Chapter 660 A Taste of the Yun Family (1)

“Hey! What are you doing?” Yan Che couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw what Yun Feng was doing.
Yun Feng had already unlocked the space around her.
The others were still in the enclosed space.
Qu Lanyi was also shocked to see Yun Feng.
What was she doing? Was she going to intervene? “If you intervene, the Yun family will lose!” Yan Che shouted from the side, but Yun Feng ignored him.
Her body flashed and she flipped her hand.
Ice blue water element had already appeared in Yun Feng’s hand and directly flew towards the ring as a beam of blue light!

Qu Lanyi widened her eyes.
She was really going to intervene! If so, wouldn’t the Yun family automatically be eliminated? Yun Feng, what were you thinking? Yun Feng stopped hiding and suddenly appeared in the sky.
The audience who were watching looked up and shouted, “Oh my god! When did she come out of the sky?”

This shout attracted everyone’s attention.
Instantly, everyone looked up.
Yun Tianfan raised his head and saw that it was Yun Feng.
The members of the Shi family and the Li family also looked up and were all shocked! The Master of the Li family narrowed his eyes.
It was her!

Li Zhong and Yun Luochen, who were on the ring, couldn’t possibly pay attention to this.
Everyone was surprised by Yun Feng’s sudden appearance.
At this moment, a beam of blue light fell from the sky and headed straight for the ring! The Li family’s leader widened his eyes.
Was she going to intervene?

Lord Shi was also shocked when he saw this scene.
Yun Tianfan’s heart couldn’t help but tighten.
If Yun Feng made a move, the Yun family would lose this battle!

“Splash!” To everyone’s surprise, the Master of the Li family and the Master of the Shi family, who were about to shout to stop, stood there rather hilariously.
They opened their mouths wide, but didn’t say anything! The water element didn’t attack at all, but became the most ordinary water, with a bit of bone-piercing coldness that drenched Yun Luochen from head to toe.

Yun Luochen was stunned, and so was Li Zhong.
He was a bit surprised by the sudden turn of events.
He raised his head abruptly and saw Yun Feng standing on it! Yun Tianfan immediately relaxed after seeing this, and some sweat couldn’t help but appear on his forehead.

Yan Che and Qu Lanyi, who were watching from the sky, were also very surprised.
Yan Che blinked his eyes and burst into laughter.
Qu Lanyi also raised the corners of his mouth after a moment of shock.
Fengfeng, you’re truly surprising

Yun Luochen, who was drenched in sweat, stood there in a daze.
There was a bone-piercing coldness all over his body.
“Is this what I taught you? Yun Luochen, calm down!” Yun Feng’s voice came from the sky and reached Yun Luochen’s ears word by word.
She entered the wasteland that was full of weeds.
Her voice was like a fire that burnt all the weeds!

Yun Luochen lowered his head silently, and the water drops on his hair fell to the ground.
Li Zhong couldn’t help but feel angry when he saw Yun Luochen like this.
If things went on like just then, Yun Luochen was destined to lose!

“Argh!” Li Zhong roared.
Fearing that Yun Luochen would change his mind, he swung the sword in his hand fiercely.
Yun Luochen clenched his fist and the weapon in his hand immediately met the attack! “Clang!” Li Zhong’s sword was blocked by Yun Luochen’s sword! The two swords clashed.
Li Zhong gritted his teeth, but he was no match for Yun Luochen in the end.
Yun Luochen’s sword suddenly burst with light and Li Zhong slid back dozens of steps in panic!

Yun Luochen raised his head.
Li Zhong’s heart sank.
It had changed! The anxiety he felt just then was gone! The water element just then seemed to have extinguished the anxiety in Yun Luochen’s heart!

“Come on.” Yun Luochen raised his head.
His young face was already calm and peaceful.
Li Zhong’s black eyes darkened.
He raised his sword and attacked again without another word.
This time, Li Zhong was destined to fail!

“Ha!” Li Zhong slashed at Yun Luochen with the longsword in his hand, but it missed.
Yun Luochen had already appeared next to Li Zhong in the blink of an eye and swung the longsword in his hand fiercely! Li Zhong raised the weapon in his hand and used all his strength to block it.
His hand was hurting from the shock! The Li family’s master looked gloomy.
If Yun Feng didn’t show up suddenly, the Li family would’ve already won! It seemed that it would really depend on luck if they wanted to win! After what Yun Feng did just then, the audience seemed to have aroused the passion in the bottom of their hearts.
The calm scene just then became fiery again! “He’s changed! He’s changed! The look in that kid’s eyes changed!” Someone in the crowd shouted excitedly and was immediately echoed by others.

“Right? He seems to have changed into another person in an instant! It seems that the Yun family has a high chance of winning this battle! The guy from the Li family on the stage doesn’t have the power to fight back at all!”

“It’s all thanks to that powerhouse who suddenly attacked.
If it weren’t for the rain, the Yun family would’ve lost!”

“Exactly! When did she come out? Who exactly is she?”

The voices came wave after wave.
Many people looked at Yun Feng carefully in the sky.
Someone who could stand so high must not be a simple person! Such a person was helping the Yun family.
Where did the Yun family hire such an expert? In an inconspicuous corner of the crowd, a woman in ragged clothes widened her black eyes the moment she saw Yun Feng.
Then, she lowered her head fiercely.
She didn’t know what expression she had on her face, but her hands held the clothes in front of her chest tightly for a long time.

Yun Feng looked at the current situation on the ring.
After what happened just then, Yun Luochen seemed to have calmed down and his fighting energy was no longer squandered recklessly.
Li Zhong, on the other hand, was becoming more and more overwhelmed.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up slightly.
It seemed that the outcome of this battle was about to be revealed.

Finally, the two swords clashed again.
Yun Luochen’s eyes darkened as the nine crystals emitted dazzling light, while Li Zhong gritted his teeth and endured Yun Luochen’s fighting energy attack.
He tried to resist, but he was not strong enough.
Suddenly, Li Zhong felt that the power broke through his defense and directly entered his body.
He screamed in pain as his body was suddenly bounced up and he fell heavily on the ground.
The long sword in his hand also rolled to the side.

Yun Luochen’s chest rose and fell violently as he panted heavily.
He had exerted all his strength in that attack just then.
If Li Zhong had taken it, he wouldn’t have had the energy to fight anymore.
Li Zhong fell on the ground, looking like he was in great pain.
He didn’t get up in a long time.
Yun Tianfan stood up from his chair in excitement and looked at Yun Luochen with his trembling lips.

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