Chapter 664 The Pin Yun Family (5)

Xia Qing stood up and looked around.
The corners of her red lips slowly rose.

Yun Feng, who was refining the Dragon Palace, was thrilled to hear this voice.
“Qingqing, is your training over?”.
Xia Qing chuckled.
“I didn’t let you down.
I’ve reached the Commander Level!”

Yun Feng was very satisfied and proud in her mind.
In less than a year, Xia Qing had already broken through to the Commander Level! The elemental density on the tenth level of the Dragon Palace made Xia Qing’s cultivation speed several times faster than that of ordinary people.
Xia Qing also seemed to have exerted all his strength in order to break through to this level in a short time.
She indeed didn’t disappoint Yun Feng!

“Very good.” Yun Feng’s voice came.
Xia Qing saw that a magic circle had been activated in the corner of the tenth floor.
“Only those at the Commander Level can pass through this magic circle.
You can come out now.” Xia Qing nodded.
“I’m working on refining this place right now.
It’s good for you to come out.
Tell Qu Lanyi and the others that I’m going into seclusion.
Don’t disturb me.” Xia Qing stood inside the magic circle, surrounded by warm light.
When she opened his eyes again, she was already standing in front of Yun Feng.

Xia Qing had a lot to say to Yun Feng, but seeing that Yun Feng was busy, she didn’t bother her.
Yun Feng opened her eyes and gave Xia Qing an approving look.
Xia Qing immediately put on a bright smile.
Her master’s approval was enough for her!

After Xia Qing went out, Yun Feng immediately sealed the space around her and refined it wholeheartedly.
When Xia Qing came out of the room, she was a bit confused.
Where was this place? Little Fire, who was outside with Lan Yi, Meatball and Yaoyao, suddenly felt something.
A glint of delight flashed through its wolf eyes as it suddenly changed its direction and ran back to Jushui Town.

“Brother Fire, where are you going?” Lan Yi shouted.
Little Fire roared without looking back, with endless excitement in its voice.
“That stupid girl is out!” Lan Yi was also delighted when he heard that.
“Master’s disciple, Qingqing, is out?” Lan Yi immediately picked up Yaoyao and followed Little Fire back to Jushui Town.
While Xia Qing was confused, she saw a handsome young man walk in.
He was confused when he saw her.
“Who are


Xia Qing was about to ask where she was when he heard the voice of a young girl.
The young boy’s expression changed drastically after hearing that.
Before Xia Qing could react, he suddenly stepped forward and held her in his arms!

“What are you doing?” Xia Qing was suddenly pulled into the arms of the handsome young man.
Her face flushed and she struggled to leave without thinking.
Although the young man was slim, he had quite a lot of strength.
He wrapped his arms around Xia Qing and held her even more tightly in his arms.
The young man’s anxious and slightly hot breath sprayed on Xia Qing’s cheeks.
Xia Qing felt that her face must be on fire.

“Miss! Do me a favor!” The handsome young man whispered quickly.
Before Xia Qing realized what he was doing, another person had already rushed out.
When she saw the two people cuddling each other, her face suddenly darkened.
“Yun Luochen! Who is she?”

Xia Qing was stunned.
Yun Luochen? His surname was Yun? Was he her teacher’s family?

Yun Luochen held Xia Qing closer.
Xia Qing could feel that Yun Luochen’s hand on her waist was warm and sweaty.
“She’s the girl I love, of course.
Shi Caihua, how long are you going to pester me?”

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, Xia Qing finally understood something.
It seemed that this young man was being pestered.
As the teacher’s disciple, she considered her teacher’s family business her own business.
If her teacher’s family needed help, he certainly had to offer it! Xia Qing stopped struggling.
Sensing that the girl in his arms had gone soft, Yun Luochen couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
“Thank you.” He whispered in Xia Qing’s ear softly.
This action was certainly extremely flirtatious in Shi Caihua’s eyes.

“You bitch! Leave Yun Luochen! He’s mine!” Shi Caihua screamed, as if she had forgotten that this was the Yun family’s house.

“Shi Caihua, are you done? I don’t like you! Can’t you hear me? This is the Yun family.
You’re not allowed to yell here!” Yun Luochen stood there with an awful expression and held Xia Qing even more tightly in his arms, fearing that Shi Caihua would hurt her.

“You’ve always been around me.
I’m the one you like! What’s wrong with the marriage between the Shi family and the Yun family? Am I not worthy of you? Where did she come from? Who is she?” Shi Caihua looked at Xia Qing with fury in her eyes.
Xia Qing thought for a moment and gently pushed Yun Luochen’s arm away.
As her strength increased, Xia Qing was no longer that ignorant girl.
Although she hadn’t improved in age, her wisdom had already improved.
“Miss Shi, if Luo Chen doesn’t have any feelings for you anymore, why do you have to force him? You’ll be the one who suffers in the end,” said Xia Qing earnestly.
Shi Caihua was immediately enraged after hearing that!

“Who are you? What right do you have to teach me a lesson? Let me tell you, if you still want to crawl into the Yun family, stop dreaming!”

Xia Qing chuckled.
Yun Luochen had a headache.
If he had known that this woman was like this, he wouldn’t have approached her back then no matter what.
She was truly a hot potato that he couldn’t throw away even if he wanted to!

“If that’s the case, why don’t we have a fair competition?” Xia Qing said indifferently.
Shi Caihua immediately smiled.
In her eyes, Xia Qing seemed even younger than her.
How would such a young girl want to compete with her in a fair way?

“Great! How can you compare to me in terms of family background and status? Why don’t we fight with our strength?” Shi Caihua smiled proudly.
She was at the peak of level 5 right now.
How strong could that girl be?

“Sure,” replied Xia Qing with a smile.
Yun Luochen was a bit anxious.
“Shi Caihua! Do you still have any shame? I like her.
What can you do? If you’re angry, come at me!” Yun Luochen dashed in front of Xia Qing.
Shi Caihua’s face became even redder.
Xia Qing pushed Yun Luochen aside.
“Didn’t you want to get rid of her? This is a good opportunity.
Just watch from the side.”

Yun Luochen was pushed aside.
Before he could say anything, Shi Caihua was ready to attack.
She had yet to release her power when she felt a strong gust of wind.
Shi Caihua only felt a sudden warmth on her cheek.
Xia Qing stood there and slowly lowered her hand.
The gentle green elements lingered around her body.
Shi Caihua blinked and touched her cheek.
A warm liquid stained his finger.
It was blood.

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