a bit unhappy on the side.
Xia Qing was even more embarrassed.
This person was so weird…

“Are you done? Master’s disciple isn’t someone you can steal!” Little Fire suddenly roared like a wolf furiously.
This sudden roar made everyone a bit dumbfounded.
Xia Qing was also shocked.
What was wrong with Brother Little Fire? It seemed to be even more irritable than before?

“It’s her business whether she agrees or not.
Why are you interrupting?” Yan Che sounded very unhappy.
He looked at Little Fire with his black eyes.
Little Fire’s wolf eyes were full of fury.
“Human, are you looking for a beating?”

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