Chapter 662 A Taste of the Yun Family (3)

This was a fact that everyone knew.
After all, Yun Feng had only appeared recently.
If she was really a member of the Yun family of Jushui Town, everyone would have met her a long time ago.
After hearing this, everyone discussed it in private.
Master Shi also looked at Yun Feng with a hesitant look.
He really didn’t want to offend such a powerhouse.
“Young friend, what do you think…”

“Who said I’m not from the Yun family? My surname is Yun and my given name is Feng!”

“Humph! Why should we believe it? If the Yun family really had someone like you, would it have its current inferior status?!” The Li family’s master firmly clung to this point and wouldn’t let go.
Yun Tianfan stood up with a bad expression.
“Li family’s master, we don’t have to report to you who the Yun family has, do we?”

“You don’t have to vouch for her.
Everybody saw that she just appeared out of nowhere.
She’s not a member of the Yun family at all!”

“Can you not be so meddlesome?” A voice sounded unhurriedly.
Yun Feng was startled.
She didn’t know when Yan Che and Qu Lanyi had mixed into the crowd.
Yan Che looked at the Master of the Li family with ridicule in his eyes.
“Even if she isn’t, can’t she join the Yun family right now? Even if her surname isn’t Yun, can’t she change it now? There’s nothing you can do about that, is there?”

The face of the Li family’s leader suddenly flushed.
Some people agreed with what Yan Che said.
Indeed, this was the Yun family’s business.
As an outsider, it wasn’t his place to say anything.

“You’re taking advantage of your power to bully others! This is…” The Li family’s leader was so angry that his body was shaking.
Another unhurried voice sounded.
Yun Feng already had a smile in her eyes.
Qu Lanyi said, “Just because you can’t have something, you won’t let other people have it? Why can’t the Yun family have her? Or do you think she should join the Li family? If the Li family’s leader thinks it’s unfair, you can find a similar powerhouse to join the Li family.
Nobody will say anything, but you must make this powerhouse respect you first.”

The leader of the Li family was infuriated by what Yan Che and Qu Lanyi said.
Yan Che glanced at Qu Lanyi.
“This is the first time I feel like we have something in common.”

Qu Lanyi rolled her eyes at Yan Che.
“It’s just an illusion.”

“That’s right! Lord Li, you’re so wishy-washy.
Are you scared?” Someone shouted loudly, which immediately caused a burst of laughter.
“I say, just as that young man said just then, you should just find a powerhouse.
Nobody will stop you!”

“Exactly! If you want to find one, hurry up.
Don’t waste our time!”

The Master of the Li family was so angry that his entire body was shivering.
Find a powerhouse who was the same as Yun Feng? Where would he find them? Even if he found one, they wouldn’t look at him directly! It was undoubtedly a dream for a small third-rank family to be able to hire such a powerhouse!

The leader of the Li family looked at Yun Feng furiously.
The Yun family, an unranked family, actually had such a person.
Did they save the world in their last life? Why didn’t the Li family have such luck? In the end, they were just jealous.
They were jealous that Yun Feng existed in the Yun family.
They were jealous that an unranked family could have such a powerhouse!

“Lord Li, can we begin?” Yun Feng asked casually.
The veins on the Master of the Li family’s neck bulged.
Begin? Begin my ass! It was impossible for him to win.
Even if he fought, he would lose! The Master of the Li family struggled for a few seconds and finally turned around.
He flicked his sleeve and prepared to leave.

“Are you admitting defeat?” Yun Feng’s words came.
The Li family’s master gritted his teeth and left with a pale face!

A wave of boos suddenly burst out of the crowd.
It was obvious that the Master of the Li family’s approach made everyone laugh.
A third-rank family? They didn’t even have the courage to fight! Then, cheers came.
The Yun family rose from an unranked family to a third-rank family all of a sudden, which made many people feel extremely impressed.
After all, Yun Luochen had relied on his own ability in the battle just then.
The Yun family didn’t win this battle with Yun Feng’s own strength.
Although Yun Feng was an indispensable factor, the Yun family’s own efforts were also very important!

The Yun family was indeed different from before, and the Li family had been directly demoted to the unranked.
Everything they had before would be handed over to the Yun family.
The crowd cheered, and a woman in a corner turned around and left in embarrassment and pain.
If she had known that the Yun family would be like this, she wouldn’t have left no matter what she said.
She would have stayed in the Yun family obediently, but it was too late now.
She was completely expelled from the Yun family.
Suddenly, she thought of something, and the woman’s eyes brightened.
Right, she had a child.
Yun Tianling might be able to forgive her for the sake of the child! Thinking of this, the woman ran away from the crowd.

The Yun family jumped to a third-rank family.
The dilapidated house they used to live in was naturally abandoned.
Everybody moved into the big house delightedly and took over everything that the Li family was in charge of.
Ever since the Yun family rose to a third-rank family, everything had changed.
The Shi family seemed to have become very friendly.
They came to the new house of the Yun family from time to time.
The Li family, which had been reduced to an unranked family, had faded out of people’s sight.
Nobody cared about them anymore.

Once the challenge for the third rank was successful, it would take five years for them to be challenged.
The Master of the Li family knew how far Yun Luochen would go in five years.
If the Li family lost this time, they would truly lose completely.

In the month after the Yun family gained power and took over the Li family’s business, the Shi family visited them frequently, especially Shi Caihua.
Yun Luochen used to be the one who chased after Shi Caihua, but the situation changed.
It was Shi Caihua who was chasing after Yun Luochen.
Yun Luochen was already outstanding in appearance, and with his family background and outstanding strength among his peers, he instantly became a popular single kid in Jushui Town.
Some small families urged their daughters to get closer to Yun Luochen as much as possible.
It would be great if Yun Luochen liked them!

Naturally, Shi Caihua wouldn’t allow other girls to get close to Yun Luochen, as if Yun Luochen was her personal property.
She was like a tigress, guarding against others, which gave Yun Luochen a headache.
He had approached Shi Caihua because Yun Tianfan had asked him to.
He didn’t like her at all.

The Shi family was certainly willing to let Shi Caihua marry Yun Luochen.
The other intention of the Shi family was, of course, to rope in Yun Feng! Judging from Yun Feng’s attitude, she attached great importance to her family.
If Shi Caihua could marry into the Yun family, he would be considered half a member of the Yun family, and the Shi family would also benefit a lot!

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